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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost ? Platinum-icon.png
Real Value (USD) Icn info for user popup.png $?
Required Pilot Level Icn info for user popup.png 25
Assault Module
Additional Damage: 11%
AffectsSelf icon.png
Affects Self Permanent


The Cannibal Reactor is an Assault Titan Module. It grants the Titan it is mounted on a stackable damage bonus against other Titans only.


The Cannibal Reactor is an extremely specific Titan Module, granting the Titan it is mounted on a damage bonus against other Titans only. Its main rivals are the Antimatter Reactor and the Singular Reactor. If you usually focus on destroying other Titans while inside your Titan, you should ideally mount the Cannibal Reactor on your Titan, as it grants a higher damage bonus than both other modules. If you don't really care who you are going against in your Titan, you should ideally mount the Antimatter Reactor, as it has a damage bonus against normal Robots as well. However, if you cannot afford the Antimatter Reactor, you could go for the Singular Reactor instead.

A feature not many commanders notice about Titan Modules are that they can be upgraded. By upgrading your Cannibal Reactor, you will not only burn off extremely huge amounts of Platinum, you will also gain an extremely big damage bonus that when stacked, can give an extremely huge amount of damage against enemy Titans. It is recommended to invest in other Titan Modules first before upgrading your current Titan Module, especially if they're in offers, as if you are hunting for many different effects for your Titan, you will be able to get minor amounts of many different effects which will usually prove to be more useful than one effect that has a big impact.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost Platinum-icon.png Additional Damage
1 ? 11%

Upgrade Information

Level Cost Platinum-icon.png Time Additional Damage
2 20 Instant 12%
3 24 Instant 13%
4 26 Instant 14%
5 28 Instant 16%
6 30 Instant 17%
7 32 Instant 18%
8 34 Instant 19%
9 36 Instant 20%
10 38 Instant 22%
11 40 Instant 23%
12 42 Instant 24%
13 44 Instant 25%
14 46 Instant 26%
15 48 Instant 28%
16 50 Instant 29%
17 52 Instant 30%
18 54 Instant 31%
19 56 Instant 32%
20 58 Instant 34%
21 60 Instant 35%
22 62 Instant 36%
23 64 Instant 37%
24 66 Instant 38%
25 68 Instant 40%

Update History

Version Changes
5.7.0 Module was added to the game


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