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…You like your gadgets big and powerful? Then it's Defender you want. It's huge (well, for a drone) and a trusted ally that always has your back.… – in-game description

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AddChip.png No microchip installed Defender Droneinfobox.png No microchip installed AddChip.png
C-type chip.png C-type: defence D-type chip.png D-type: repair

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The Defender Drone is a Tier 2 Drone introduced in Update 6.3.0 that can install up to 4 Microchips. The Drone can hold up to 12 Energy.

Microchip Summary

Microchip Summary
AC-type chip.png AC  A-type chip.png A  B-type chip.png B 
Defender Droneinfobox.png
C-type chip.png C 
D-type chip.png D  F-type chip.png F 
Press Down Arrow Button to View the Components of each Slot. Hover over individual Components to view each.


Update History

Version Changes
7.0.0 Now comes with fixed microchip slots
Energy capacity removed
Built-in drone ability added
Microchip slots cut in half
6.6.0 Now comes with fixed energy capacity
Power Cell activation cost removed
6.3.0 Drone was added to the game