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Balanced skirmisher designed to hunt down enemy robots. Its ability can be a good way to escape a bad substitution, or to create one for the enemies
— in-game description

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Purchase Information InquisitorInfobox.png
In-Game Cost Real Value Icn info for user popup.png Exp Level Icn info for user popup.png
10,000 Components or
6,500 Gold
$65 15
Robot Information
Class Icn info for user popup.png Ability Icn info for user popup.png Faction Icn info for user popup.png
Descend Icn info for user popup.png
Yan-di Ventures
Base Statistics
PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Durability Icn info for user popup.png
Speed icon.png
1 84,000 33 kph
Armaments Standard Paint Jobs
Hardpoints Medium + 1× Heavy Default Marine Calavera Urban Raptor
Default Weapons 2x Tulumbas + 1x Thunder
Module Slots Legendary Paint Jobs Icn info for user popup.png
Active Yes Marine
Passive 3
Other Legendary Pilots
Tier Icn info for user popup.png III Kyle Rogers
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Heavy
Workshop Production Information
1 Day Cost Silver 3 Day Cost Silver
200,000 690,000
Components Components Components Components
80 230


The Inquisitor is a medium robot with 1 heavy and 2 medium hardpoints. It is unofficially classified as a heavy robot based on wiki criteria.


The Inquisitor's unusual and unique ability is called Descend, and blends jump and stealth. When activated Inquisitor deals punishing attacks on enemies while cloaked in the air (and for five seconds after it lands). The ability has an 18 second cooldown.


In general, Inquisitor is played as a mix between a Lancelot and a Spectre, forcing opponents to exchange an initial salvo then activating Inquisitor's Descend ability to gain a good firing angle while also landing close to cover. Ideally the landing spot will protect the Inquisitor from other enemies lines of fire while still allowing engagement of the Inquisitor's primary target.

Due to the 18 second cooldown, it is important to carefully choose when to use the ability. Commanders should also be aware of their surroundings when jumping to avoid getting caught on obstacles, or jumping onto elevated ground (compared to the Inquisitor’s jumping surface). This is because getting snagged on an obstacle or landing on high ground will result in the Inquisitor’s 5-second landing stealth duration being triggered unnecessarily early, thus the commander will not be exploiting its infinite stealth in the air, and has to wait another 18 seconds for a second Descend.

Inquisitor has above average hit points and durability, and with its two medium and one heavy hardpoints it can effectively brawl in most circumstances on the battlefield. Inquisitors corner shoot extremely well, so if the enemy isn’t using weapons with splash damage an Inquisitor pilot can attack its target with low risk of receiving damage. The Inquisitor's jump distance is roughly 100m so is is also good as an ambusher, bringing "death from above."

The Inquisitor's ground speed is relatively slow so it's recommended to stay close to allies as they provide cover and additional firepower. Its size can also act as double-edged sword, as it is tall enough to be able to fire its heavy weapon while hiding behind most obstacles; yet its significant bulk means that a higher proportion of enemy fire will hit, even when in stealth.

Threat Measure

The Inquisitor is dangerous in the middle leagues and has limited viability in upper league play. It is a natural transition from using a Griffin and gives pilots experience in using stealth and ambush tactics. The Inquisitor struggles to complete in the higher leagues, especially in the current meta where players may use modules such as Quantum Radar.

Possible Setups

These are effective setups for the Inquisitor:

Note: When "Opt." is next to a slot type, it refers to one of the multiple options that can be used in combination with the other weapon(s) slot type(s).

Each slot type is filled with only one particular weapon. For example, if a robot has 3 light all three of those slots are filled with Pinatas, as mixing weapons of the same slot type is not advisable.

Close Range (350m or less)

Slot Types Heavy Slot Medium Slot
(Opt. 1)
Medium Slot
(Opt. 2)
Medium Slot
(Opt. 3)
#Slots x1 x2 x2 x2 Name
(If Applicable)
Setup 1
Shotgun (Opt. 1)
Setup 2
Plasma Death Button (Opt. 1)
Setup 3
Death Button (Opt. 1)
Setup 4
Setup 5
Punisher T.png
Leadhose (Opt. 1)
Setup 6
Energy shotgun (Opt. 1)
Setup 7
Nuke (Opt. 1)

Mid-Range (500-600m)

Slot Types Heavy Slot Medium Slot
(Opt. 1)
Medium Slot
(Opt. 2)
Medium Slot
(Opt. 3)
#Slots x1 x2 x2 x2
Setup 1
Setup 2
Setup 3


Some common and powerful setups include a pair of Tarans with either an Ember or Redeemer, since those heavy weapons share the same range (350 meters) of the Tarans (note the Ember bypasses Ancile shields and physical shields). The Redeemer and Tarans deal almost instant damage to the enemy due to the very fast projectiles, whereas the Ember usually requires leading (shooting ahead of) the target since the jet flame has a lag, which counteracts the way the Tarans fire. Using Orkans with the Ember is a way to alleviate this problem since the Orkans also require leading the target to maximize the splash damage, however the ranges of the Ember (350m) is different from the Orkan (300m). Excellent "Death Button" load outs include Cryo / Glacier and Orkan / Exodus.

Possible mid-range builds are Zeus or Calamity with Scourges or Ions, or Dragoon / Marquess. In a mid-range support role the Inquisitor can use its Descend ability for retreat if a brawler closes in, or use it to jump above cover to get a clear shot at the enemy. However, mid-ranged builds are generally not used on the Inquisitor as there are other robots that are capable of dealing more damage, such as the Fury.

Not Recommended

  • Non-line of sight or long-range weapons, since they don't fit the brawling role of the Inquisitor very well, and it would thus be outgunned by robots such as Fury in this role

Upgrade Cost

Tier 3 MK 1
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 0 00:00
2 100,000 02:00
3 200,000 05:00
4 400,000 14:00
5 2,000,000 28:00
6 3,000,000 48:00
7 4,000,000 66:00
8 8,000,000 90:00
9 13,000,000 106:00
10 25,000,000 116:00
11 35,000,000 124:00
12 45,000,000 130:00
Total Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
135,700,000 18:20:00
Tier 3 MK 2
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 0 00:00
2 1,000,000 12:00
3 2,000,000 24:00
4 4,000,000 36:00
5 16,000,000 48:00
6 16,000,000 48:00
7 16,000,000 48:00
8 16,000,000 48:00
9 16,000,000 48:00
10 16,000,000 48:00
11 16,000,000 48:00
12 16,000,000 48:00
Total Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
135,000,000 18:00:00
  • NOTE: base level starts at level 1 cost is
  • MK2 Upgrade cost 500 Gold


ID 12 Ability Faction
Tier 3

Yan-di Ventures
Class Heavy
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Heavy
Availability Goldcomponents.png Workshop/Gold
MK 1 Level MK 2
Durability Speed Durability Speed
84,000 33 1 165,000 46
89,000 35 2 168,000 46
95,000 36 3 171,000 46
101,000 37 4 174,000 46
107,000 38 5 177,000 46
114,000 39 6 180,000 46
121,000 41 7 183,000 46
129,000 42 8 186,000 46
137,000 43 9 189,000 46
146,000 44 10 192,000 46
155,000 45 11 195,000 46
165,000 46 12 198,000 46
MK 3 Level 1 207,900 46


Update History

Version Changes
6.8.0 Movement speed increased by 3km/h
Ability cooldown reduced by 2 seconds
5.3.0 Limited edition skin: Marine (Operation: Gathering Storm)
4.8.0 Total Upgrade Time: 38 days 2 hours 30 minutes⟶30 days 13 hours
4.7.0 New skin: Urban Raptor (Community)
Total Upgrade Time: 45 days 17 hours⟶38 days 2 hours 30 minutes
4.5.0 Total Upgrade Cost: 170,700,000 Ag⟶135,700,000 Ag
Total Upgrade Time: 58 days 17 hours⟶45 days 17 hours
Now available for 7,500 gold (can still be produced via Workshop 2.0)
4.4.0 New skin: Calavera (Halloween 2018)
4.0.0 Value (USD): $300⟶$75
Total Upgrade Cost: 54,870,000 Ag⟶170,700,000
Total Upgrade Time: 19 days 23 hours 27 minutes 40 seconds⟶58 days 17 hours
3.8.0 New skin: Marine (4th Anniversary)
3.2.0 Robot was added to the game



  • This robot shares the same hardpoints as that of the Lancelot but has a Griffin build and jump, so it can be considered as an "upgraded Griffin".
  • Although this robot's design is similar to the Griffin's, they are easily distinguishable due to the Inquisitor's red color scheme in contrast to any of the Griffin's duller colors.
  • This robot has the longest name with 10 letters.
  • This robot is a "major upgrade" of a Griffin compared to the Stalker being an "upgrade" to the Destrier due to a better ability, larger HP pool, and more firepower.
  • This is one of many robots without an official faction (the others being the Strider, Spectre, Hover, Stalker, Carnage, Rhino, Mender, Weyland, Pursuer, Mercury, and Hellburner).
  • When the ability is triggered, any homing weaponry, such as Spirals, Hydras, and Aphids will hit the ground at the location of the triggering of the ability.
  • A visual animation will occur upon the activation of the ability as the two thrusters in the rear will fire for as long as the robot is in the air. However, falling off cliffs will not trigger this visual animation.
  • "Inquisitor" is based on a Latin word that literally means "searches out" or "inquires" (Latin inquirere < quaerere, "to seek").
  • "Inquisitor" is based on a real organization devoted to eliminating heresy or blasphemies against the Roman Catholic Church.
  • You can normally hit an Inquisitor on the ground in stealth mode as it is much taller than the other robot with Stealth, the Stalker. All you have to do is manually aim your weapons and you usually will get a hit. However, this is useless for robots armed with Zeus, Scourge, Shocktrain, Hydra, Spiral, and Aphid as they all need a target lock to fire.
  • This is one of the only 2 bots whose components were given out in supply drops at one point (the other being the Kumiho).
  • This robot was added on September 27, 2017.