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…Automatically provides temporary protection upon activation… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 5,000 Gold
Real Value (USD) Icn info for user popup.png ?
Required Pilot Level Icn info for user popup.png ?
Passive Module
Ability Duration 2 seconds
Disguise Unit.png
One time.png
Stack icon.png
One-time effect Stackable
AffectsSelf icon.png
Affects Self


The Cloaking Unit is a passive module.


This module grants a robot a one time application of stealth. The stealth can last for 2 to 5 seconds (depending on the level) and is automatically activated if the equipped robot loses 10% of its maximum durability in a 3 second span. Multiple modules will not result in a longer stealth period, just multiple activations, meaning that the stealth can be used multiple times.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost Gold Ability Duration (Seconds)
1 5,000 2

Upgrade Information

Level Cost Silver Time Ability Duration (Seconds)
2 40,000,000 2 days 2.5
3 40,000,000 2 days 3
4 40,000,000 2 days 3.5
5 40,000,000 2 days 4
6 40,000,000 2 days 5

Update History

Version Changes
6.2.1 Module was added to the game


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