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High-tech robot with serious firepower. Though Leech may seem fragile at first glance, it possesses a unique protection system designed by EvoLife engineers: the robot absorbs incoming damage and redirects it to the enemy
— in-game description

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Purchase Information LeechInfobox.png
In-Game Cost Real Value Icn info for user popup.png Exp Level Icn info for user popup.png
10,000 Components or 14,000 Gold $140 20
Robot Information
Class Icn info for user popup.png Ability Icn info for user popup.png Faction Icn info for user popup.png
Repulse Icn info for user popup.png
Base Statistics
PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Durability Icn info for user popup.png
Speed icon.png
1 65,800 45 kph
Armaments Standard Paint Jobs
Hardpoints Medium Default Evo Frevo Gale Nebulous
Default Weapons Tulumbas
Module Slots Legendary Paint Jobs Icn info for user popup.png
Active Yes Gale Moroz Parasite Nullifier Nebulous
Passive 3
Other Legendary Pilots
Tier Icn info for user popup.png IV Thomas Mindread Isabella Porter
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Medium
Workshop Production Information
1 Day Cost Silver 3 Day Cost Silver
290,000 950,000
Components Components Components Components
60 170


The Leech is a medium robot with 4 medium hardpoints.


The Leech possesses high firepower and good speed but is frail in terms of durability. When the Leech activates its Repulse ability it gains 90% damage reduction and redirects 35% of received damage to any enemy within 500 meters it "links" for the duration of the 10-second ability. If the enemy "linked" dies or moves outside of the 500 meter range, the link can be redirected onto separate enemies after a 1-second delay. Line-of-sight, obstacles (including shields), stealth, and distance (after the initial 500-meter linking range) do not affect an established link.


The Repulse ability is the first of its kind. It grants Leech both powerful defense and a unique offensive feature. The 90% damage reduction renders Leech virtually immune to harm (although corrosion will deal full damage and Titan weapons can bypass damage resistance with defense mitigation), which allows it to absorb enormous amounts of damage and redirect a fraction to a selected enemy robot. This is ideal against the Retribution abilities of the Pantheon robots (Ares, Nemesis, and Hades), as Repulse can withstand both initial weapon fire and damage from Retribution - while being able to direct it to an unfortunate enemy.

As powerful as Repulse is the 18-second cooldown means positioning and timing is important. Similar to Ares, Leech's low base durability means certain death if caught in the open after the ability ends. The use of the Phase Shift and Last Stand modules is a way to mitigate taking damage during its Repulse cool down period.

Threat Measure

Leech is a moderate threat in the upper leagues. Four medium weapons allow for huge damage per second (DPS), and its ability allows for unprecedented defensive and offensive performance. A base speed of 45 km/h is also enough to outrun and outmaneuver most robots and its ability allows the Leech to counter Pantheon and Dragon bots.

The low base HP of the robot means it is unsuited for extended close-range fighting and holds poor survivability without its ability. Catching a Leech off-guard may prove to be the only way to take it out - provided its weapons don't shred you first.

Possible Setups

These setups are recommended for the Leech:

Note: Each slot type is filled with only one particular weapon, for example. If a robot has 3 light hard points, all three of those slots are filled with the same weapon, as mixing weapons of the same slot type is not advisable.

Close Range (350m or less)

Slot Types Medium Slot
#Slots x4 Name
Setup 1
Death Button
Setup 2
Setup 3
Freezing Death Button
Setup 4
Setup 5
Plasma Death Button
Setup 6
Punisher T.png
Setup 7
Setup 8

Mid-Range (500-600m)

Slot Types Medium Slot
#Slots x4 Name (If Applicable)
Setup 1
Lightning Death Button
Setup 2
Setup 3
Setup 4
Russian Death Button
Setup 5
Homing Death Button
Setup 6

Long Range (800-1,100m)

Slot Types Medium Slot
#Slots x4 Name(If Applicable)
Setup 1
Energy Sniper
Setup 2
Molot T.png

Upgrade Cost

Tier 4 MK 1
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 0 00:00
2 100,000 02:00
3 200,000 05:00
4 400,000 14:00
5 2,000,000 28:00
6 4,000,000 66:00
7 6,000,000 102:00
8 11,000,000 124:00
9 17,000,000 140:00
10 36,000,000 148:00
11 52,000,000 152:00
12 70,000,000 160:00
Total Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
198,700,000 39:05:00
Tier 4 MK 2
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 0 00:00
2 2,500,000 12:00
3 5,000,000 24:00
4 10,000,000 36:00
5 22,500,000 48:00
6 22,500,000 48:00
7 22,500,000 48:00
8 22,500,000 48:00
9 22,500,000 48:00
10 22,500,000 48:00
11 22,500,000 48:00
12 22,500,000 48:00
Total Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
197,500,000 19:00:00
  • NOTE: base level starts at level 1 cost is
  • MK2 Upgrade cost 500 Gold


ID 57 Ability Faction
Tier 4

Class Light
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Medium
Availability Goldcomponents.png Workshop/Gold
MK 1 Level MK 2
Durability Speed Durability Speed
65,800 45 1 125,000 58
69,800 47 2 127,300 58
74,000 48 3 129,600 58
78,400 49 4 131,900 58
83,100 50 5 134,200 58
88,100 51 6 136,500 58
93,400 52 7 138,800 58
99,000 53 8 141,100 58
104,900 55 9 143,400 58
111,200 56 10 145,700 58
117,900 57 11 148,000 58
125,000 58 12 150,300 58
MK 3 Level 1 157,815 58


Update History

Version Changes
6.6.0 Thomas Mindread's pilot skill: Speed bonus 15% → 30%
6.3.0 Ability duration reduced by 1 second
6.2.2 New limited edition skin: Nullifier (Operation: Thunderous Roar (Part 2))
6.2.1 New alternative model: Scarab Leech (4th of July 2020)
6.0.1 New limited edition skin: Gale (Operation: Iron Phoenix (Part2))
New skin: Gale
5.7.2 New skin: Frevo
Frozen model bonus durability increased from 5% → 10%
5.6.0 New limited edition skin: Moroz (Christmas 2019)
New alternative model: Frozen Leech (Operation: Cold Snap)
5.4.0 New limited edition skin: Parasite (Yan-di Showdown 2019)
Robot was added to the game



  • A Leech is a predatory worm that sucks on your blood; this may be referencing how Leech is able to drain the life of enemies.
  • The Leech's low base durability might refer to that a parasite cannot live long without a host hence. The "Parasite" skin is a reference to what a leech is, a parasite.
  • The Leech's "Evo" skin might refer to the Leech's old, standard skin during the early stages of the test server 5.4.
  • The Leech's ability does not transfer secondary effects to its target (suppression, lockdown, corrosion, etc.), only damage dealt by enemy weapons.
  • The "Frevo" Paint Job (one of the three "Carnival Paint Jobs") is named after "Frevo", a musical rhythm and a Brazilian dance originating in the state of Pernambuco. His music is based on the fusion of genres such as march, maxixe, doubled and polka, and his dance was influenced by capoeira. It was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2012, under the name "Frevo: Art of the Recife Carnival Show".
  • The leech is one of the most advanced robots in the game, it was revealed that the leech's link hacks into the enemies defense system thus answering the question on how its able to link to robots through walls.
  • This robot was added on September 18, 2019.
  • The titan Nodens uses a hull design philosophy similar to that of the Leech.
  • This is the second robot that has 4 medium hardpoints, the first being the Spectre and the others including Fafnir and Typhon.