Dash is an ability observed (used) by five robots nicknamed the "Dash Bots":

This ability allows a robot to travel at a fast speed at low altitude for 1 second and has recharge times of 5, 15, 20, 12 and 5 seconds, respectively. The ability will make robot move to chosen direction by 50 meters.

It's one of the only abilities that has more than one charge (the others being Raven's Jump and Rayker’s Glance), i.e. can be used two times in a row. They are recharged in a queue one by one, but recharge begins once the first one is used. Basically, with a small pause, it is possible to traverse the whole map dashing with a Kumiho.

It is worth noting that Dash robots are able to control the direction of a dash on the go, making it more of a very fast rush than a jump.

Effective Uses

Dash allows the robots listed above to flank heavies without any problem as many inexperienced players would miss the player that is dashing, especially the Rhino, which has to disable Assault Mode and combat either robot above, which can distract them from its other tasks.

This ability is best used with the Kumiho that has a 5-second cooldown between dashes, allowing it to strafe enemies and get to the front lines faster than most other robots (assuming the player uses Dash all the time) and deal damage to the enemy, especially heavy robots that react slowly.

A good loadout for either dash robot is 3x Orkan or 3x Taran, since they deal high damage in a short amount of time, making them effective against any robot who is unlucky to have a physical shield dealing with an Orkan, or an Ancile against a Taran, whose shields provide no protection against.

When using Dash twice in a row for any dash robot, you only have to wait for -2 seconds after the second dash to be able to dash again. For example, when dashing with a Bulgasari twice in a row, you only have to wait 13 seconds after the second dash to be able to dash again once.

If your enemy is an Inquisitor or a Stalker, save your dashes so you can be able to move quickly into the enemy when they are visible, or use them to retreat. Since both robots can go into stealth mode, improper dashing can slow a dash robot when the enemy is attacking. To accommodate for this weakness, dash when in stealth to get away, then launch your barrage when he becomes visible, or dash when he is visible to launch a surprise attack and to reduce your chances of getting hit with a rocket weapon or the damage done by it.


No ability has no weaknesses to exploit, and the Dash ability is no different. Dashes are prone to Hydra, Spiral, Scourge, and to some extent, Zeus and Shocktrain fire (though the damage of the Zeus could be decreased by dashing mid-fire).

This ability cannot be used to leap over vertical obstacles (e.g. pillars and destroyed buildings). Attempts to leap over low obstacles will force the robot to "bounce off" on them, just like the Jump ability when trying to get through a building or obstacle. Also, when you dash off a cliff or other area where the gradient is high, the robot, after dashing, will immediately stop before falling down, rendering that robot immobile for a while before you can move again.

The range of the Dash is around 40~60m, which is significantly less than of a jump (~100m+), so it should be used strategically. In addition to that recharge time of the Haechi and Bulgasari is pretty long, so if the player is exposed to enemy fire for a period of time, it can be critically damaged, if not being destroyed.

Also, when you dash in the middle of barraging an enemy with your weapons, the barrage can miss the target, thus decreasing survivability as the enemy, even damaged, can react to the barrage (Unless you have a dash with all 3 Scourges). This is especially true when you need to barrage the enemy once more, and by that time if he had an Ancile shield that just got broken, it can recover and you can have a hard time destroying your adversary.

By dashing at the right moment, you can avoid early destruction in battle.


  • The "Dash Bots" pack is the second robot pack of 3 robots that share the same ability, which is this one. The first one is the Wild Bunch pack with the Jesse, Doc, and Butch as well as the Quick Draw ability.
  • This is the only ability that holds multiple charges. The dots next to the Dash icon indicate the charges left. When no dots are white, the icon will flash to its cooldown mode, like the other abilities.
  • When dashing, a visual animation will be seen on the back of the robot as multiple thrusters firing simultaneously.
  • If dashed at right time at a cliff, the robot will go off the edge and keep the speed of dashing until it lands, which is "Super dash".
  • The dash ability in test server was a low leap with high speed, only 1 charge available