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Icarus Cyber Show is a special event of 2020.

Icarus 2020

Here it is time for the next special event Icarus cyber show for War Robots. Starts March 06, 2020.

This is a time-limited event, which usually last for about a month. This event is proceeded by Icarus Cyber Show 2



You also have the option to use real money to buy Tokens/Coins for a chance to win more prizes from the event chest.




In every special event, there will be 3 event tasks that will award a certain amount of Tokens/Coins:

  • 20,000 Honor Points for 50 Tokens
  • 9,500 Honor Points for 30 Tokens
  • 300 Honor Points for Wins for 20 Tokens
  • Watch 1 advertisement for 10 Tokens (available only for IOS and Android)

Complete all above tasks to open a chest.


Like other event chests, the Icarus Cyber Show awards the newest robots/weapons as well as new paint jobs, new special pilots, multiple modules, robot/weapon components, and resources.

Here is a full list of possible prizes that are able to be won through a chest:

Prize List
AtomizerCard.png RavanaCard.png NightingaleCard.png Nightingale2500.png Atomizer2500.png HeavyArmorKitCard.png AnticontrolCard.png BattleBornCard.png FortifierCard.png ThermonuclearReactorCard.png Ravana2500.png BehemothSapphirePaint.png PhantomGraphitePaint.png VirginaWalkerPilot.png YangLeePaint.png RimeCard.png GlacierCard.png CryoCard.png LastStandCard.png Au300.png Au600.png Au1000.png Rime500.png Rime1000.png Ravana500.png Glacier500.png Glacier1000.png Ravana500.png Cryo1000.png Nightingale500.png Atomizer500.png Nightingale1000.png Ravana1000.png Atomizer1000.png PCells3000.png Cryo500.png PCells1500.png

If you have any tokens left over from the event after it has ended, it will be traded in for a prize a few days after the event..