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Starting at player level 10, players have a second option available to players upon selecting the shield icon. This mode allows players to choose their own battles and game modes. with both your own robots or the ones already provided by pixonic. and make teams of various sizes (up to 6) out of specific (not random) players as well as their own map and game mode.

Hangar X

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Hangar X is an exclusive hangar that is avalible to players in a Custom Game. It contains well-leveled state-of-the-art robots equipped with amazing weapons chosen by Pixonic themselves. Hangar X can be used by clicking the hangar slot with a panda on it (Pixonic's logo).

Hangar X, as it's still a hangar, albeit a very well-mantained one, if chosen, cannot switch back to your own hangar later on in the game. However, you can choose a different hangar in the next custom game you play.

Resources and Repair Costs

Custom Games will not grant rewards for any player participating or even Honor Points, but however, on the other hand, all repairs are free. Unfortunately again, you can't use this as an excuse to farm points for events like the Icarus Cyber Show as it will not allow you to complete tasks, even if you destroy, say all 30 enemy robots by yourself.

Not only bonus tasks are blocked, normal tasks are too. Playing in a custom game will not give you any progress for your Platinum tasks or even your daily Gold tasks. I think we all know your Clan tasks are ruled out too.

Funnily enough, you are still charged Power Cells or Gold for using Active Modules.

Possible Uses

Custom Games can usually be used for arranged games, as all participants can chat with each other using the chat bubble button at the bottom left of the screen, regardless of what Clan they're in.

This can sometimes lead to serious gameplay, such as using Silver-only or Component-only robots with their own custom matchmaking, but sometimes can also lead to stranger situations, such as one player using Hangar X against a whole bunch of, say, Destriers armed with Punishers.

Another great use for this feature is Clan training. You can use these as a completely risk-free way of experimenting with Squad co-operation, which will later help you get higher rewards alongside your Squad against enemies.

Some players also play as a lone player, exploring the map and scavenging for Easter Eggs or possible glitches in such maps.

More Information

Available from level 10, this mode allows players to specifically select players to battle with or against.

This mode allows you to create unusual games, such as 1 v 5, or even exploration of the map as a lone player.

The Custom Game interface, which also has an enemy team row (indicated with a red banner and "Team 2" as the title).

The interface is similar to Squad Battles but has another column for the enemy team, which can serve as "practice rooms" for clans and challenge experienced players into fighting you.

This can also allow for specific, pre-defined matches against players, such as weapon restrictions, "use only the robots in this package", etc., as well as completely unusual battles (e.g. someone with two "best" robots in their hangar fighting 5 light robots).