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Equipment can be mounted on a robot's hardpoints; there are currently three different hardpoint classes, light, medium and heavy, usually with light being less powerful, and heavy having more powerful equipment. For Titans there are two classes; Alpha and Beta.

On each robot, weapons or shields can attach to their respective hardpoints. A robot may have from one to four of them, and depending on design can be in a variety of positions or combinations. The hardpoints on robots cannot be upgraded, re-positioned or removed; (however developers are known to change hardpoints type/location in rare cases - Cossack had a light hardpoint that was changed to medium, Gl Patton was designed with two light hardpoints, and later another two were added, Golem had the location of the light hardpoint changed, from next to the medium hardpoint, to under the heavy hardpoint, and a later example of this is Falcon having its side hardpoints changed from two medium hardpoints to two heavy ones). Both Phantom and Invader used to be of 3 light hardpoints, but is changed to a medium and two lights, however these changes were installed later in the Testing stage.

Alpha and Beta are weapon classes used only by Titans (however, Titans cannot use light, medium or heavy weaponry). Beta is a type of weapon class that has more flexibility, at the cost of firepower when compared to Alpha class weaponry.

The equipment class has to match the corresponding hardpoint class. There is one exception to this rule; the Ecu can be mounted to either a light or medium side hardpoint but is not available on light and medium hardpoints on specific robots (e.g. the top medium hardpoint of the Rhino).

List of Equipment

Ancile Heavy Shield - - - - -
Aphid Light Missile 0350m 100% 021,720 00 10
Arbalest Light Energy 1,100m 100% 006,480 00 06*
Atomizer Medium Energy 0500m 071%* 001,305 00.1 -
Avalanche Heavy Rocket 0500m 100% 037,120 03.2 06*
Avenger Heavy Kinetic 0500m 019% 374,000 15.6 10
Ballista Medium Energy 1,100m 100% 009,400 00 06*
Blaze Light Special 0350m 100% 100,200 10 05
Calamity Heavy Energy 0600m 100% 093,600* 10 05
Cataclysm Alpha Energy 0600m 100% 232,760* 22 10
Chimera Heavy Missile 0600m 100% 035,100 05.2 12
Corona Medium Energy/Root 0500m 007% 066,600 03 010*
Cryo Medium Explosive/Freeze 0300m 100% 068,800 04.3 17*
Cuirassier Beta Energy 0600m 100% 048,300 04.5 15*
Cyclone Beta Energy 0600m 100% 127,600* 22 10
Dragoon Heavy Energy 0600m 100% 055,180 05 12*
Ecu Light/Medium Shield - - - - -
Ember Heavy Special 0350m 100% 189,000 10 05
Exodus Heavy Rocket 0300m 100% 135,120 04.8 22*
Flux Heavy Energy 1,100m 100% 033,768 05 11*
Gekko Light Energy 1,100m 100% 015,372 05 11*
Gendarme Alpha Energy 0600m 100% 068,750 04.5 15*
Glacier Heavy Explosive/Freeze 0300m 100% 131,494 04.3 17*
Glory Heavy Energy/Root 0500m 006% 199,800 09 10*
Gust Light Kinetic 0500m 004% 025,100 01.5 09*
Halo Light Energy/Root 0500m 015% 032,000 01.5 09*
Hussar Medium Energy 0600m 100% 049,522 05.5 12*
Hydra Medium Missile 0600m 100% 018,864 04.8 12
Igniter Medium Special 0350m 100% 159,000 010 05
Ion Medium Energy 0600m 100% 016,860 10 05
Kang Dae Heavy Kinetic 0800m 100% 011,760 00 06
Magnum Light Energy 0350m 100% 002,950 00.55 -
Marquess Light Energy 0600m 100% 038,148 05 12*
Molot Light Kinetic 0800m 024% 065,100 12.2 10
Molot T Medium Kinetic 0800m 023% 098,700 12.2 10
Nashorn Heavy Kinetic 1,100m 100% 013,860 00 09
Noricum Light Rocket 1,100m* 100% 019,824 01 15
Nucleon Heavy Energy 0500m 071%* 001,795 00.1 -
Orkan Medium Rocket 0300m 100% 058,000 05 20*
Pin Light Rocket 0500m 100% 013,248 02 12*
Pinata Light Rocket 0300m 100% 030,400 01.7 15*
Pulsar Medium Energy/Root 0600m 100% 048,300 05.33 05
Punisher Light Kinetic 0500m 025% 124,080 15.6 10
Punisher T Medium Kinetic 0500m 024% 200,640 15.6 10
Quarker Light Energy 0500m 071%* 000995 00.1 -
Redeemer Heavy Energy 0350m 100% 182,700 10.9 05
Retaliator Beta Kinetic 0500m 026% 261,360 15.2 12
Rime Light Explosive/Freeze 0300m 100% 055,040 04.3 17*
Rupture Beta Rocket 0500m 100% 065,700 04.5 30*
Scourge Medium Energy 0600m 100% 056,700* 10 05
Shocktrain Medium Energy 0500m 100% 013,320* 00 09*
Shredder Light Energy/Root 0500m 019% 048,240 04 03
Spark Light Energy 0600m 100% 046,200* 10 05
Spiral Light Missile 0600m 100% 009,252 01 12
Sting Light Kinetic 0600m 100% 008,175* 01 03
Storm Medium Kinetic 0500m 003% 081,120 03 10*
Taran Medium Energy 0350m 100% 086,400 11 05
Tempest Heavy Kinetic 0800m 034% 163,100 12.2 11.2
Thermite Heavy Missile 0350m 100% 055,300 00 10
Thunder Heavy Kinetic 0500m 004% 182,160 09 10*
Trebuchet Heavy Energy 1,100m 100% 023,180 00 23*
Trident Heavy Rocket 0600m 100% 034,512 04 09*
Tsar Alpha Rocket 0500m 100% 019,700 00 04
Tulumbas Medium Rocket 0500m 100% 025,056 01.8 18*
Vengeance Alpha Kinetic 0500m 055% 343,200 19 08
Viper Heavy Energy 0500m 064% 185,250* 15.3 10
Vortex Medium Missile 0350m 100% 039,198 00 10
Wasp Medium Kinetic 0600m 100% 023,700* 04.24 05
Zenit Heavy Rocket 1,100m* 100% 056,160 17.2 15
Zeus Heavy Energy 0600m 100% 019,705 01 05

* Next to a Max Range value:

  • Atomizer, Quarker, and Nucleon have an overheating mechanic which can greatly effect its accuracy at maximum range
  • Noricum and Zenit have a minimum range of 300m

* Next to the Clip Damage tab:

  • All clip damage numbers are for the maxed out version of each weapon (Mark II level 12 or level 25 for Alpha/Beta weapons)

* Next to a Clip Damage number:

  • For Scourge and Spark the numbers are based on 400m (more damage if closer, less damage if further)
  • For Shocktrain the number is based on the initial enemy robot (more damage if chained to other enemy robots)
  • For Sting, Wasp, and Viper the numbers are based on raw projectile damage (more damage is done over a course of five seconds [Corrosion])

* Next to the Unload Time tab:

  • All Values are in seconds
  • Values are based on continuously firing (if it has multiple projectiles) till the clip is empty

* Next to the Reload Time tab:

  • All values are in seconds
  • For charge and reload-while-firing weapons this value is for a full clip reload

* Next to a Reload value:

  • The weapon is a charge or reload-while-firing weapon

Equipment Types

This section will summarize the four different equipment types this game has to offer.


  • Kinetic:Kinetic32 This weapon type consists of: Shotguns, auto-cannons, machine guns, cannons, and even a few corrosion weapons. These weapons require line-of-sight, typically have a fast projectile speed, and most have bullet spread (are fairly inaccurate at the weapon's maximum range). Kinetic weapons are absorbed by all shield types, however, physical shields take double damage from them. The shotguns all can reload-while-firing, and the auto-cannons and machine guns have the ability to enter an accelerated firing state. Lastly, the cannons fire one high damage projectile at long range.

  • Explosive:Explosive32 This weapon type consists of: Rocket launchers and mortars (artillery), that can fire powerful explosive munitions that can either deal area of effect damage; and missile launchers that fire projectiles that can home in on an enemy target. The former can output a huge amounts of damage in a very short amount of time (hence the term "Death Button" or "Russian Death Button") but will leave the user somewhat defenseless while reloading. The projectiles all travel relatively slowly. The rocket launchers fire in a flat trajectory, however, the mortars fire in an arcing trajectory. The missile launchers deal relatively low damage and are mainly used to harass the enemy team. The rocket launchers and mortars have the ability to damage and penetrate physical shields, while the homing missile launchers do not.
  • Note: This weapon type also includes flamethrowers.

  • Energy:Energy32 This weapon type consists of: Plasma guns and energy shotguns, which are intended for close range brawling; energy machine guns, lightning cannons and plasma cannons, intended for mid-range combat; particle beam guns, which can deal more damage the closer you are to the target; and laser weapons, for long range sniping. Energy weapons are line-of-sight weapons that fire laser beams or bolts of super-heated plasma. High velocity and damage. They also have the capability of bypassing energy shields. Making them very effective against robots with a built-in energy shield, such as the Haechi, Carnage, and Fujin. The energy shotguns and machine guns have the ability to immobilize target for a set amount of time
  • Note: This weapon type also includes flamethrowers.


  • Shield:Shield32 Equipment used to block incoming fire. A physical shield (Ecu) and energy shield (Ancile) are available.


  • Earlier versions of the game used mph (not km/h) for robot travel speed, it has always used meters (m, metric) for weapon ranges.
  • Any weapon can be "shot off" and damaged at critical health, including holstered weapons such as on a Quick Draw robot.
  • EXPIRED NUMBERS: A break down of weapon DPS and DPM can be found here. Best used and understood by experienced players.

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