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The Carrier map was introduced in version 3.8.

It is the first map to include hazards which can destroy a robot - namely the water and fans. This allows players to push their opponents' robots off the ship's edge and into the water. The death message "[pilot name] destroyed" is displayed when killed by water or the fans.

General Tactics

The map is roughly symmetrical for a line across (the shorter side), making the beacon arrangement the first of its kind. The positioning of the beacons in a line also allows robots such as the Hover and Rogatka to rapidly capture several beacons in a row.




In-depth look

There are a few hidden passages under the ship's main deck that allow players to flank their opponents whilst evading their fire, due to the cover provided by the deck. This could bring more ambushes and fierce brawls to the game on this map.

Carrier is best suited for close range combat due to the large amount of cover provided and general lack of open areas, apart from the bridge located in the middle of the ship positioned perpendicular to the direction of the carrier. This map is also the first map to be set at sunset, with most other maps either set at night or during the day. This map is not ideal for sniper weapons. Even if you're using a sniping robot, try to shoot the opponents that have not noticed you.

As this map is suited for close rangers. It's better to using either fast robots like Carnage and Stalker so you get to cover faster. Or you can use bulky close rangers like Leo and Raijin to guard a general spot that's people came across, so it will be easier to kill the opponent. When using jump robots like the Griffin and Inquisitor, use the jump ability carefully so you don't jump out of the carrier. When using robots like Rhino, watch closely for your surroundings, especially focus on the enemy indicators, as they can ambush you from a connecting tunnel.




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