There are four robots that have the ability to jump a certain distance:



The ability to jump is limited by a cool down timer that begins from the moment the jump is performed, the cool downs are as follows:

Cossack – 5 seconds

The Cossack spends the majority of the cool down in the air and thus is ready to jump again almost immediately after landing.

Rogatka – 7 seconds

The Rogatka jumps further so can jump again 2 seconds after landing.

Griffin – 25 seconds

For the Griffin cool down is considerably longer than the jump time, however the Griffin jumps higher and farther than the Cossack or Rogatka do, at about 130 meters long.

How to jump

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Jumping guide, has all maps including canyon so far.

While jumping, it is prudent to notice where the jump is taking the player. Sometimes while jumping, the robot may graze a building and veer off course. If the robot slams right into a building, the robot will stop in mid air, then fall. The robot can slide along a building when jumping, but this requires a certain angle. It is important to note that the robot is “stunned” for a second after completing the jump and landing on the ground; this is a moment of vulnerability.

Jumping in the wrong direction can have the robot leap straight off of a bridge and lose its target. Other times, anticipating the gap jump can fall short, and have the robot fall in a ditch. This forces the robot to spend a full 30 seconds in game getting out of said ditch, costing precious time.

Some robots can clear medium-sized obstacles with a jump. All of them can fire while leaping, making jump-shotgun-shots common among some players.

When confronted by an enemy using rocket weapons (such as the Pinata), a well timed jump can negate a lot of the damage. Jumping is also effective against Aphids, which usually miss a jumping robot.

When fighting a jumper using these weapons, start firing just before they land to ensure a hit. Try baiting a jumper into jumping by firing one of your weapons, and time the rest to hit them when they land.