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Hellburner   Kamikaze Hellburner


…A swift robot for those who prefer an aggressive playstyle. Hellburner is able to quickly close the distance and inflict serious damage to all enemies nearby… – in-game description

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Purchase Information HellburnerInfobox.png
In-Game Cost Real Value Icn info for user popup.png Exp Level Icn info for user popup.png
10,000 Components or
6,500 Gold
$50 14
Robot Information
Class Icn info for user popup.png Ability Icn info for user popup.png Faction Icn info for user popup.png
Overload Icn info for user popup.png
Yan-di Ventures
Base Statistics
PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Durability Icn info for user popup.png
Speed icon.png
1 91,000 46 kph
Armaments Standard Paint Jobs
Hardpoints 1x Light + 1x Heavy Default Barong Redline
Default Weapons 1x Punisher + 1x Thunder
Module Slots Legendary Paint Jobs Icn info for user popup.png
Active Yes Redline
Passive 3
Other Legendary Pilots
Tier Icn info for user popup.png III N/A
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Medium
Workshop Production Information
1 Day Cost Silver 3 Day Cost Silver
180,000 600,000
Components Components Components Components
80 230


The Hellburner is a medium robot with a heavy and a light hardpoint. (Hellburner 3D Model)


Hellburner's unique ability is named Overload. Upon activation the bot receives a 100% speed boost for 5 seconds (120 kph at top speed), then detonates, dealing tremendous damage to all enemies (see table) within 75 meters. This damage is applied equally to all robots and shields in range.

Upon death the ability activates regardless of charge status, dealing half the amount of damage as a normal burst.


Hellburner has relatively high health for a medium robot. Hellburner is best used to attack enemies grouped closely defending a position, or to ram into and "hug" a single bot to destroy it. Because of its ability, Hellburner often causes enemy robots to spread out and give up a position (or a beacon), or allow squad mates to push into undefended areas.

Hellburner's playstyle encourages use of weapons such as Glory/Halo for the lockdown and immense damage, Glacier/Rime for the slowing effect and the AoE damage, Ember/Blaze for the consistent DPS, or Ancile/Ecu for incredible survivability. It is not recommended to use Lock-On weapons as you will often lose target on an enemy due to your speed and the many robots attempting to take you down.

Hellburner is often used as an opener in Beacon games to cap center beacon at the start of the battle. Due to its explosion damage and considerable speed boost it will often severely damage several enemies before going down, allowing slower, more durable tanks to lumber in and obliterate remaining resistance. Since the 7.0.0 update, Hellburner no longer damages itself with the ability use, which allows Hellburner commanders to adopt a much more effective brawling playstyle instead of playing as a kamikaze bot.

The ability can be used to gain short bursts of speed to key points. Given the ability's relatively short range of 75 meters, pilots must be careful to keep multiple enemies nearby. Using the ability solely for faster movement is recommended as it does not damage itself anymore. As such, Lock-Down Ammo or Lockdown weapons will help root enemies in place so they can't escape Hellburner's explosion, however Jump Unit can also be considered due to the increased speed during jump. It also allows the Hellburner to destroy enemies flying overhead with Overload provided the commander's timing is right. It is, however, more worth it to use Phase Shift or Advanced Repair Unit due to how vulnerable Hellburner is when its ability is not active.

The Hellburner is especially effective against Ares, Hades, Demeter and Nemesis groups, as they rely on banding close together to make use of their Absorber shields, which allows the Hellburner's explosion to damage multiple bots. Furthermore, the Pantheon robots rely on their shield for survivability, and they are actually very brittle without it. It is also effective against robots that provide cover with an Aegis or standard energy barrier (e.g. Bulwark, Fenrir, Blitz, Cerberus, Fujin, Carnage, Haechi, Jaeger and to a much lesser extent Typhon), and also robots that provide healing to allies provided they remain in a certain distance (e.g. Weyland, Mender, Tyr, Demeter and to a lesser extent Nightingale, as the Hellburner's overload will most likely not be able to scratch the flying Nightingale).

Hellburner is most effective against either spider robots such as Weyland and Fujin, or robots that rely on their ability to survive, such as Leech or Ares. Spider robots often sacrifice their movement entirely in order to use their shield or healing, and also encourage grouping, which is perfect for a Hellburner. Robots like Leech will be taken down in 2 uses of Overload, not counting the damage from Hellburner's Heavy and Light slot.

Threat Measure

Hellburner is considered a beacon capper and support unit, and is a moderate threat to more durable bots. However, given its self-destructive nature and lack of significant firepower the Hellburner can be easily dealt with by vigilant pilots. However, as a beacon capturer and spawn raider, it is rivalled only by Shell which has considerably less ability damage.

Possible Setups

These are the recommended setups for the Hellburner:

Note: When "Opt." is next to a slot type, it refers to one of the multiple options that can be used in combination with the other weapon(s) slot type(s).

Close Range (350m or less)

Slot Types Heavy Slot Light Slot (Opt. 1) Light Slot (Opt. 2) Light Slot (Opt. 3) Light Slot (Opt. 4)
#Slots x1 x1 x1 x1 x1 Name (If Applicable)
Setup 1
Shotgun (Opt. 1)
Setup 2
Setup 3
Setup 4
Mini-Plasma Death Button (Opt. 1)
Setup 5
Mini-Death Button
Setup 6
Mini-Leadhose (Opt. 1)
Setup 7
Setup 8
Setup 9
Lightning Death Button (Opt. 1)


Slot Types Heavy Slot Light Slot
#Slots x1 x1
Setup 1

Upgrade Cost

Tier color
Tier 3 Mk 1
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 100,000 02:00
2 200,000 05:00
3 400,000 14:00
4 2,000,000 28:00
5 3,000,000 48:00
6 4,000,000 66:00
7 8,000,000 90:00
8 13,000,000 106:00
9 25,000,000 116:00
10 35,000,000 124:00
11 45,000,000 130:00
12 0 00:00
Totals Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
135,700,000 18:20:00
Tier 3 Mk 2
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 1,000,000 12:00
2 2,000,000 24:00
3 4,000,000 36:00
4 16,000,000 48:00
5 16,000,000 48:00
6 16,000,000 48:00
7 16,000,000 48:00
8 16,000,000 48:00
9 16,000,000 48:00
10 16,000,000 48:00
11 16,000,000 48:00
12 0 00:00
Totals Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
135,000,000 18:00:00
  • NOTE: base level starts at level 1 cost is
  • MK2 Upgrade cost 500 Gold


In the workshop WorkshopYes.png Yes or WorkshopNo.png No WorkshopYes.png Faction
Version Exp Level Tier Wiki Class Class Ability Yan-di
Yan-di Ventures

7.7.7 1 3 Medium Light

Overload Icn info for user popup.png
MK 1 MK 2
Durability Speed Durability Speed
91,000 46 1 180,000 63
97,000 47 2 183,300 63
103,000 49 3 186,600 63
110,000 51 4 189,900 63
117,000 53 5 193,200 63
124,000 55 6 196,500 63
132,000 56 7 199,800 63
140,000 58 8 203,100 63
149,000 60 9 206,400 63
159,000 61 10 209,700 63
169,000 62 11 213,000 63
180,000 63 12 216,300 63
Durability Speed
MK3 227,115 63


Update History

Version Changes
7.0.0 No longer damages itself upon ability ending
5.6.0 New limited edition skin: Redline (Operation: Cold Snap)
5.0.0 New skin: Redline (5th Anniversary)
4.8.0 Bug fix: Overload (ability) sound now plays properly in sync with its animation
Total Upgrade Time: 38 days 2 hours 30 minutes⟶30 days 13 hours
4.7.0 New skin: Barong (Lunar New Year)
Ability duration: 7 seconds → 5 seconds
Ability cooldown: 3 seconds → 5 seconds
Self-inflicted damage (on ability use): 12.5% of max durability
Ability damage upon death: Decreased by 50% (59750 → 29875 at Level 12 Mark I)
Total Upgrade Time: 45 days 17 hours⟶38 days 2 hours, 30 minutes
4.5.0 All self-inflicted damage from ability is now non-repairable
Now available for 6,500 gold (can still be produced via Workshop 2.0)
4.3.0 Ability damage increased by 15%
4.0.0 Value (USD): $225⟶$50
Total Upgrade Cost: 76,828,000⟶135,700,000
Total Upgrade Time: 27 days 17 hours⟶45 days 17 hours
Explosion radius increased from 50 meters → 75 meters
3.7.0 Robot was added to the game



  • When Overloading, the Hellburner can boost into the fastest robot in the game at 120 Km/h at lv 12, allowing it to easily run down any other bot. Even Dash bots struggle to escape, they must hold their dash until the last second to avoid being caught and exploded. But, when the Phantom joined the game, the speed was nerfed.
  • This robot's speed makes it difficult to manage around ledges
  • A Hellburner with a Thermite and an Aphid can be considered as a "double nuke" due to the fact that the missiles and Overload, if used properly, can deal catastrophic damage to a target
  • The Hellburner was the first robot to be able to deal damage without any weapons mounted.
  • This robot was added on March 14, 2018.
  • The Overload explosion animation was similar to Mercury's Helldive animation before WR Remastered.
  • When the Hellburner was first released, many full squads would start with a Hellburner and rush towards the enemy spawn. In most cases, the enemy teams gets spawned raided and the match would end in 2-4 minutes.
  • Hellburner is the first bot that has a exploding ability, the Second is Mercury.
  • As long as Hellburner is in range of a robot, its ability will do damage regardless of walls, shields, and terrain, excluding if the enemy activates Phase Shift or a similar ability.