Mark II (Mk2), allows for equipment and robots to become more powerful than their standard (Mk1) counterparts.

The enhance option becomes available when a piece of equipment or a robot reach level 12, this will bring its level to Mk2 level 1 (losing its level 12 health if a robot or a shield, and if a robot its speed as well. If a weapon it will lose its level 12 damage) at a cost of 500 gold. If it is a robot it will have 20% more durability than its standard level 1 to 12 versions, but the same speed. If its a weapon it will have 20% more damage output than its standard level 1 to 12 versions.

The robot or weapon's text will say, for example "Haechi MK2" or "Punisher T MK2", and the text will be green in color.

The Mk2 upgrade prices will mirror the prices of the equipment or robot's standard upgrades.

Is it Worth It?

When MkII, always keep in mind of the leveling down. Enhance to Mk2 if you satisfy the following conditions:

-You are in Diamond-Champion league

-You are in high levelled combat

-You need more firepower/HP to deal with more powerful robots

-You have all 5 slots

-You are being consistently underperforming or being outclassed by others during battles

-You have enough resources to cope with having to upgrade your gear again

What can be Mark II?

Robots and weapons can be Mk2. Robots when Mk2 will receive 20% more HP when you reach level 9. Weapons that are Mk2 also receive more hardpoint HP and firepower. The following is recommended to Mk2:








-Heavy robots


-Light robots Gareth and Stalker




-Missile weapons such as the Thermite






-Automatic guns such as the Tempest




Note: These are just recommendations. Generally marking up your best robots and weapons is great. But remember, it's ultimately your choice and decision. Do not mark up gear that you know that you will not's just a waste of Gold. To achieve the optimal results, try to mark up your hangar evenly per bot. However, because the Mk 2 enhances by a percentage, enhancing heavy robots will have bigger effects than enhancing light robots. Generally marking up robots and weapons commonly used in the higher leagues, such as the Taran, is recommended and works well for most players. 

  • The marking up of an Ancile is only recommended after weapons and robots. One should only mark up weapons and robots that they know they are going to use often, if not all the time.