…High-tech robot with serious firepower. Though Leech may seem fragile at first glance, it possesses a unique protection system designed by EvoLife engineers: the robot absorbs incoming damage and redirects it to the enemy… – in-game description


The Leech is a medium robot with 4 medium hardpoints. Currently, it can be only obtained through the Yan-di Showdown (as of 9/24/19) and Halloween Event(as of 10/14/19).


This robot possesses considerable damage and speed, but is frail in terms of durability. However, its Repulse ability is what makes this robot a force to be reckoned with. Once activated, Leech targets an opponent to establish a "link". For the duration of the 10-second ability, Leech gains 90% damage reduction and redirects 35% of received damage to a "linked" enemy. The link is able to be redirected onto separate enemies within 500 meters after a 1-second delay. Line-of-sight, obstacles (including shields), stealth, and distance (after the initial 500 meter linking range) do not affect an established link.


The Repulse ability is the first of its kind. It grants Leech both powerful defence and a unique offensive feature. The 90% damage reduction renders Leech virtually immune to harm (although corrosion will deal full damage), which allows it to absorb enormous amounts of damage and redirect a fraction to a selected enemy robot. This is obviously ideal against the Retribution abilities of the Pantheon robots (Ares, Nemesis, and Hades), as Repulse is able to withstand both initial weapon fire and damage from Retribution - while being able to direct it to an unfortunate enemy. As powerful as Repulse is, the 18-second cooldown means that use of the ability should be a tactical decision, only for imminent threats or when rushing enemy beacons. It is recommended to link to either high-value enemies such as Ares and Ao Jun or use redirected damage to finish off robots crippled by Leech's four medium weapons. Positioning is key, similar to Ao Jun, as Leech's low base durability means certain death if caught in the open after the ability ends, another way to counter the leech is to take cover once the ability is active so the opposing leech can only damage you through its ability and once the ability is on cooldown, attack the leech, lockdown weapons are very effective in the latter strategy.

Threat Measure
Leech is an enormous threat and may prove to be a new top pick, ousting previous meta choices such as Fenrir, Ao Jun, and the Pantheon bots. It holds all the firepower of a Spectre; four medium weapons allow for huge damage potential. Its ability shows unprecedented defensive and offensive value. A base speed of 45 km/h is also enough to outrun and outmaneuver heavier robots.

The low base HP of the robot means that it is unsuited for extended knife fighting and holds poor survivability without its ability. Catching a Leech off-guard may prove to be the only way to take it out - provided its weapons don't shred you first.

Mark I Statistics

Purchase Information

Health Speed (km/h)
1 10,000 Components 65,800 45

Upgrade Information

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
2 100,000 69,800 47 2 hours
3 200,00074,00048 5 hours
4400,00078,4004914 hours
52,000,00083,100501 day 4 hours
64,000,00088,100512 days 18 hours
76,000,00094,400524 days 6 hours
811,000,00099,000535 days 4 hours
917,000,000104,900555 days 20 hours
1036,000,000111,200556 days 4 hours
1152,000,000117,900556 days 12 hours
1270,000,000125,000556 days 20 hours
Total198,700,000+59,200+1034 days 1 hour

Mark II Statistics

Purchase Information

Note: Level 12 Mark I is required to upgrade (purchase) to Mark II.

Level Cost Health Speed (km/h)
1 500 Au 79,000 45

Upgrade Information

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
2 100,000 83,800 47 2 hours
3 200,00088,80048 5 hours
4400,00094,1004914 hours
52,000,00099,700501 day 4 hours
64,000,000105,700512 days 18 hours
76,000,000112,100524 days 6 hours
811,000,000118,800535 days 4 hours
917,000,000125,900555 days 20 hours
1036,000,000133,400556 days 4 hours
1152,000,000141,500556 days 12 hours
1270,000,000150,000556 days 20 hours
Total198,700,000+71,000+1034 days 1 hour

Update History

Version Changes
5.4 New limited edition skin: Parasite (Yan-di Showdown)
Robot was added to the game

Paint Jobs

Available for Purchase

Limited Edition


  • A Leech is a predatory worm that sucks on your blood; this may be referencing how Leech is able to drain the life of enemies.
  • The Leech's low base durability might refer to that a parasite cannot live long without a host hence. The "Parasite" skin is a reference to what a leech is, a parasite.
  • The Leech's "Evo" skin might refer to the Leech's old, standard skin during the early stages of the test server 5.4.
  • The Leech's ability does not transfer secondary effects to its target (suppression, lockdown, Dot, etc.), only damage dealth by enemy weapons.
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