This is a guide for setting up and playing War Robots on your PC via MEmu, a free Android emulator, or Bluestacks. If you already have an existing account on an Android device, you can follow these instructions to sync your account over to your PC. It is advised that you try Custom Games to get used to playing on pc so your ratings and average damage are not effected.

THIS IS FOR ANDROID ONLY… too bad iOS users.

To date, I haven't found any emulators that even come close to dethroning MEmu: Bluestacks runs half as fast, Droid4x has a terrible interface (although it's still better than Bluestacks' UI), Genymotion is so difficult to use that you might as well give up now, and no other emulators have controls that rival MEmu's. I will update this article if and when I find any reasonable MEmu alternatives.

Update: I've since come across a couple emulators that are on par with MEmu, namely Nox and LeapDroid. They are, however, all pretty similar so I recommend going along with MEmu since some parts of this guide are specific to it.

update:added remix os method

Before starting

Please note that playing with a keyboard and mouse is officially allowed. See Thread:71373 for details.

*user openpilotcc3d warning : (your pc needs virtualization vx-t to run emulator smoothly. without this, it may not run or not be stable)

Android emulators are inefficient, and require a computer several times as powerful than a phone or tablet to play WR at the same frame rate. WR is a fairly demanding game, so if your computer is very old, chances are that it will run WR at mediocre frame rates (10-15 fps), so don't be surprised if you find it harder to aim with certain weapons (such as the Orkan); especially in intense battle situations. As a rule of thumb, your accuracy will be proportional to your frame rate.(however, a new method using remix os is on below, which runs smoothly even on old pcs)

With that being said, the game should be perfectly playable on modern PCs, likely running even smoother than on a comparably recent Android device. You might also find it convenient for things like managing your hangar and typing in clan chat, etc.


If you are already playing WR on your phone, you will want to sync your current progress on your phone to WR on your PC. To do this, make sure you have your Google Play Games account set up on your phone before you proceed.

Setup MEmu

AS OF UPDATE 3.8 MEmu FACES AN ISSUE RUNNING WAR ROBOTS. The issue is the absence of the movement button on screen. This can be corrected by going to MEmu settings/language and input/keyboard and input methods/DEFAULT/ hardware>OFF.

Screenshot 2018-05-23-00-27-35

Download MEmu and install it. Then log in with your Google account, making sure to use the same one on your Android device if you want to sync your WR progress. Run Google Play Games application within MEmu environment to make sure.

Install WR and sync progress

Sync progress confirmation
Search for the game, and download and install and run it. Click Menu button in WR then click "Google Play Games" button. A dialog will come up asking if you want to sync your local progress. Press OK if you want to use your existing account and cancel if you want to start over a new account.


Check the screenshot above and make sure it is the same as the one you get when you press "Google Play Games". Some people have sync'd their new profile onto their existing one by mistake and lost all their progress in the game. If the message is different, then make sure you have done the following before clicking "Google Play Games" button.

  • You have setup your Google Play Games account on your phone.
  • You have setup your Google Play Games account on your MEmu environment.

If you lose all of your progress in the game, you will need to contact Pixonic with the following information.

  1. The nickname that was used (please, provide the exact spelling including all symbols, small and capital letters).
  2. Your hangar level
  3. The approximate amount of your silver, gold and Workshop points
  4. Number of slots unlocked in your hangar
  5. Data about your active robots (robots & their levels, weapons equipped & their levels). Please be as detailed as possible so we can assure we find the correct account.


In order to play WR on your computer effectively, you'll need to use your mouse to aim (right click to lock/unlock the cursor) and your keyboard to control everything else. Both Bluestacks and MEmu have GUI's for customizing controls. One important difference is that MEmu allows you to aim without holding down the mouse button, which may not seem like much but definitely helps over the course of a 10 minute match.

It is also possible to play with a controller. Just map your controls as shown below and use "JoyToKey" to assign the keys.


This is an example setup for MEmu:

Here's another example setup for MEmu:


  • Open war robots in MEmu and start a battle.(Recommended use Custom Games)
  • Open key mapping option on toolbar

Basic Set up....3 BUTTONS

You need 3 basic things to control your bot

1.Robot movement= WASD PAD>>>> Keyboard

default robot movement is by the Arrow up;page down;home;end(without use of game pad)

  • Drag the DIRECTION CONTROL pad and place it where the button for bot movement is in game.
  • Make sure that it is the same size or larger for optimum results(smaller pad will result in slow movement)
  • Click each key to configure it(default is WSAD)
  • SEE BUG FIXES FOR MEMU for known issues and how to fix

Going in for the kill Placement for moving

2.Robot turning=CROSSHAIR ICON → Mouse

  • Drag CROSS HAIR from top and place it in centre or top of the screen.
  • Right clicking it will switch between 'normal mouse controls and 'turning robot via mouse
  • Remember for selecting anything on screen you need to 1st right click so you can use mouse but please note that during that time your bot cannot turn… (pretty much like a Rhino in assault mode!!)

Blowing stuff up Placement for tilting

3.Weapons firing=TRIGGER BUTTON → Left Mouse Button

  • Drag the SHOOT ICON from top and place it on the red button for FIRING ALL weapons
  • Activated by Left mouse click(can be configured)

Placement for shooting

Advance SETUP

  • This is done by assigning different keyboard keys some specific function on emulator screen

Customize 1.1

  • You just have to click an area and a button will appear on screen then just select desired keyboard key to do its job....(then you can drag it to specific point) For example; using Cap for activating ability of robot ;or Alt for LOCK ON, etc.

Customize 1.2

  • You can customize this as much as you want like separate keys for separate shooting;corner shooting; opening the menu; selecting new robots

Customize 1.3

  • You can also draw a line by dragging the mouse cursor to specify a quick doing so can do a 180'turn just by a press of a button.So movements which require skill in android are mere pushes of buttons in emulator provided your placement is correct.

Advance setup

(2) Set Up Controls for Bluestacks

You can do pretty much the same thing in Bluestacks, or if you're extra lazy then just navigate to the following file and open it in a text editor:


and replace everything with this and save:



Space = Tap (86,82)
1 = Tap (80,84)
2 = Tap (82,70)
3 = Tap (90,71)
4 = Tap (92,85)
W = SwipeHold Up (11,80)
S = SwipeHold Down (11,80)
A = SwipeHold Left (11,80)
D = SwipeHold Right (11,80)
Q = Tap (86,92)
E = Tap (94,45)

Space = Fire all weapons
1 = Fire weapon 1
2 = Fire weapon 2
3 = Fire weapon 3
4 = Fire weapon 4
W = Forward
S = Backward
A = Left
D = Right
Q = Lock on target
E = Use Ability


Improving performance

First off, if you're not reaching a stable 30 FPS on MEmu, do yourself a favor and buy a computer that's younger than you are.(but before you buy a new computer, try the remix os method below first.) Until then, there are a few things you can do (in decreasing order of effectiveness):

  • Enable virtualization in your BIOS/UEFI settings (here is one guide on how to do that).
  • Reduce the resolution in the MEmu settings.
  • Set the 8 CPU and 4 GB RAM templates in GLTools (see Improving Graphics for setting up GLTools)
  • Close all other demanding applications on your computer to conserve processing power for WR.
  • Increase the memory limit in MEmu options (see this for Bluestacks) but make sure you don't set CPU higher than the number of physical cores on your machine
  • For Windows 8+, if you've installed the Hyper-V feature, you'll need to turn it off prior to running MEmu. This will give something like 20x better performance. Here are some command scripts you can use to create .bat files (run as admin) to help turning this on and off as needed (reboot required)
  • Hyper-V Off:
sc config vmms start= disabled
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
shutdown /r /t 0
  • Hyper-V On
sc config vmms start= auto
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto
shutdown /r /t 0

Congratulations! You can now play WR on your computer and crush all those tablet noobs!

Improving Graphics

1. Download and install GLTools on MEmu. Link:

2. Open GLTools, go to WR, check "Enable custom settings" and "Use fake GPU info" and set "Use a template">"Mali-T760"

3. It's also recommended to set the 8 CPU and 4 GB RAM templates to improve performance

Bug fixes for MEmu

  • MEmu should have no problem receiving invites from Facebook or clan/battle history. Google Play friends have been hopelessly broken for a while now so really don't bother with it.
  • You should also turn off notification sounds in the emulated settings (or no in-game sound after an invite).
  • IN CASE THE WASD PAD IS NOT RESPONDING DURING GAME, RESTARTING GAME WILL FIX THE PROBLEM ;IF THAT DOES NOT WORK DELETE AND REPASTE THE WASD PAD… but what will you do during battle when you are stuck helpless? Simple… Use the page up and down keys and home and end keys to move your robot.(default movement)
  • If your controls are stuck at a slow pace, then quickly tap a WASD control while holding down the stuck key and you should return to a normal pace. (ie. WA if W key is stuck)
  • If the WASD keys get stuck in one direction in the middle of a battle, open the keymappings and re-save them. Then press one of the keys assigned other than the WASD that is stuck (i.e. "1" for fire primary weapon or D if W is stuck). It should reset the key mapping and you will be able to move around again.
  • If your weapons keep auto-firing when you activate the shooting button with right click, a workaround is to remap your hangar slots to specific keys so you don't have to deactivate the shooting button.

Recording Gameplay

Bandicam works best for recording gameplay on MEmu. Simply set it to game capture with one of the YouTube presets and you'll be Manni ;)

remix os method

(in development, remove this sentence when alot of people prove it works on multiple platforms.tested on my computer, but still)
Second Method
*warning* this method might cause undetected bugs, and you cannot blame the wiki for your rank getting lower.(because you can sometimes lose from bugs that rarley happen)

This guide will tell you how to play War robots on pc. unlike emulators, This method will teach you how to use remix os, a fully operated operating android system, which works on old pcs and is faster then any emulator.

(this only works for android too....)
Why remix os?

Remix os is a FULLY OPERATED SYSTEM, which means it can focus on android os, unlike

Emulators that work inside other os. → means faster performance

Pre check

→ your cpu need at least 2 ghz clock speed to work smoothly (tested)

→ 2GB RAM is minimum to (safely) run war robots, or else you app can crash during the game ):

→ GPU that has better clock speed then 267 mhz *  533mhz will work fine (tested)

→ usb bootable bios for usb booting(optional) or cd/floppy disk bootable bios(needed)

→ google account

  • that is the max gpu speed galaxy s2, however even a overclocked s2 is not good for gaming

1.Go to remix website and download the bit version that works to your computer.

(if your computer is a 64bit system, you can use 32 bit too, but 64bit is more faster.)

(try 32bit version if you are not sure, but just search about how to view your operating system information)

2.after you downloaded the file, uncompress (if you don’t error happens) it and start the program that says


For usb installation

And follow instructions.

Read the text →  How_to_launch_Remix_OS_for_PC for detailed information

3.pick your drive.

hdd/ssd→ this will make your system in to a dual boot system, but microsoft (claim) they don’t support this… usually faster boot (will make your system as dual boot)

usb→ this will make your system as a portable android system, but will be slow to boot

Usb 3.0 recommended

Both need at least 8gb of free disk space.

(But I believe 4gb is enough to run war robots only)

4. If you want to dual boot.. (if you're not a tech guy, go to usb method)

!warning! This method is more complicated then usb method.

(The XDA forum link is disabled)

For linux/windows dual booting users

for triple boot windows android linux

That will help you

5.usb method

Use the exe program in the extracted file. Program I showed you above and select usb disk in “type” option

And select the usb disk you want to use

Follow the instructions that is displayed on the program

6.booting from usb

Turn on your computer, hit f12 when you see your computer company logo (usually the boot option) or the key the navigates you to the boot option.

If you fail, restart, and try again.

Press “enter” and use key arrows to pick options. Pick persistent mode  to keep your data

(or resident mode)

7. Be patient

Now you will see the remix os logo fading/and reappearing.

The first, second, third boot up process is usually slow you should wait up to 1 hour if you used a slow usb.

Now enjoy!

Using remix os.

  1. As your remix os boots up, login using your war robots google account.

This is same as the setup for a new phone.

2. As you finish your setup process, go to menu (down left corner) and click “play activator”

And restart your computer.

3. After you restart your computer, go to menu again and open play store and download war robots & google play games (for sync)

4.key mapping is similar to memu, so the guide of memu will help you

Gaming tool kit, the key mapper

Key mapping

You should use the  default game kep mapper inside remix os

Search through the internet for information

Screenshot 20180204-220303

Setup example

Use your imagination to get the perfect keymap control for you.     

How to take screenshots

1.install screenshot easy from playstore

2.after installing, open the app, and select allow the app to have superuser permission and permission to access to files

3.after that, select “overlay icon” and is select others

4. Press “start capture”

5. Now, you will have a overlay icon that look like this

6.use your key mapping tools so you can take a screenshot using your keyboard  

7.after you finish the game, open screenshot easy again and press “stop capture”.

Screen recording

You can basically use any app that is on playstore, but I personally like AZ screen record.

Tip for gaming

1.Don’t use the WASD key when you don’t need to(ex when jumping in mid air or  bastion mode or sentry etc)

Your controls are most likely to get stuck when you use them for a long period

2. If your controls get stuck, don’t panic! Just release the every control( including WASD joystick )for a half second and start controlling again

3. Cpu monitor are good tools. This tool will help you to not burn your cpu.(I mean old hardware)

4.If your computer is old, then do not play the game while updating other apps ---> your OS can crash (you will not want that)

5.try custom games with your friend until you can react to the control-getting-stuck (let's call it “CGS”  ) in

short periods.

6.if your mouse has forward & back wards buttons, you can use back wards button as "back" in android.



Boot problem

  1. Cannot boot from usb. not in options

Your bios is outdated or your computer is too old (does it run windows me on it?)

Fortunately, this can help.

  1. Cannot boot from usb

Disable secure boot in your BIOS.

Change usb

Test it on different computer

3.  No operating system (OS) found?!

Did you touch the files in the usb?

Format your usb and install it again

Try different usb not usb usb hub

Bios will not detect your usb

Bug problem

1.Sometimes the controls get jammed, so you will continue to move in the same direction, or you won’t be able to shoot. In this case, release the control for a second, and try to control it again /* probably related to the multi-touch limit */

2.if you look at the screen (large screen, more than 17 inch) you can see dead pixels in the screen sometimes, but this won't effect the game, so don't worry. /*probably related to max resolution limit.*/

Common problems

1.the screen rotation(mech rotation) is too fast

In settings goto language and input and change the mouse pointer speed

2.the robot rotates a little bit when I use WASD keys for movement joystick

sorry...I can’t help you with that

(but when you have mouse control when you press WASD buttons, this will not happen)

This bug disappears after you use it for a while

3.if you used usb to boot you will see a lot of notifications of “usb disk detected”  leave them alone, never press eject.


did remix os (second method) work for you?

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