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Pilot Name: Adam O'Leary
Pilot legend adamoleary.png
Skill: Adam's Edge: Robot's ability recharges faster.
Max Ability: 20%
Robot: Griffin
Pilot Name: Adrian Chong
Pilot legend adrian.png
Skill: Adrian's Mastery: All weapons deal increased damage.
Max Ability: 5%
Robot: All
Pilot Name: Alexander Frost
Legendary Pilot Alexander.png
Skill: Alexander's Foresight: The firing range of Cerberus built-in weapon is increased.
Max Ability: 350 to 500 m
Robot: Cerberus
Pilot Name: Alex Werner
Pilot Legend Alex.png
Skill: Alex's Training: Jaeger's built-in weapon ignores enemy Defense system.
Max Ability: 5%
Robot: Jaeger
Pilot Name: Alika Renner
Pilot legend alikarenner.png
Skill: Alika's Temper: Robot deals increased ability damage.
Max Ability: 15%
Robot: Ao Jun
Pilot Name: Amalia Itegumo
Pilot legend amaliaitegumo.png
Skill: Amalia's Resilience: Robot has increased defense points.
Max Ability: 25
Robot: Haechi
Pilot Name: Andrey Kvasov
Pilot legend andreykvasov.png
Skill: Seasoned Warrior: Increases the movement speed of the Behemoth by 20% in mobile mode. Activates the defense system (+50 dp) in stationary mode.
Max Ability: Movement: +20%
Defense: +50dp
Robot: Behemoth
Pilot Name: APPM-3TR
Pilot Legend Appm-3tr.png
Skill: Android Synergy: Demeter's ability restores maximum available durability based on the power of the repair.
Max Ability:
Robot: Demeter
Pilot Name: Ariadne Shaw
Pilot legend ariadneshaw.png
Skill: Ariadne's Thread: Robot's ability lasts longer.
Max Ability: Movement: 20%
Robot: Pursuer
Pilot Name: Arnav Poe
Pilot legend arnavpoe.png
Skill: Arnav's Arms: Robot's ability gets an additional charge.
Max Ability: 1
Robot: Ravana
Pilot Name: Ash Skarsgard
Pilot Legend Ash.png
Skill: Ash's Stealth: After activating the ability, Scorpion becomes invisible to enemy targeting systems for 5 seconds
Max Ability: Stealth
Robot: Scorpion
Pilot Name: Basil Lapatte
Pilot legend basillapatte.png
Skill: Basil's Eye: Weapons with a range of 800 meters or higher deal increased damage.
Max Ability: 7.5%
Robot: All
Pilot Name: Bernadette Wolff
Pilot legend bernadettewolff.png
Skill: Bernadette's Stamina: Fenrir has increased durability, but its Aegis shield is deactivated.
Max Ability: 60%
Robot: Fenrir
Pilot Name: Boris Crow
Pilot Legend Boriscrow.png
Skill: Boris's Disorder: After activating its ability, Cerberus's damage is increased for 5 seconds.
Max Ability: 15% for 5 seconds
Robot: Cerberus
Pilot Name: Chester Cohen
Chester Cohen.png
Skill: Chester's Cunning: Loki repairs a portion of its durability when entering Recon mode. When exiting Recon mode, stealth deactivates later than usual.
Max Ability: 5%
Robot: Loki
Pilot Name: Clive Vicious
Pilot legend clivevicious.png
Skill: Clive's Trick Upon activation, the robot deploys a defense system, instead of an Aegis shield, that decreases all incoming damage.
Max Ability: 100 (Defense Points) (50%)
Robot: Blitz
Pilot Name: Cormac de Vos
Pilot legend cormacdevos.png
Skill: Cormac's Ambition: The weapon in slot 2 (middle slot) deals more damage.
Max Ability: 10%
Robot: Falcon
Pilot Name: Damned Johnny
Pilot Legend Johny.png
Skill: Johnny's Wound: Hawk's built-in weapon apply lock-down to enemies.
Max Ability: 1
Robot: Hawk
Pilot Name: Dew Thompkins
Pilot legend dewtompkins.png
Skill: Dew's Deception: Shell's ability applies the Suppression effect to enemies which it can affect.
Max Ability: 5
Robot: Shell
Pilot Name: Ghost
Pilot legend ghost.png
Skill: Ghostly Swiftness: Orochi built-in weapon has an increased fire rate while its ability is active
Max Ability: 50%
Robot: Orochi
Pilot Name: Isabella Porter
Pilot Legend Isabella.png
Skill: Isabella's Devices: Damage redirected by the Leech's ability is increased to 60%, while the incoming damage is reduced by only 70%.
Max Ability: Redirect damage: 35% to 60%
Incoming damage 90% to 70%
Robot: Leech
Pilot Name: Iskra
Pilot legend Iskra.png
Skill: Iskra's Persistence: Scorpion restores part of its durability over 3 seconds after the ability"s effect ends.
Max Ability: 5%
Robot: Scorpion
Pilot Name: Jack Moore
Pilot legend jackmoore.png
Skill: Jack's Inspiration: Every time Strider,s ability is activated, it deals increased damage for 8 seconds.
Max Ability: 5%
Robot: Strider
Pilot Name: Jad Parkes
Pilot legend jadparkes.png
Skill: Jad's Glee: Robot deals increased ability damage.
Max Ability: 15%
Robot: Mercury
Pilot Name: Jerry Fortune
Skill: Jerry's Instruction: After teleportation the Demeter and all allies in range deal increased damage.
Max Ability: 20%
Robot: Demeter
Pilot Name: Johanna Flynn
Pilot legend johannaflynn.png
Skill: Johanna's Conviction: A certain amount of Fafnir's durability is repaired every time it lands.
Max Ability: 15%
Robot: Fafnir
Pilot Name: Kang Strong
Pilot legend kangstrong.png
Skill: Kang's Wrath: Robot deals increased ability damage.
Max Ability: 15%
Robot: Ao Guang
Pilot Name: Kyle Rogers (Inquisitor)
Pilot legend kylerogers.png
Skill: Kyle's Gizmo: Inquisitor repairs a portion of its maximum durability each second.
Max Ability: 0.75%
Robot: Inquisitor
Pilot Name: Kyle Rogers (Hawk)
Pilot Legend Kylerogers(Hawk).png
Skill: Kyle's Gizmo: If the robot is hit by lock-down or suppression while the robot's ability is active, the effect is lifted and effect immunity is activated instead.
Max Ability: 10 seconds
Robot: Hawk
Pilot Name: Lilian Statera
Pilot legend lilianstatera.png
Skill: Statera's Synergy: The firing range of the robot's built-in weapon is increased.
Max Ability: 600 m
Robot: Hades
Pilot Name: Linda Cano (Fenrir)
Pilot legend lindacano.png
Skill: Linda's Spirit: Robot's energy shield recharges faster.
Max Ability: 20%
Robot: Fenrir
Pilot Name: Linda Cano (Shell)
Pilot Legend Linda shell.png
Skill: Linda's Passion: Shell gets an additional speed boost when the ability is active and its ability damage is increased by 10%.
Max Ability: Speed boost
Damage increase: 10%
Robot: Shell
Pilot Name: Louis Duncan
Pilot Legend LouisDuncan.png
Skill: Louis Precaution: After losing 20% of durability over 3 seconds, Typhon activates the defense system, which reduces all incoming damage for 3 seconds. Can be triggered 1 time per battle.
Max Ability: 90%
Robot: Typhon
Pilot Name: Manni
Pilot legend manni.png
Skill: Manni's tactics: The robot receives a damage bonus. The robot also gains bonus damage for every 10% durability that it losses.
Max Ability: Damage bonus:1.5%
Robot: All
Pilot Name: Maya Patel
Pilot legend Maya.png
Skill: Maya's Bravery: Nightingale's built-in weapon has an increased fire rate while its ability is active.
Max Ability: 50% more shots, from 10 to 15 during the ability.
Robot: Nightingale
Pilot Name: Michelle Dubois
Pilot legend michelledubois.png
Skill: Michelle's Mischief: Robot has increased Defense points for 8 seconds after ability activation.
Max Ability: 20
Robot: Raven
Pilot Name: Midea Nerium
Pilot legend mideanerium.png
Skill: Midea's Knowledge: All robots and weapons with a DoT effect deal increased damage.
Max Ability: 15%
Robot: All
Pilot Name: Min-ji Novak
Pilot legend minjinovak.png
Skill: Min-ji's Courage: Robot deals increased weapon damage for 30 seconds after reaching 50% durability.
Max Ability: 10%
Robot: Ares
Pilot Name: Nicolas Wodanson
Pilot legend nicolaswodanson.png
Skill: Nicolas's Miracles: Robot has increased defense points while its ability is active.
Max Ability: 25
Robot: Fenrir
Pilot Name: Olga Minina
Pilot legend olgaminina.png
Skill: Iskra's Devotion: Robot's ability lasts longer.
Max Ability: 20%
Robot: Phantom
Pilot Name: Raphael Petit
Pilot legend raphaelpetit.png
Skill: The flamethrower's area of effect radius increased by 30%
Max Ability: 30%
Robot: All
Pilot Name: Rose Lin
Pilot Legend Roselin.png
Skill: Rose's Determination: After activating its ability, Typhon's speed is increased for 5 seconds.
Max Ability: 30%
Robot: Typhon
Pilot Name: Sam Stone
Pilot Legend SamStone.png
Skill: Sam's Badassness: The Nucleon, Atomizer and Quarker take longer to overheat.
Max Ability: Overheat: 5 seconds to 8 seconds
Robot: All
Pilot Name: Sigrun Valka
Pilot legend sigrunvalka.png
Skill: Sigrun's Support: Robot repairs larger amount of durability with its ability. The durability of its physical shield also increases.
Max Ability: 20%
Robot: Tyr
Pilot Name: Soren de Vos
Pilot legend sorendevos.png
Skill: Soren's Tenacity: Robot's ability lasts longer.
Max Ability: 25%
Robot: Nemesis
Pilot Name: Stanislav Chen
Pilot legend stanislavchen.png
Skill: Stanislav's Know How: Robot has increased suppression effect.
Max Ability: 20%
Robot: Invader
Pilot Name: Svyatogor Belov
Skill: Svyatogor's Breach: Fafnir ignores energy shields during the flight.
Max Ability:
Robot: Fafnir
Pilot Name: Tal Mokri
Pilot legend talmokri.png
Skill: Tal's Neuroenhancements: Robot deals increased weapon damage while its ability is active.
Max Ability: 7.5%
Robot: Spectre
Pilot Name: Thomas Mindread
Pilot legend thomasmindread.png
Skill: Thomas's Guile: Robot has increased speed while its ability is active.
Max Ability: 30%
Robot: Leech
Pilot Name: Tobias Mwangi
Pilot legend tobiasmwangi.png
Skill: Tobias' Live Feed: All active modules on robot recharge faster.
Max Ability: 25%
Robot: Bulwark
Pilot Name: Vasilisa Maximova
Skill: Vasilisa's Wisdom: Revenant restored a portion of its durability the moment its ability goes on cooldown. The amount of durability restored depends on the damage dealt while the ability was active.
Max Ability:
Robot: Revenant
Pilot Name: Virginia Walker
Pilot legend virginiawalker.png
Skill: Virginia's Mercy: Robot's ability recharges faster.
Max Ability: 20%
Robot: Nightingale
Pilot Name: Yang Lee
Pilot legend yanglee.png
Skill: Yang's Discipline: While its ability is active, the robot activates a Quantum Radar.
Max Ability: Quantum Radar active
Robot: Ao Jun