Clans are now an official part of the game and are available for players of level 15 and above. Their main purpose is to create a general gathering of players who fight together in platoons to climb up Leagues together and/or earning golds,or just for fun. Clan members tend to be more skilled, experienced, and well-equipped than normal players, as well as having notoriety in the player-base ([VØX] ADRIANNNNNNNN is a YouTube famous example).

There are several ways to join clans, however, all of them involve submitting a request and being evaluated by clan recruiters. In most clans, this role is taken on by the leader, in some of the more major and popular clans however, this role may also be shared by higher-ranking members of the clan. Most clans have specific requirements so it is best to contact them before submitting a random unsolicited request.

Below I will be adding a list of clans and how to contact their recruiters. Please add in any clans that you see that are in the top 800.

Wiki Clans

Main thread iOS second clan Android second clan

Feel free to tell me any missed clans below. Do not add minor clans.

Fake Clan Members

Do not fake being in a clan. It will ruin your reputation in-game and will make it difficult to genuinely join any clan at a later stage. Clan members can be very protective of their reputation and will not look kindly on fakes or posers.

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