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…The first titan of Icarus Technologies, incorporating the best technologies of the faction. It has increased mobility and a powerful protection system.… – in-game description

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Purchase Information MinosInfobox.png
In-Game Cost Real Value Icn info for user popup.png Exp Level Icn info for user popup.png
? Platinum-icon.png $ 30
Robot Information
Class Icn info for user popup.png Ability Icn info for user popup.png Faction Icn info for user popup.png
Reflector + Charge
Icarus Technologies
Base Statistics
PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Durability Icn info for user popup.png
Speed icon.png
3 478,000 48 kph
Armaments Standard Paint Jobs
Hardpoints 3x Beta N/A
Default Weapons 3x Retaliator
Module Slots Legendary Paint Jobs Icn info for user popup.png
Active N/A coming soon
Passive 3
Other Legendary Pilots
Tier Icn info for user popup.png coming soon N/A
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Titan

Link 3D Model (external site)


The Minos is a Titan with 3 Beta hardpoints.


The Minos' primary ability is the Charge. When activated, the Minos activates many secreted rocket boosters hidden among its hull plating, which dramatically increases its speed for a few seconds, but due to the extra speed, the Minos' hull-turning ability will be greatly reduced. While the Minos' dramatic speed boost is taking place, the socket over the generator on its back unfolds, creating a huge magnetic field within an 100-meter radius around the Minos. Any enemy who is inside this magnetic field will be pushed back and will take damage, however other Titans will not be pushed back (but they will take the damage all the same.)

The Minos has the Reflector ability. Reflector, once activated, for the duration of the ability ( 5 seconds), the Titan has protection which partially blocks received damage and redirects it to the one dealing it. Reflector does not fully protect the Titan, however it cannot be mitigated.


The Minos is a Titan should be released with the 6.6 update.

The Minos is a monstrous platform of firepower, wielding and three Beta weapons. It should be used to get up close, especially where there's Environmental Hazards where it can use its Charge ability to knock enemies off into the chasms. The Charge should ideally be utilized where it can deal severe damage, similar to the Hellburner and Mercury's method of picking targets. Reflector, on the other hand, should not be used unless the Minos is taking severe battering, where it can be activated to reflect some of the damage it would otherwise be receiving back to the sender.


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  • The robot might have been the titan version of the Pursuer or Loki
  • When the Minos uses its charge ability, its turning rate is greatly reduced. Therefore, cannot turn as efficiently.
  • The Minos' charge ability has greater knockback force when the target is flying or falling within its radius, at that point it surpasses the Arthur's blast wave ability knockback power in this circumstance.


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