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…Module marks the chosen target, which temporarily receives increased damage… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 40 PowerCell icon.png
Gold Cost 16 Gold
Required Player Level 17
Active Module
Additional Damage 20%
Ability Duration 6 second(s)
Range 600 meters
Cooldown 25 second(s)
Death Mark.png
ManualActivation icon.png
Affects Opponents Manual Activation
Temporary icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
Temporary Cooldown


The Death Mark is an active module, freely available to all pilots.


This module allows a robot to mark any enemy robot up to 600 meters away (even without line of sight). Doing so causes the enemy robot to receive 20% increased damage from all source (yourself and allies) for 6 seconds. It then enters a 25-second cooldown phase.

Correct use of the Death Mark can allow you and your allies to focus on eliminating a high priority target, such as a robot with high durability or a robot threatening to capture an important beacon. It provides a somewhat universal signal for your allies to unite against, and try to take them down in a short period of time (5 seconds).

Update History

Version Changes
5.1.0 Module was added to the game


  • The Death Mark module somewhat looks like a futuristic helmet resembling a human skull.


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