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Introduced in update 3.2.0, a player must have 10,000 components of a particular robot or weapon to be able to purchase (trade-in) via storage, which can be accessed through the Black Market screen, or you can purchase it through the store.

It is also important to note that when purchasing with components, if you have over 10,000 components of the particular robot or weapon you are trading in for, it will only use up 10,000 of them, leaving the other components intact and ready to use to buy another robot or weapon. For example, if you have 13,880 Scourge components, it will buy the Scourge and only that item, and you will have 3,880 components left since it only uses up 10,000 of them. This also means that to buy another Scourge, you only need to get 6,120 more in order to get another one.

How to Acquire

To get the components needed for a robot or weapon, you can use keys to open chests the Black Market, spend gold in either daily deals, or by purchasing some using real money through either the store or storage. A final method to acquire them is by spending silver in Workshop 2.0. Once you obtain 10,000 components of that item, you can press the "Buy" button and it automatically purchase the robot or weapon for you if you have enough components for that item.

Components do not mix. This means that if you have a total of 10,000 components (2,700 Inquisitor components and 7,300 Kumiho components), it won't buy a random robot or weapon out of these components. They also cannot be traded or swapped for another one. This means that one Haechi component cannot be swapped for a Bulgasari component, even though they are similar in hardpoints and robot types. To buy a robot with components, you must have 10,000 components of a singular robot or weapon, not a mix of them.

Even though these robots need components to build, they still need silver to upgrade, just like all other robots.

Extra Information

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The components for this robot is listed right above the robot info box on the bottom of the screen. If 10,000 components of that item has been acquired, then you can buy that robot.

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If you don't have enough components for that item and you don't want to use the Black Market, you can always buy it manually via in-app purchases.

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