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Hangar X.



Hangar X is a feature that was released in Update 3.6.0, and was implemented into the custom game. Every few weeks, a new set of five various robots with certain weapons appear, and changes every few weeks. Hangar X is available for all players. It is a great hangar to use for players wanting to test out new robots or weapons and how they perform on various game-modes and maps, or if they just want to battle a friend on even ground.


Upon entering any custom game, the player can either choose to play with his/her own hangar, or choose to play with Hangar X. However, once the player has chosen one of the hangars, he/she can only use bots from that hangar until the round has ended. Hangar X contains 5 different robots with a variety of different weapons as well.

Hangar X allows players of all different levels and leagues to fairly play. Hangar X also allows the player to try out new robots and weapons he/she may not have. 

No matter what level the player is, the robots and weapons are the same for everybody.

Players can vote what the next Hangar X will be on War Robot's Facebook Page.

Hanger X is also updated at random times.

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