…Do you want an affordable yet stylish drone with notable power? Meet Fly! With enough sockets and battery capacity to install multiple microchips, it will come in handy in any situation. Pretty fly, Huh?… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
Purchase Cost 5,000,000 Silver
Maximum Power Cells used Icn info for user popup.png 12 PowerCell icon.png
Maxium Gold cost Icn info for user popup.png 8 Gold
Drone Info
Power Capacity 8 ~ 12Voltage Capacity.png
Slot size 4 Random
Fly Droneinfobox.pngFloor ornament superior.png
Effects Attack
A-type chip.png B-type chip.png
1 1
Defense Repair
C-type chip.png D-type chip.png
1 1


The Fly Drone is a Tier 2 Drone introduced in Update 6.3.0 with 1 Effect, 1 Attack, 1 Defense and 1 Repair Microchip slots. The Drone can hold up to 12 Energy.


Update History

Version Changes
6.3.0 New Drone added


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