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…Increases the durability of all shields and increases the regeneration speed of energy shields. Effect stacks with other shield bonuses… – in-game description


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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 2,500 AuIcon
Real Value (USD) Icn info for user popup $20
Required Pilot Level Icn info for user popup 12
Passive Module
Shield regeneration bonus 10%
Energy shields' durability bonus 10%
Physical shields' durability bonus 10%
AffectsSelf icon
Affects Self Permanent


The Fortifier is a passive module.


This module grants a stackable % bonus to the durability of either built-in or mountable physical and energy shields (except Absorber), as well as giving energy shields an increased regeneration rate. This unique effect the passive module grants you is especially effective with energy shields, as it grants them a double-bonus. An Ancile on a robot using Fortifiers not only gains extra durability, its regeneration rate also increases, making it harder for robots sporting Punishers (or Atomizers, if you're using an Aegis shield) to attack you directly as the energy shield might even be able to keep up with their  firerate.

If you own an Ancilot (Lancelot+Ancile+Weapons of choice) or a Bulwark, Fortifiers are technically essential. Lancelot's physical shields gain much-needed increased strength, and its Ancile also gains the double-boost the Fortifier provides energy shields with, technically giving Ancilot a triple-boost using only one Fortifier. Bulwark, on the other hand, is even better, as it gains the double boost for an Aegis barrier, at the basically unnoticeable cost of uniting its physical shields into one. Also, compared to Ancilot, Bulwark gains more firepower.

The Fortifier comes in especially useful in higher leagues where enemy robots begin sporting truly deadly burst-damage weapons, like the Ballista and Glacier. To counteract this development of enemy weapon choice, you can mount Fortifier on robots wielding Aegis shields or physical shields (as the weapon type of choice in higher leagues is energy) to enhance their durability. As such, you will quickly find that with strategic regenerating and hiding, you will be able to advance deep into enemy lines and take down their back-line robots using Trebuchets.

An effect not many commanders accomodate on modules is that they can upgrade. By upgrading the Fortifier, you can enhance the durability given to a physical shield to 15%, and the regeneration/durability of an energy barrier by 10% each. This high boost can be further amplified by equipping more. This way, a Tyr fully equipped with 3 fortifiers can use a physical shield with the ridiculously high durability of 113.1K durability.... at base level. However, the upgrade costs are at 45 million silver a pop, and combining this with its extremely high gold cost of 2500 you may start realising the downside.

All in all, Fortifier is a vertasile, but expensive passive module that can often lead to surving enhanced periods of time with robots using built-in or mounted shields.

Being a passive module, you cannot equip the Fortifier onto a Titan, as they can only use their own specific kind of module, the Titan Modules. 


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost (Au) Durability Increase (Physical) Durability Increase (Energy) Regeneration Increase (Energy)
1 2,500 10% 10% 10%

Upgrade Information

Level Cost (Ag) Time Durability Increase (Physical) Durability Increase (Energy) Regeneration Increase (Energy)
2 25,000,000 1 day +3% +2% +2%
3 25,000,000 1 day +3% +2% +2%
4 25,000,000 1 day +3% +2% +2%
5 25,000,000 1 day +3% +2% +2%
6 25,000,000 1 day +3% +2% +2%
Total 5 days +15% +10% +10%

Update History

Version Changes
5.3.0 Module was added to the game


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