Here you will learn how to report a cheater or hacker to Pixonic.

Finding a Hacker or Cheater

While there are a ton of players in war robots thoughout numerous platforms, there will always be a player who will try to hack, at times they are successful and are trolling or just beating the heck out of the red team using instant kill or other methods.

It is relevantly easy to notice a hacker or cheater right away, usually he/she would give him/herself
away with unnatural abilities such as instant teleport across the map with some random robot, doing instant damage to everyone in the map or even altering the game itself to the extent where the game isn't even playable, due to how severely hacked the game is. 

There is also an unnoticably type of hacking that no player except Pixonic will know about - Money Hacking, This type of hacking cannot be shown or made visible to other players unless the hacker reveals it to them, depending on the game. This hack is detected almost immediatly without anti-ban and the game will ban you, there are numerous "resource generators" for War Robots that have encripted code or anti-ban installed into them, Few of them actually work and only work under certain conditions.

Reporting a Hacker or Cheater

Once you have found a hacker, you should take note of his/her player name, player ID and hanger (if he/she is using a robot that is not in his/her hanger). Taking photos of the hacker and his/her profile also helps in identifiying the hacker. Adding description to the scene can also help convey your issue.

Once you have gathered all that information regarding the hacker and what he/she has done, you can report that player, along with your photos that you have taken to Pixonic. To do that, go to the "menu" button located at the bottom left of your hanger, once there, look around. Eventually you will come across a "help" button. Tap or click on the "help" button and it will bring up a Q&A, there will be a  "contact us" button located at the top right of your screen, tap or click it will bring you to a texting page. There will be a message from Pixonic support regarding how they can help you.

From there, you can text all the information & photos mentioned earlier. Once that is sent, there will be an series of automated responses that will ask you about your problem or suggestion. Answer them if you need to. After that, you will have to wait for about a couple of days before an employee will resolve your problem. If you don't provide enough information regarding that matter, they may not be able to help you.

Other methods would be sending an email directly to Pixonic, so that they may address it more sooner. 

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