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While active, robot jumps in a chosen direction
— in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 30 PowerCell icon.png
Gold Cost 12 Gold
Required Player Level 22
Active Module
Ability Duration 5 second(s)
Cooldown 20 second(s)
Jump Unit.png
AffectsSelf icon.png
ManualActivation icon.png
Affects Self Manual Activation
Temporary icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
Temporary Cooldown


The Jump Unit is an active module, freely available to all pilots. It requires 30 power cells per use.


When the Jump Unit is activated, the robot it is mounted on will actually jump up into the sky, similar to the Jump ability of the Griffin and Cossack. However, it cannot be used in conjunction with a robot's actual Jump ability, so robots cannot replicate Raven's Double Jump. However, if mounted on a Raven and used first, both of Raven's Jump charges can be used in conjunction with the Jump Unit, effectively creating a triple jump.

The Jump Unit should be used similar to the Jump ability, to get the robot inside the brawl, and to get it out of the brawl later. It is best used with robots with a pre-existing Jump ability, as doing so will allow it to use its normal ability to jump inside the brawl, and to use the Jump Module to get out, or vice versa. For this reason, if you are planning to use this tactic, weapons that should be mounted on your robot are hit-and-run weapons, such as Rime, Cryo, Glacier, Pinata, Orkan and Exodus. However, an alternate mounting candidate for the Jump Module is an absolute gun battery, such as Leo, Fury and Behemoth, the main weaknesses of each being that they are extremely slow. The Jump Module can be used to counter this, making them even more deadly with the ability to pounce in on their foes with their monstrous firepower, and durability which will probably allow them to tank out a few hits.

Update History

Version Changes
6.2.0 Module was added to the game


  • During the first weeks of testing the Jump Module in Test Server, it was incredible broken. Certain robots that have abilities would be able to activate the Jump Module without delay whenever they used their abilities, this allowed such robots to "fly" across such maps without delay. This was fixed in later sessions.
  • Another bug that was also present and was not fixed until the last weeks of testing, is when a user uses a Jump Module on an Ao Jun, Ao Quang or Ao Qin. Users would activate both the module and the ability at the same time to cruise roughly 300-400m forward (depending on terrain elevation) at incredible speeds during takeoff and landing, before the flight timer would start. This was deemed too powerful and unfair in practice by many testers.
  • An uncommon but cool bug that took around the same duration of time as the second bug to fix was also present, this bug was basically a "Super Jump" that could be preformed by robots capable of jumping and comes equipped with an Active Module. It works fairly similar to the second bug mentioned above, a user would activate the jumping ability and the Jump Module, this allowed them to jump twice their normal height and reach particularly high places or cross large distances very quickly. This bug wasn't as game breaking as the previous bug but was reported and fixed nonetheless.