King of the Hill is a game mode that was introduced in the 3.6.0 update. In this game mode, only one beacon is active at a time, and can be captured or overturned like any other beacon in other game modes. KOTH is not available due to its unpopularity.

Basic Information

It features one beacon that must be captured and held by a team until the points bar at the top of the screen is fully depleted. These points will then be added to the team's overall dominance bar, and the beacon will relocate somewhere else, and the process repeats in a pattern. The game is won either when the dominance bar of one team is completely filled before the other, when one team's dominance bar is greater than the other's by the time the timer runs out, or when all robots are destroyed. Players spawn on their usual spawn point just like in Domination.

The more allies capturing a beacon, the faster it will be captured. However, if there are no allied bots in beacon, the meter will still decrease, but much slower.

The first beacon available in KotH is usually the center beacon point, and then typically alternating side beacons - the side beacon closer to your team will be followed by the comparable side beacon closer to the enemy team, or vice versa. The next beacon to activate will have a faint misty white beam shining from it as well, so use this to your advantage.


Beacon Cappers such as the Stalker, Rogatka and Kumiho usually excel in this game mode, enabling their teams to rapidly capture beacons. Capturing the first active beacon should be a priority, as this will give your team an advantage early on in the battle.

However, it is also recommended that your team spread out to cover as many beacons possible, not just the one that happens to activate (although at least 2 if not 3 of your team's robots should focus on capturing the active beacon), so when the next beacon activates, you can immediately capture it. One can tell which beacon will activate next by looking for a faint white misty beam shining from it.

Players are advised to guard areas leading to their 'home beacons' as this game mode is fast-paced and typically features many fast moving robots, which when given enough support, can even sometimes capture the enemy-s home beacons.

If a beacon is being held by the enemy and has less than half its capture points left, try to locate the next beacon and capture it instead. After a few games in this mode, players will eventually learn the approximate beacon activation order, which can come in useful during battles instead of having to rely on sight.

Update History

Update 3.6.0: King of the Hill Introduced 

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