Cheating in War Robots is extremely intolerable and can result in forum posts and complaints about you or directly to Pixonic (but rarely happens). It is important to note that tanking down to lower leagues, whilst condemned by many players and considered to be extremely unsporting behaviour, is different than cheating.

Types of Cheating

Currency or value modifications: Scripts that edit values (such as in-game currency) to gain unfair advantages and to buy premium items in the shop earlier.

Aimbots: Scripts that auto-aim (or auto-fire) the hardpoints on your robot.

In-app purchase hacks: Programs that make fake iTunes/Google Play purchases and send false data to the Pixonic servers.

Invulnerability hack: A program/script where it makes the robot invulnerable to other players.

Speed buff hack: A program/script that buffs your robot's speed.

"Minigunner" hack: A program/script that buffs the robot's weapon damage.

Teleport hack: A program/script that allows the player to instantly teleport to beacons or enemy robots of their choice.

Statistic hack: A program/script that inflates players' stats, such as maximum battle damage, kills, beacons captured etc.

Super-jump hack: A program/script that increases/multiplies the player's jump

How to Report Cheating

To report cheating,

1. Press the "Contact Us" button while in the game.

2. Provide the cheater's ID, which can be found in his/her hangar.

3. Provide a description of the cheating.

4. [required] Provide evidence showing the player cheat in the form of either video or pictures.

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