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There are three types of Explosives; unguided self-propelled projectiles (rockets), self-propelled/self-guided projectiles (homing missiles), and projectiles launched with an arc like trajectory (artillery).

Rockets & Artillery

Rockets travel relatively slowly compared to other weapon types, but they explode upon impact, causing splash damage. Splash damage allows rockets to damage nearby enemy robots, even if protected by a physical shield, or small cover. It even can damage an enemy behind a thin wall (given the enemy is standing directly behind it), like at the center of the Yamantau; or through the floor directly above the center beacon in Moon. Note that this weapon will damage both the physical shield and the robot simultaneously when fired at a robot with it. However, the splash damage created still won't damage a robot with a built-in or mounted Ancile shield.

All rockets travel in a flat trajectory except the artillery weapons Noricum and Zenit, which fire in a high howitzer or mortar like arc.

Most direct fire multiple rocket launchers, namely, Pinata, Orkan, Pin and Tulumbas, can fire while reloading.

Pinatas and Orkans have smallest splash area of effect; while Pins and Tulumbases affect a larger area, and the Trident, Zenit, and Noricum, all have the largest area covered.


Homing missiles must lock onto a target before the missile can be fired, and lack the ability to deal area damage (splash). Once locked on, two green brackets appear to the left and right of the screen, a player can then turn slightly before firing, and because they track, the missiles will curve around and over obstacles if aimed correctly.

The Spiral and Hydra will almost always hit the target, provided there are no obstacles between the user and the target, unless the enemy target is cloaked (in stealth). Aphids can miss agile robots (or less agile when the Rush ability is enabled), and when robots able to jump, time their jump's correctly. The Thermite and Vortex share similar missile paths.

Also it is worth noting that Spiral and Hydra have better tracking and more complex travel path than the aforementioned Aphid-like weapons.

Another important thing that should be noted is the fact that no homing missile is capable of causing splash damage. However some missiles, due to its curved trajectory and complex game physics model, could hit behind or above the shield, dealing damage.

So while experienced homing missile user can aim missiles using strategy for hitting behind or above the shield, an experienced shielded robot pilot could point its shield toward the incoming missiles, thus blocking the missiles with the shield.

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Artillery Weapons

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