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Honor Points are a system that grant experience, allow commanders to open Battle Rewards and also claim Operation XP. They also deduce the amount of Currency a Commander recieves after the battle. Many tasks, including Special Delivery and Platinum tasks, also involve Honor Points.

Honor.png Get honor points to open Battle Rewards, get OXP and claim more pilot's experience. The higher your league, the more Honor Points you get. OXPup.png PilotSkill.png League.png


When you acquire Honor Points, they can be used in numerous ways, including:

  1. Opening Battle Rewards. By earning Honor Points, you will progress to the next crate inside your Battle Reward supply line. When your Honor Point number reaches the demanded amount, you will open the respective crate, which will provide you with all sorts of currency like Power Cells, Silver and even Components for numerous robots and weapons.
  2. Gaining OXP. By acquiring Honor Points, you will also get more OXP, which allows you to progress further inside the current Operation and thus get more rewards. If you purchase an Operation Pass, you can technically gain twice the prizes from the same amount of Honor Points.
  3. Gaining Pilot XP. By earning Honor Points, your Pilot(s), if not already at full and waiting for a promotion, will get Pilot XP. This allows your current Pilot trait to become stronger, and head towards the next rank, which will unlock a new skill for your Pilot to learn.
  4. Special Delivery tasks. By gaining Honor Points, if there is a Special Delivery event on, the chances are you will complete tasks with them, and convert them to Tokens, which can be used to cash in on prizes.
  5. Platinum tasks. By earning Honor Points, you can complete your daily Platinum tasks, which will reward you with Platinum. Platinum can be used to purchase and upgrade Titans, Titan Weapons and Titan Modules.

Honor Point calculation

Honor.png Bronze
Finish Battle 35 53 76 94 94 130 143
Win 108 168 220 289 289 380 423
Top 1 72 108 160 221 221 300 360
Top 2 42 66 99 131 131 180 216
Top 3 24 30 50 68 68 90 108
Titan spawn 12 12 17 21 21 30 32
Slay Titan 26 26 31 37 37 70 48
Beacon capture 9 19 24 28 28 50 34
Unspent Resurrection* 6 12 17 21 21 25 27

* As of Update 7.7, 'Unspent Resurrection' does not award Honor Points