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Hunting Grounds

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This is the first PvE game mode in War Robots, introduced in version 8.1, June 2022. Players use a preset hangar with modified weapons, to fight to survive among endless waves of AI spider robots. Currently the game mode is singleplayer, and squads are banned for this gamemode. In the future, Pixonic may extend this game mode according to playerbase feedback.

A special event ticket is required to enter this game mode, which can be obtained for free, by watching ads, or direct purchase with real money. The amount is limited per day. After reaching certains goals in the game, you get awarded with an ample gold prize and power cells.

This gamemode is time limited, currently only available during the 2022 Scavenger Event.

Game Rules

After using 1 event ticket to enter this game mode, the "searching for players" UI still appear, but shows that battle begins instantly after 1 second.

After the map loads, the player is prompted to choose one robot out of a preset hangar with 3 slots, generated randomly out of a certain pool. The decision time available is longer than other game modes (30 seconds instead of 15), so that the player can take time to observe the setups.

Unlike normal PvP matches that last 10 minutes, this game mode only lasts for 5 minutes. The game ends when one of the following criteria are met:

  • The player fails to choose a robot within 30 seconds at the beginning of a battle;
  • All 3 robots provided are destroyed;
  • The 5-minute timer runs out.

Awards are given according to how many AI enemies the player eliminated during the battle.

Place Required Kills Gold Gold Power Cells PowerCell icon.png
1st 150 200 400
2nd 100 75 200
3rd 50 50 100
4th 0 0 0


Provided setups are given at random, and they are generated from a fixed set provided below. The level of the items are usually displayed as level 12 MK1
, while the tier of the items vary from T1 to T4 (for robots, no T4 robots are available for balance reasons).


NOTE: The weapons provided are modified in terms of damage and reload speed, so that they maintain an unusually high Cycle DPS, compared to the actual weapons in the store. Therefore, some setups work much better/worse than expected! (eg. 500m rockets)

Since you are facing large waves of enemies that persecute you at a close range, certain builds perform significantly better than others. Shotguns and weapons with AOE are among the best, due to their ability to destroy groups of enemies at close range very fast. Recommended setups include:

Less recommended builds, mainly due to their inability to destory multiple enemies at the same time and difficulty to aim at close range:


The choice of robots does not matter that much, in general, choose a fast robot with reliable abilities. Note that special robots with energy shields have a unique advantage due to their resistance to atillery from enemies. These robots are marked with an asterisk (*) in the list below.

Available robots:

Enemy Types

Currently there are only two enemy types, Spiderbomb and Spideratillery.

Spiderbombs are small, agile assault AIs which spawn in large groups of tens and twenties. They are equipped aggresively with a Cinder-like weapon, which deals damage continuously once the player is in 50m range. Once they get in around 100m range, they begin using their weapons, projecting a yellow circle indicating range. The damage is 1000 per 0.1 second (shot interval needs confirmation), which is devastating especially when there is a large group of them swarming around. Spiderbombs pursue the player at a high speed (usually faster than robots' walking speed), combined with their small and flat hitbox, they are difficult to hit beyond close range (200m).

Spideratilleries have a larger hitbox, and appear with a Zenit equipped. They spawn in small groups of 1 to 4 in the back of the map, avoid direct skirmishes and fires damaging rockets at a distance. The rockets deal around 3000 damage with a 20 meter AOE. Spideratilleries move much slower, so they can be easily destroyed once the player is in range.


Because everyone is using the same hanger presets, your success depends on how skillful you are with the robots and weapons you are given. So obviously, players who have been using certain robots or weapons for an extensive amount of time will have a bit of an advantage over some of the newer players in a match. Thus, the more experienced you are, the higher chance of success. It is advised to be familiar with the weapons beforehand.

Certain tactics can be used to ensure a high score.

  1. Deploy the most efficient setup. Some builds work much better than others, and the majority of kills depend on this robot. Details are covered in the sections above. You should learn to recognize the best setups quickly when looking at the robot choice prompt.
  2. Engage with enemies actively. Once the battle starts, instantly move towards the spawn of enemies to save time and destroy more enemies. When enemies are too far from you, try your best to close in the distance.
  3. Ignore Spideratilleries, but keep on the move. Distracting yourself to just kill a few Spideratilleries is mostly a waste of time, so do not seek them actively. Instead, keep moving to prevent getting hit by the atillery, and eventually you will get close enough to them to kill them conveniently.
  4. Move in laps, and avoid getting stuck. While you are on the move, note to navigate through main and unobstructed paths, so you have enough time and space to keep yourself safe. Remember to turn around and plan your movement time to time so that you will not get jammed in an awkward situation.
  5. Avoid getting surrounded and cornered. This really doesn't need explanation, but if you are surrounded, try breaching it by destroying the weakest part. Otherwise, try your best to take as many enemies with you as you can.
  6. Use self-destruct to change robots wisely. Once you get too much damage and the robot suffers from heavy motor damage or loss of 2 or more weapons, consider starting with a fresh robot to maximize efficiency. Do not get stuck with the crippled robot since you face an opportunity cost.
  7. Be aware of the remaining time. 5 minutes is short, and manage your time well. For example, by the end of 2:30, you should destroy at least 80 enemies in order to reach the goal. Every second is precious, and don't waste time.

With these tips and some practice, hitting 150 kills will no longer be a problem! Try striving for higher goals such as the 200 mark, and challenge yourself :)


Hellburner annihilates everything in Dead City

A victorious and successful battle