…Upon reaching critical durability level robot becomes temporarily invulnerable… – in-game description




The Last Stand is a passive module.


This module grants a robot 5 seconds invulnerability if the robot's durability reaches a certain health % threshold. This ability can only be used once per battle.

If multiple Last Stands are mounted on a robot, the health % threshold will increase per module. The duration will not increase and all the Last Stands will trigger at the same time, so there will be no second or third instances of invulnerability apart from the initial activation.

Currently (as of Update 4.7.1), when a robot's Last Stand module triggers, it will not gain health from healing for the duration of the Last Stand. This may be due to the Last Stand setting the robot's health to a certain amount and preventing all changes to it, including healing.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost (Au) Activation Threshold Duration
1 5,000 5% 2

Upgrade Information

Level Cost (Ag) Time Activation
2 40,000,000 2 days 10% 2.5
3 40,000,000 2 days 15% 3
4 40,000,000 2 days 20% 3.5
5 40,000,000 2 days 25% 4
6 40,000,000 2 days 30% 4.5

Update History

Version Changes
5.3 Activation threshold is now visible on everyone's durability meters
4.6 Module was added to the game


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