…Do you think The Eye looks cute? Don't be fooled! It's a mighty machine capable of crushing your enemies with it's two guns and powerful enough to support many more functions at the same time!… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
Purchase Cost Gold
Drone Info
Power Capacity 32Voltage Capacity.png
Slot size 8
The eyeInfobox.pngFloor ornament luxury.png
Arms Controller Effect Attack Defense Repair
AC-type chip.png A-type chip.pngB-type chip.pngC-type chip.pngD-type chip.png
1 All chips slots are random


The eye is a drone that looks like an eye and weapons similar to the storm, in terms of shape

Microchip Summary

Microchip Summary
AC-type chip.png AC  A-type chip.png A  B-type chip.png B 
The eyeInfobox.png
C-type chip.png C  D-type chip.png D 
Press Down Arrow Button to View the Components of each Slot. Hover over individual Components to view each.


Eye Drone.png

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