• Jesse Abbott

    Pilots! I am very pleased to announce that my much overdue VOX story is completed and being reviewed for a quick revision before sharing. I hope that this one will prove worth your wait. It has a lot of content at about 2.5 times the length as Iron Wolves. If you haven't read Iron wolves yet, now is the time to do it. The VOX story will follow the same story line as Iron Wolves from the perspectives of twin brothers, Douglas and Daniel Vox. In this new writing I am starting to flesh out the world that WWR exists in so in addition to some slick 'bot piloting you will get to see some life outside of the cockpit as well. I've really been blown away at how well received Iron Wolves has been and I appreciate your support and feedback with my la…

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  • Stevenpaige

    Well I think the title said all of it.

    Show me a pic of some of the worst wars you have had, I'll put up the first one. Let's see if you guys have the cajones to show some of your bad games.

    Or show off that game you carried the entire team and won. I know that one was done already... but I want to really see if anyone will admit to a bad game.

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  • Stevenpaige

    I opened a new clan Furious Steel, mainly for those who just want to play allot and join platoons. I'm not going to insist anyone have certain setup, I do realize everybody has different fighting styles. But I am willin to give any help if needed, except of course I'm not going to gift you purchased gold ( I don't even buy it for myself).

    The only thing I ask is try and keep more than 100 trophies for your 10 day activity preferably more than 200, later the trophy count "might" go up, "might" being the key word there.

    And if you are sent a platoon invite accept it, it's the whole reason I created this clan.

    The reason I put the clan name up is I'm not on wiki allot, so if anybody asks for an invite I may not see it for awhile. Although I am w…

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  • Stevenpaige

    What Was The Most annoying lag you have ever had ? Mine is always The same, I either die or miss my shot because my bot stops moving or shooting becaus the game Lagged on Me. Or better yetwhat was your worst exp. or game due To lag. I died 3 Times Just due To lag, and missed Several Kills due To lag. 

    Would You Rather have Low quality, and and No Lag? or do you think its worth it?

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  • WWR Fatx

    Light Weapon Tier List

    This page has nothing to do with matchmaking tiers, it's focused on the tiers of weapon usefulness as of May 22, 2016.

    S Tier (Best of the best)

    EP Magnum

    SURA-F Pinata

    A Tier (Very Useful)

    EE Aphid

    CRV Pin

    B Tier (Useable)

    AC Molot



    AT Spiral

    C Tier (Not very good)

    GAU Punisher

    D Tier (Avoid)

    SM Noricum

    S Tier

    E-SG Taran

    R40M Orkan

    A Tier

    AC Molot T

    S-25 Tulumbas

    B Tier

    C Tier

    SMS Hydra


    S Tier

    ECC Thunder

    RMS Trident

    A Tier


    E-Ww Trebuchet

    B Tier

    KwK 448mm

    ETC Kang-Dae

    C Tier

    D Tier



    S Tier

    Rhino (E-SG Taran, R40M Orkan, EP Magnum, SURA-F Pinata)

    Prototype v0.1 (R40M Orkan, SURA-F Pinata)

    A Tier

    Carnage (ECC Thunder)

    Rogatka (R40M Orkan, E-SG Taran)

    Griffin (R40M Orkan+SURA-F Pinata)

    Griffin (E-SG Taran+EP Magnum)

    Fujin (E-SG Taran…

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  • DeltaHorizon

    Message from the Author: Since there doesn't seem to be a blog or page about tactics for piloting mechs, I decided to go make one for reference and advice.


    Now close combat seems like a scary thing to many new players and that's okay. Close combat is the basis of the WWR combat strategy, and it is certainly the most effective fighting strategy in this game. Before we enter all the tactical stuff, there are 4 things you need to know for effective close combat:

              1. Be couragous

              2. Use cover as much as possible

              3. Know your mech's strengths and weaknesses

              4. CAPTURE BEACONS

    Lets m…

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  • WWR Fatx

    1.)Light Prototype The Light Prototype is for the lower tiers only. It has very high speed and a shield to block plasma fire and direct bullets, with great firepower for a bot it's size. However, HP growth is VERY low (Looks comparable to stalker) and the Trident, Tulubulus, and CRV Pin weapons on a Natasha, Griffin, Rhino, Leo, Patton, or Golem will instantly maim it to nothing. It's HP is too low, and it's 5mph speed boost on the medium just isn't worth it. The medium is simply superior to it. It deserves 30 to 40 thousand more HP at top level and 10 to 20 at lower levels.

    Medium Prototype: I've been wanting a fast bot with one Medium and two Light hardpoints for a while, so this bot has quickly become one of my favorites with Orkans, Pin…

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  • ShutUpAndSmokeMyWeed

    Knees weak, arms are heavy.

    There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti!

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  • Mespi
    Tal vez no suene como algo muy importante, pero no tienen idea de la cantidad de veces que me he enfrentado a jugadores que ni siquiera se han percatado que ninguno de sus disparos han tenido efecto en mí, inclusive cohetes con daño de área. 
    Observen la imágen por ejemplo, puede que piensen que esta configuración es bastante buena, pero todo lo contrario, es bastante ineficiente. Ahora ¿Por qué este Patton no es una buena configuración de combate? Bueno, la mitad de su poder de fuego puede ser usado a 500m de distancia, pero la otra mitad requiere que estés al menos a 300m del enemigo para ser efectivo, sin mencionar que cada una de esas armas tiene cadencias de disparo y tiempos de recarga muy distintos. La clave de un robot eficiente es…
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  • Mespi
    El daño de área (splash damage en ingles, la traducción correcta seria "daño de salpicadura") es la propiedad de las armas de cohetes (rocket en ingles) de inflingir daños a los robots enemigos sin necesidad de impactar directamente al enemigo. Las armas de éste tipo son: Pinata , Pin , Tulumbas , Orkan , Trident y Zenit . Éste tipo de armamento es muy útil para dañar a enemigos a cubierto o detras de paredes, e inclusive bajo protección de escudos Ecù y los escudos integrales del Rhino y del Raijin.
    Una de las grandes ventajas de éstas armas es que nos permiten dañar a mas de un objetivo a la vez, con la misma rafaga de disparo, aumentando la cantidad de daño causado para el registro de daños de las partidas, por ende aumentando la posibi…
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  • Atrabilious

    Raijin/Zeus Tactics

    April 27, 2016 by Atrabilious

    Wade right in, be really aggressive, and only stop moving when in Bastion mode. The thing's so tanky it's beautiful; I really love my Raijin now that I gave up on Trebuchets and adopted the tactics of a combine harvester. It's slow, yes, but Natasha it is not. It takes 2 enemies to kill you if you rotate properly. Fun to irritate Stalkers with. Also, sitting on the middle beacon area of Yamantau and killing three to five guys before they can take you down feels pretty nice. 

    Yep, I take beacons with my Raijin. 

    Bottom line is... BE AGGRESSIVE! Steamroll everyone you can hit, and don't overfocus on only one target, if they leave your line of sight, tag another enemy who didn't. Keep the Zeus firing every 5-6 seconds, and don't use both beams …

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  • I'mWithTheGuyWithTheShirtThatSaysI'mWithStupid

    Note: This guide is mainly more for me to just have around than anything else, feel free to use it.


    I've gotten above 700k and even gotten 900k in gold tier with only my two pdb rhinos. When you're using a pdb, you have to know when to flank, run away, and when to put your shield up or down.

    Run away if a db rhino is 320 m in front of you. Flank when you see another rhino(even db and db variations, you'll take him out before he can do enough damage, especially if he's distracted by your teammates) or more than three enemies. Put your shield up when reloading your taran, during a stalker's stealth, against a thunder until it slows down, when travelling bet…

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    Well blogs last longer than threads. Personally I think this game gets somewhat repetitive so why not add a different game mode like capture the plans, where this time we have a line of bots built for speed, with various methods of movement. Also some weapons that are much weaker than normal ones. Your goal is to travel to an enemy beacon "capture the plans" and head back to a beacon already captured. (24 people on a server 12 ctp and 12 doing control) if your playing control, you can't target people doing ctp nor can they damage you.

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    Dark Mind

    March 17, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    I have an insult floating around in my head. The insult of insults. It eats away at my sanity every time I think about it, theoretically, it'll damage anyone who hears it. Who knows what psychological harm it can do with enough power behind it. I hope no one will need to hear what repeatedly goes on in my mind.

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    MC Creepypasta

    March 13, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    Name: Not decided yet

    Behavior: Somewhat like AlongCameJosh's herobrine aside from crashing the game (I still see that guy as a jerk) this entity usally messes with sound


    1 plays a random distorted sound

    2 breaking his sign will cause it to play every sound in minecraft at full volume

    3 it constantly emits a high pitched sound gets louder the closer he is. Sounds like a flash bang.

    4 causes your screen to static abit if you are near it

    5 spawns ghasts

    6 PC exclusive, fires a fireball with no change in radius but an explosion power of 300 (this causes large cracks to appear)

    7 3x3x3 cubes of TNT

    Appearance: not decided yet

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  • Master Aphotic01

    Test server

    March 12, 2016 by Master Aphotic01
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  • Master Aphotic01

    Looks sweet! Guess I'll take my chances.

    Anyhow I have seen the video for the quad leged robots and new map, they look amazing. Looks like a huge game changer.

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  • I'mWithTheGuyWithTheShirtThatSaysI'mWithStupid

    For pushing: Point your torso in the direction you want to go, point your legs away from me when you want to be dropped off, point your legs to the right side when you want to stop in place, left side if you need my assistance

    For golem: head shake could be terminate signal, thunder could be select teammates that you hit with it, magnum could be go cap beacons in that direction, orkan could be go kill enemies in that direction

    General: Shoot to get attention, then fire in direction of target, or head shake for follow me, walking in circle is defend this beacon, walk away for no, toward them for yes, dance is get out of that bot and help us capture beacons, spin and shoot is go capture that beacon(whichever one you shot in the direction of), …

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  • $nake Eye$
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  • Youwilllose

    USA clans

    February 25, 2016 by Youwilllose

    any clans in the USA? most of the available clans are jerks. you have to be a maxed hanger in order to join. like what ever. 

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  • TheWWRNerdGuy

    Who likes WWR?

    February 22, 2016 by TheWWRNerdGuy

    How to copy and slightly change Muzic Beaner's signature and write

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  • $nake Eye$

    Nice job keeping the lights on here guys!

    Little Mason is squirming like a worm and almost sleeping through the night...

    Can't believe I'm responsible for a human being.

    I'm barely able to take care of myself...

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  • Pithel

    Gold and Silver Robot Level?

    February 17, 2016 by Pithel


    Can anyone tell me how to know if my Robots belongs to Gold Tier or Silver Tier?

    Thank you!

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  • Jesse Abbott

    WWR: Iron Wolves

    February 17, 2016 by Jesse Abbott

    I have another blog for WWWR stories, but I want to share this here. If you are interested in the backstory that I am developing, check it out here. Check back periodically for more. I intend to keep the stories coming.

    If you would like to read the one finished story I have written so far click here read here:

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  • WWR Fatx

    5th slot AND 400 Edits

    February 15, 2016 by WWR Fatx

    Today is my day, and I'm happy. 400 edits and 5th hanagar slot. I don't know why I make these blogs, I probably just need to vent

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  • WWR Fatx

    So I was on the front page of the wikia and the three suggestion wikias loaded before the comments. And right there in front of my eye were the Fire Emblem Wikia. Really? It's bad enough going to gamestop taunts me, seeing ads on youtube taunts me, but now the solace of the WRR Wikia is broken... just gotta wait into the 19th... just gotta wait... UGH I CAN'T STAND THIS I'M GOING INSANE

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  • Rossi420

    A loss turned around

    February 11, 2016 by Rossi420

    I like that you can force others to play into your hands. There was a great example of this in a match I played in Silver today. This was a match that my team was clearly going to to lose.

    The map was Yamantau my team started in the low side of the map with beacons B and C. I start the match in my stalker and quickly grab both beacons B and C. I managed to beat the red team to center beacon D. Myself and another pilot of a Stalker manage to take out another Stalker a Gepard and a Golem. Next thing I know I am staring at 3 Rhino shields rushing to center. They make quick work of us. We had a DB Griffin and Thunder Orkan Boa sitting on our side of the ramp. They didn't last overly long when faced with the Rhinos and enemies Trebs.

    I loaded up …

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  • Jigsawgirl


    February 9, 2016 by Jigsawgirl

    Finally got my first Carnage. I have been lusting after this baby for ages. Don't have anything fancy to put on it yet. I don't think I will go Thunders but will try long range. I should be making a permanent move to Silver tomorrow.

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  • Thorkin

    Cossack Killer Tactics

    February 3, 2016 by Thorkin

    How to kill heavies.

    Several times now, I have found myself attacking a group of snipers, mainly Natashas, with a light robot. Most recently, I found myself in this situation with a level 4 Cossack with a level 5 GAU Punisher. I was taking beacons when suddenly a Natasha spawned right in front of me, equiped with Kang Daes. I ran right up to the bot, knowing if I attepmted to run, I would die. What did I have to lose? Anyway, I began to run in tight circles around the bot, staying close enough that we were touching. I emptied three mags into him, avoiding the KDs by stick close. Eventually, I wore him down and killed him, surviving a Griffins withering fire long enough to kill the Natasha and take their Beacon. Moral: Stick close to snipers…

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  • Jals11E


    February 3, 2016 by Jals11E

    IF U GUYS KIDS ARE NEW TO WWR,FOLLOW THE SRATEGIES,if u using bigger robots just stay behind the building and shoot that f**king zenit and mortar to support your front man,and if ure using SURA F PINATA FOLLOW AND BACKUP YOUR FRIENDS AND DONT WALK SOLO PLAY ALITTLE HIDE AND SEEK IF U USING ROCKET ETC,DONT BE A FOOL AND WALK SOLO,AND MOST OF THE TIME PLAYING WWR ITS SUCK WHEN SOME STUPID PLAYER JUST walk solo and leaving your friends behind and this is stupid ..l..(*`へ´*)..!.. DONNO HOW TO PLAY WATCH SOME WAR MOVIE AND STARTS LEARNING STRATEGIES.MORONS

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    Advanced Natasha

    January 30, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    If you don't know advanced is an update idea of mine where you do a challenge and upgrade a bot putting it back to level one but better


    Kill another Natasha while you use two thunders

    Basic upgrades

    Double armor

    Double speed


    Cannot aim at enemy untill at 600m

    Passive ability:

    Sky Snipe, a minute into the match and every minute afterwords it fires a beam five seconds later it seeks out the slowest enemy to hit (it does not aim at rhinos) the damage depends on target speed it ignores sheilds and moves at instant speeds

    0 speed= 100% of max HP (this might kill hackers too!)

    30 or less= 70% of max hp

    40 or less= 50% of max hp

    41 or more= 10% of max hp

    60 or more= 3% of max hp

    Active ability:


    Jumps as high as Cossack

    Cooldown as long as Rog…

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    Advanced destrier

    January 27, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    Advanced is an update Idea that I have once you hit level thirty you can advance a level 12 robot but it will go back to level one. Remember there is a mini challenge you need to do to advance a bot

    Destrier How to do advance, defeat a stalker with pins only

    5%armor increase

    +5 max speed

    The ability "Scout down"

    It goes in phases and they combine getting progressively scarier

    P1 for five seconds it shoots 10% faster

    P2 For five seconds it shoots an additional 5% faster and moves 10 faster

    P3 for 20 seconds it ignores the need to reload

    P4 Pilot ejects as the destrier explodes any thing caught in the explosion will take 80,000 damage

    Yet again once you use this you loose your bot or possibly die before you can get to phase 3 we all know the piñata wo…

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  • Master Aphotic01

    After a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion. That time is of the essence. Getting more things to do Irl, work and family things. Besides that other games I'm playing on PC and iOS is going to be my focus. So with this blog post, I think it is safe to say I will be quitting.

    My son will be taking over and play as he seem to be interested in it. It's been a fun ride, and while it was short there was some really memorable moments on the Wikia and LINE.

    Best wishes to the community and the people who run the wikia. Happy hunting!

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  • Jigsawgirl

    While Aodhagain is going back to kindergarten this weekend to test the new player experience, I thought it was time for me to move out of Bronze and into Silver tier.

    I have finally purchased a Rogatka and a second Tarran to go with it, and while I was very tempted to use it in Bronze to get some revenge on all those bullies who had used a Taranosarus Rog on me, I have decided that I would have a try in Silver.

    The hanger that I am leaving Bronze with is:

    • Stalker 2 with Magnums 8/8
    • Gepard 2 with Pinatas 9/8/8
    • Vityaz 2 with Thunder 7, Pinata 6/6
    • Patton 2 CRV Pin 7/7/6/6

    I have been quite successful with this setup wining approximately 50% of my matches and usually finishing 1st or 2nd on my team. I consider myself a good but not great player - lac…

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  • Aodhagain

    Greetings Pilots,

    Tonight I will be starting week 2 of my experiments in bronze tier. The goal this weekend will be to get some idea of what it's like for players who are just starting out in WWR.

    Hopefully we will also be able to use this data to help put together a smart, responsible guide for beginners that will help them to use their resources effectively.

    A new player starts with the following:

    50,000 Ag

    100 Au

    Destrier Lvl 1 - AT Spiral Lvl 1, AC Molot Lvl1

    1,150,089 Ag

    796 Au

    Vityaz Lvl 2 - ECC Thunder, SURA-F Pinata x2

    Cossack Lvl 2 - GAU Punisher T

    Gl. Patton Lvl 2 - AC Molot x4

    724,755 Ag

    266 Au

    Vityaz Lvl 2 - ECC Thunder, SURA-F Pinata x2

    Cossack Lvl 2 - GAU Punisher T

    Gl. Patton Lvl 2 - AC Molot x4

    Boa Lvl 2 - ECC Thunder, S-25 Tulumbas

    Already …

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  • I'mWithTheGuyWithTheShirtThatSaysI'mWithStupid

    Hello everyone! This is I'mWithTheGuyWithTheShirtThatSaysI'mWithStupid here. During the weekends I am going to be upgrading my five cossacks to level 6, and maybe get in a few upgrades on the weapons. The main purpose of this experiment is to see exactly how easy it is to club in silver and whether or not it is a good alternative to clubbing in bronze. I will be posting the battte results at a rate of 2 per day.

    Hypothesis: Clubbing in silver is a good alternative to clubbing in bronze.

    Materials: Five cossacks, one taran, two ecus, one tulumbas, one punisher, entirety of silver tier playerbase

    Experiment: Play in silver tier with five cossacks two times a day for a week, compare results with aodhagain's weekend results in bronze.


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  • Dave Derringer

    I was lucky enough to spend some time on the test server this past weekend and thought I might share some of my thoughts about the experience. 

    Canyon map: One of my big gripes with the game is the limited number of maps so a new field to play in was a very welcomed experience. This map does a good job of balancing all ranges of combat with a good distribution of cover and open expanses. I am looking forward to this maps general release.

    Clans: While the clan system isn't everything I had hoped it would be, I am looking forward to the opportunity to play with known allies. This was obviously not achievable in a few hours of test window. 

    Battle: This was the most interesting part for me. For those of you that don't know on the test server you…

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  • Aodhagain

    All of the recent questions about tiers and seal clubbing have made me curious about how much of a problem seal clubbing actually is in bronze tier these days. And so, I have decided to dust off my old bronze tier hangar and go seal clubber hunting. Tally-ho!

    This weekend I will drop down to bronze tier on iOS. I'll be taking screenshots of the results of any battles where I encounter an obvious seal clubber, and documenting my impressions of their overall abilities and how the battle went. I haven't decided if I'll show their names or not.

    I've created this blog to keep track of my findings. For the sake of anonymity, and to avoid giving myself away to any clubbers that frequent this wiki, I shall be changing my name back to Pilot. It's an …

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  • Alfred cloutier

    My Premium Ended

    January 13, 2016 by Alfred cloutier

    Premium ended for me a couple of days ago, and I am finding myself in a swirl of negative silver battle outcomes. I've built up my robots to a level where I'm regularly battling Rogatkas, Stalkers, Carnages, and Rhinos, with high-level weapons. With Premium, I was able to kind of build enough silver to keep up with upgrades and Workshop Points. Now, I'm barely keeping up with the negative silver balances at the end of losses. 

    I shouldn't be getting so many losses (I should be better at the game, and winning more), but I'm not. I now feel I need premium in order to keep up my "finances" in the game. Or, shell out a couple bucks to bump up some of my equipment. You know, buy a Rogatka or a Zeus or two. I'm not against buying equipment in the…

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  • Jigsawgirl

    Learning Wiki

    January 12, 2016 by Jigsawgirl

    I had only initially come to this Wiki after googling for advice on while I was doing so badly in the Walking War Robots game. However after finding the information I was after (I was upgrading my robots before my weapons), I thought I should do a little editing of the wiki as a way of paying it forward.

    I was aware or Markdown text and had played with it a little on Wordpress but hadn't had much use for it beyond that. With a little editing and a quick browse through the documentation I soon became impressed with how useful the Wiki thing could be so I set out to see what I could do with it.

    Deeper editing revealed the world of Templates which lead to a deeper exploration of the documentation, which lead to giving writing a couple of Templa…

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  • Master Aphotic01

    Real life is catching up on me, as the holidays ending and real life steps in. I'm going to be less on the wikia. I've learned a lot this past month and can only go one way (hopefully becoming a better player).

    Happy hunting!

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  • Master Aphotic01

    That bridge on Springfield is such a nice place for cover! Used my Golem to engage enemy bots. Everyone else on my team was destrier bots.

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  • Master Aphotic01

    Playing on my 5th week, and trying to make some thoughts what would benefit me right now. A 5th hangar slot (5000 Au) really would be nice, but at the same time I'm usually topping the list nowadays that I don't even get to spend all my mechs. It happens more on balanced games. Gold grinding going fine.

    while my mechs do a decent job as it is. A Rogatka would really help a bunch when facing other equally strong/ stronger players. Also had to save up WP for 2 new Tarans, as my 2 other old ones I leveled up to lvl 9 and plan for my Silver lineup on my Rhino.

    Orkans would probably benefit on the Rhino setup too, so I guess that would be the last to buy on my list.

    So my list would be: 1)Rogatka 2)5th hangar slot 3)2xorkan

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  • WWR Fatx

    It's funny to see a week ago I didn't see anything on it, now it's everywhere. I'm too lazy to say anything about it, you can easily read the conversations I had.

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  • WWR Fatx

    Wooo! First Orkan!

    December 25, 2015 by WWR Fatx

    Got my first orkan in and slapped it on a boa. Think I'm going to move from farming in gold to silver. Just gotta wait a few days because I leveled up my Boa again... anyone know what max weapons you can use for silver tier?

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  • LukePatz

    Cheating or Glitch

    December 20, 2015 by LukePatz

    Recently about every 5 games I play there is a player who never takes damage and knows this and camps at spawn points I highly think is isn't a glitch 

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  • I'mWithTheGuyWithTheShirtThatSaysI'mWithStupid

    Well guys, considering that currently I'm the only active admin, please post some suggestions below as to what I can change to improve our experience on this wiki.

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  • Alfred cloutier

    Recently I wrote a blog post on in-app purchases, and I sort of alluded to the fact that in-app purchases create an unresolvable inequality in the game. A number of readers responded, espousing the idea that you don't need to spend money on this game. It almost sounded like a few readers where saying it would hurt you if you spent money on in-app purchases. If the game designers did their job well, then these opinions can be nothing but absurd. If the game designers are offering something for you to buy, then there should be a compelling reason for you to buy it. 

    "If someone who knew how to play this game, not a rookie, was given £76 for 14000, make that £156 for 28000 gold, let's be generous...they would still get wiped all o…
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  • WWR Fatx

    So this gold bot literally translates to twenty real life dollars. Is it worth it? Or is it worth a 20-30 day grind? In my opinion, yes. It's speed and armor let's it serve different roles. A lone wolf approach with twin R40M Orkans or E-SG Tarans is very effective as a rush bot. It's armor let's it soap up fire and help the heavies such as Griffins or Leos. It can also capture beacons, but you will not get the massive DPS that the Rogatka specializes in. I recommend getting it before a fury, gepard, or fith slot. If you are a sniper, this is an ASSAULT bot. Sniping is practically impossible.

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  • Alfred cloutier

    In-app purchases

    December 17, 2015 by Alfred cloutier

    Walking War Robots is an "in-app" purchase game, which means the cost to the user is spread out among in-game choices that cost real money. In Walking War Robots (WWR), you would be spending real money for in-game "Gold" or "Au" (which is the chemical symbol for gold).  I know most of you know this already, but just in case a random person is cruising through here, they might appreciate the explanation.

    The in-app purchase system creates a couple of situations:

    1. If you are patient, and play a *lot*, you don't have to spend any real money on this game.
    2. If you do choose to spend money, you will spend more money the less "smart" you are.
    3. If you have enough money, you can bypass a good portion of the "building" phase of the game, and skip right to …
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