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A medium robot is one of the three robot weight classes (the others being light and heavy) currently available in game. there are nine medium robots.A medium robot are good all rounders. Like medium tanks, they are a balance between the mobility of a light and the survivability and firepower of a heavy. It's a jack of all trades, master of none; it can capture beacons, flank the enemy, lead an assault, and create breakthroughs. Currently, there are thirty medium robots.

Generally speaking, medium robots are faster than their heavy counterparts while heaving more durability than their light counterparts. Long story short: they can take hits but not like a heavy, and they can avoid hits, but not like a light.

Note: Pixonic has been gradually moving away from classifying robots as 'light', 'medium', and 'heavy'. The main reason why all new robots have been declared medium is that the old system has not yet been removed from the game (and possibly never will be).


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