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ID Pic Name Pilots Ability Skill
1 Pilot legend tobiasmwangi.png Tobias Mwangi Bulwark 25% Active module recharge faster
2 Pilot legend alikarenner.png Alika Renner Ao Jun 15% Robot deals increased ability damage
3 Pilot legend stanislavchen.png Stanislav Chen Invader 20% Increased suppression effect
4 80px Kyle Rogers Inquisitor 1% Repairs durability each seconds
5 Pilot legend minjinovak.png Min-Ji Novak Ares 10% At 50% durability, increased weapon damage for 30 seconds
6 Pilot legend adrianchong.png Adrian Chong All 5% All weapons deal increased damage
7 80px Linda Cano Fenrir 20% Energy shield recharges faster
8 Pilot legend jadparkes.png Jad Parkes Mercury 15% Robot deals increased ability damage
9 Pilot legend adamoleary.png Adam O’Leary Griffin 20% Ability recharges faster
10 Pilot legend sigrunvalka.png Sigrun Valka Tyr 20% 20% Repair larger amount of durability Increase physical shield durability
11 Pilot legend talmokri.png Tal Mokri Spectre 7.5% On ability, increased weapon damage
12 Pilot legend cormacdevos.png Cormac de Vos Falcon 10% Weapon slot 2 deals more damage
13 Pilot legend olgaminina.png Olga Minina Phantom 20% Ability last longer
14 Pilot legend sorendevos.png Soren de Vos Nemesis 25% Ability lasts longer
15 Pilot legend thomasmindread.png Thomas Mindread Leech 30% On ability, speed boost
16 Pilot legend ariadneshaw.png Ariadine Shaw Pursuer 20% Robots ability lasts longer
17 Pilot legend basillapatte.png Basil Lapatte All 7.5% 800+ meter weapons deal increased damage
18 Pilot legend amaliaitegumo.png Amailia Itegumo Haechi 25 Robot has increased DP
19 Pilot legend nicolaswodanson.png Nicolas Wodanson Fenrir 25 On ability, increased DP
20 Pilot legend kangstrong.png Kang Strong Ao Guang 15% Robot deals increased ability damage
21 Pilot legend michelledubois.png Michelle Dubois Raven 20 On ability, increased DP for 8 seconds
22 Pilot legend yanglee(aojun).png Yang Lee Ao Jun On ability, activates Quantum Radar
23 Pilot legend lilianstatera.png Lillan Statera Hades 600 m BIW range is increased
24 Pilot legend clivevicious.png Clive Vicious Blitz 100 DP 50% Deploys defense system removes Aegis shield
25 Pilot legend virginiawalker.png Virginia Walker Nightingale 20% Ability recharges faster
26 Pilot legend arnavpoe.png Arnav Poe Ravana 1 Robots ability gets additional charge
27 Pilot legend iskra.png Iskra Scorpion 5% Restores durability over 3 seconds after ability has ended
28 Pilot legend alexanderfrost.png Alexander Frost Cerberus 500m The firing range of BIW is increased
29 80px Chester Cohen Loki 5% Recon mode: repairs durability
Stealth mode: longer stealth after disabling it
30 80px Isabella Porter Leech 60% 70% Damage redirected Incoming damage reduced
31 80px Maya Patel Nightingale 50% BIW increased fire rate
32 Pilot legend bernadettewolff.png Bernadette Wolff Fenrir 60% Increased durability, deactivated Aegis shield
33 Pilot legend ashskarsgard.png Ash Skarsgard Scorpion 5 seconds On ability, robot becomes invisible to enemy
34 80px Kyle Rogers Hawk 10 seconds If lockdown or suppression while ability is active, gets immunity instead
35 Pilot legend alexwerner.png Alex Werner Jaeger 5% BIW ignores enemy defense system
36 80px Damned Johnny Hawk 1 Hawks BIW applies lock-down
37 80px Louis Duncan Typhon 90% When 20% of HP lost over 3 seconds, triggers defense system for 3 seconds
38 80px Linda Cano Shell 30% 10% Speed boost with ability BIW damage increase
39 80px Sam Stone All 5 to 8 secods Reduce overheat for Nucleon, Atomizer, Quarker
40 JerryFortune.png Jerry Fortune Demeter 20% Robot and allies in range deal increased damage
41 Pilot legend boriscrow.png Boris Crow Cerberus 15% On ability, damage is increased for 5 seconds
42 80px Rose Lin Typhon 30% Onh abilit,y increase speed for 5 seconds
43 80px APPM-3TR Demeter 10% Ability restores an amount of grey damage based on power of the repair
44 Pilot legend andreykvasov.png Andrey Kvasov Behemoth 22% 55DP Increase speed in mobile
Increase DP in stationary
45 Pilot legend ghost.png Ghost Orochi 50% BIW increased fire rate
46 Pilot legend mideanerium.png Midea Nerium All 15% Increased damage from DoT weapons
47 Pilot legend johannaflynn.png Johanna Flynn Fafnir 15% Durability is repaired every time it lands
48 Pilot legend jackmoore.png Jack Moore Strider 5% On ability, damage is increased for 8 seconds
49 80px Drew Thompkins Shell 5 Ability applies suppression effect
50 Pilot legend manni.png Manni All 2% Gains increased damage for 10% durability that is lost
51 Pilot legend raphaelpetit.png Raphael Petit All 30% Increase flamethrowers AOE radius
52 80px Vasillsa Maximova Revenant 12% On ability, cooldown restores HP
53 80px Svyatogor Belov Fafnir Ignores energy shields during flight
54 Pilot legend jadparkes.png Jad Parkes Erebus 5000 All built-in missiles now deal damage
55 Pilot legend ricardogonzales.png Ricardo Gonzales Revenant 25% On ability, increased speed
56 Pilot legend samael johansen.png Samael Johansen Erebus 10% On ability, increased damage for 7 seconds
57 Pilot legend mbrijit.png M. Brijit Orochi 1 Additional charge but its duration is decreased
58 Pilot legend marieleclair.png Marie Leclair Mender 30% Repairs grey damage based on the power of the repair
59 80px XC-1717 Siren 8% Stealth at landing and restores durability at return to beacon
59 80px XC-1717 Harpy 8% Stealth at landing and restores durability at return to beacon
60 Pilot legend nian.png Nian Khepri 5% 5% Increase damage Movement speed
61 Yang Lee Siren Harpy.png Yang Lee Siren On ability, ignores shields
61 Yang Lee Siren Harpy.png Yang Lee Harpy On ability, ignores shields
62 Pilot legend riverchase.png River Chase Typhon 25% On ability, Increased damage for 5 seconds
63 Pilot legend misakiueno.png Misaki and Ponchy Khepri Immune to Freeze, Suppression, and Lock-down
64 80px Eddie Noll All 10% Increased fire rate for shotgun-like mechanics
65 80px Theseus Skyros In ball form Skyros is not affected by Defense Mitigation (keeps 85% reduction / 570 DP)