• Golurk 88

    Return of the...Trident?

    December 3, 2018 by Golurk 88

    A few months back, nobody woudl’ve every expected that one day, the Trident, the one-time king of mid-range weapons, but now consigned to the scrap heap, would ever make a comeback. Well, it has and the improvements in firepower maker it a truly devastating mid-range weapon once more.

    Note: This is a short blog.

    Well, for starters, it now has a Reload While Firing mechanism, which gives it much more tactical flexibility and more firepower in certain situations. Secondly, its overall reload time has been reduced by 10%. While these changes may seem minor, the performance of the Trident has been drastically improved as its weaknesses (tactical inflexibility and long reload) have been solved. If anyone has Tridents gathering dust in their inven…

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  • MKsmashed

    5.0 : God Mode

    December 3, 2018 by MKsmashed

    I sat there, waiting. Threats tried to grow. They failed.

    But always, I felt alone.

    Time wouldn't pass. Things wouldn't change. There was nothing that could even touch me. So why was I worried?

    Then it dawned upon me. There had been another shift. Only the Great Lord knew what this meant.

    One of them approached me. I let him come. He had more firepower then I had ever seen.

    The Great Lord must have messed up. I would eventually fix it.

    The blue robot kept coming. As he came near, he burst into the air, raining down rockets from his 4 arms. I found that I couldn't even see him.

    I sighed. Another life to be lost.

    I waited. The robot came back into view. It had finished firing.It was surprised that I was unharmed.

    "How-" it sputtered, before I unleash…

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  • Piisfun

    note: most of these will be terrifiying combinations.

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    They kinda look the same, I mean, look at their legs and "eyes".

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    One day, I wished having 3 different hardpoints for me to battle, and that was the day my wish came true. I was so happy because I can now deliver blows to our enemies, especially my Exodus, Orkan, and Pinata. They worked great. But then, more and more powerful bots came to crash parties, involving the Spectre. That bot's nasty, you see, can blow 4 of hits to us, blast us to pieces of scrap. I never knew what's coming up, and I always end up in the robot restoration, which is not cool for me. I beat up things, blast em and strip em, but not this. These bots kept scrapping me more and more often, but I am still one of the best, no? I kinda got used to it until that very fateful day came. I was patrolling night in San Andreas, and got ambush…

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  • Piisfun

    Confirmed partially fixed: 11/28/2018

    Due to a sizing error with Gareth's hitbox, it frequently takes significantly reduced damage from most weapons, and in some cases Shocktrain and Scourge may miss it completely. See video linked below.

    Gareth bug
    The evidence in this video was gathered by Icefirephoenix/Mechologist, Alias3002/Colander, and Piisfun of the Android Clan Wikia on August 5th, 2018, and was reported to Pixonic on that date. To our knowledge, at least part of this bug still exists after giving Pixonic three months of time to fix it, and we have therefore we have decided to make knowledge of this bug public.

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  • Defender7881

    I'll update this page periodically. If you want, feel free to add more JS/CSS imports in the comment sections. Feel free to put these into your personal JS/CSS. 

    If you want to add these, go to your personal JS or CSS. IF you haven't created yours, simply create a page with this format:




    For example: User:Defender7881/personal.css

    Also for the sake of organization, you can follow my JS:

    //__Management_Modules____________________________________________________________ importArticles({ type: 'script', articles: [ 'u:dev:MediaWiki:Nuke/code.js', 'u:dev:MediaWiki:MassProtect/code.js', 'u:dev:MediaWiki:MassBlock/code.js', 'u:dev:MediaWiki:MassEdit/code.js'…
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  • Wardog8r

    The Pursuer is a medium bot with 3 light hardpoints. It has an ability called "Hunt", where it enters a stealth mode for 10 seconds and gains 66% movement speed. This bot can be devastating to any bot in it's vicinity, even a good leveled Leo can take fatal damage. With a Halo and 2x Gusts you can catch dash-bots like nothing. I only suggest a few setups 1x Halo or Shredder (for lock-down) and 3x Gusts, 3x Gusts, 3x Magnums, 3x Sparks, Or 3x Shredder or Halo. 

    The Pursuer is not to be taken lightly due to it's small stature as this bot can wreak havoc on anything that threatens it. Even a Kumiho struggles to escape it, if it's not fitted with lock-down weaponry, if so not much can escape. 

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  • MKsmashed

    Bot Tips: Destrier

    November 28, 2018 by MKsmashed

    Welcome to Bot Tips! This will cover the Destrier, the first robot for everyone!

    The Destrier is a light robot. It has low health, relatively low speed for a light robot, and low firepower with two light hardpoints. It is good at beacon capping, but not much else. It lasts until Bronze II.

    These are valid setups for the Destrier:

    Beacon Capper: Two ECUs

    Knife Fighter: 2 Pinatas, 2 Punishers, 2 Gusts

    Troll: 2 Aphids, 2 Spirals, 2 Noricums

    The Destrier can last a significant time in a battle if you play it carefully. Now, if you want to use it as a Knife Fighter, disregard the last sentence. You will most likely die very very quickly. You may survive if you "facehug" though. Run into the enemy with your guns a'blazin and run right into them. If yo…

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  • GD-2 Predator
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  • MKsmashed

    The Story of a Nation Pt. 1

    November 27, 2018 by MKsmashed

    Once upon a time, there lived a DB Rhino. It was the most powerful robot in the land. No one could beat him. One day, a robot it had never seen before came along and challenged him to duel with him in Dead City. He was a beefy fellow with a big shield on his chest, and was armed with an Ancile and two Orkans. When they spawned, the Rhino charged to the other side of the map. He expected the new bot to be waiting there. He wasn't fully wrong. This new robot had moved just out of the way when he saw the Rhino coming. He assaulted the Rhino with his Orkans. The fight was quickly over.

    Brooding over the dying Rhino's body, this new robot said, "I am the Lancelot."

    The world the Rhino had ruled over was no longer his. The Lancelot controlled it n…

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  • Juggernaut2019

    In a game where paying players are the best off, it may be tempting to grab some cash, dump it in the good ol’ Pixonic economy, and get some sweet components for favorite robots and weapons, speed up some upgrading, or try your luck in chests or the Royale.

    However, unless you are completely blind (and if you are and can play War Robots and read this blog, I’m duly impressed) it may come to your attention that everything is overpriced, and if you are tempted to use a bit of moolah or have a gaming addiction, can cause a serious financial setback if you aren’t careful. Here I quote a conversation between I and one of my clanmates (whose username and ID are confidential) to illustrate this pretty serious economy problem.

    “I spent [$2000] on wha…

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    That's me, Helly. I don't really know how I am used for, but the commander sought me as a "bomb runner", so I went to ask Galahad, my female pal. She told me that when I activate my ability, I will run faster, and when the time ticks to 0, I go BOOM. Good thing the reactor only damages just a little for me, but really big to enemies. The chief of the ship said that Fury, Galahad, Kumiho, and I need to go to N19, W23, which is near Mt.Fuji. The thing about it, is that I am really terrified. I am born in this exact time, and now I am going to battle. The moments I went down to the ground, the enemies started shooting at us, and that's NOT cool. Fury and I went to cover and he zapped a Golem, leaving him paralyzed, and me? I just stood here, …

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  • Golurk 88

    This is going to be a rather short blog on a rather troubling thought that I’ve had when considering the history and future of WR...remember that it was made after WR: Into the Future. Feel free to express your views in the comments!

    Does anyone remember when Death Button Rhinos were considered overpowered? And then Ancilots? Back then, War Robots was much less advanced than it is now but looking at what used to be overpowered can be quite troubling sometimes.

    For newer players and wiki users, most of you should remember when the Haechi entered the battlefield and completely owned it. With 3 Orkans the Haechi was the very definition of overpowered, until the Bulgasari started to steal its thunder when equipped with Tarans or Scourges. Equipped…

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  • MKsmashed

    Bot Tips: Fujin

    November 25, 2018 by MKsmashed

    Welcome to Bot Tips! This edition will cover the Fujin, many player's first Spider Bot!

    The Fujin is made for close range fighting with 3 Medium hardpoints. It has some Mid-range capabilities. It has low health, but it has an energy that can be activated to shield it from harm. This energy shield goes up when it goes into Sentry Mode. It has to stay in place while in Sentry Mode. It moves quickly.

    These are valid setups for the Fujin:

    Knife-fighter - 3 Orkans, 3 Punisher Ts, 3 Storms, 3 Scourges

    Ambusher - 3 Vortexes

    Mid-range - 3 Ions, 3 Tulumbases, 3 Shocktrains, 3 Molot Ts

    The Fujin can excel as a Knife Fighter. With three Orkans, it can cause catastrophic damage quickly. Punisher Ts, Storms, and Scourges are for those who prefer longer skirm…

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  • MKsmashed

    Bot Tips: Natasha

    November 25, 2018 by MKsmashed

    Welcome to Bot Tips! This episode will cover the Natasha, one of the strongest long-rangers in the game.

    The Natasha is a heavy bot. It has a respectable amount of health at 120k, and heavy firepower with 2 Heavy hardpoints and 2 Light hardpoints. However, it's not as good in melee as you might expect (I'll cover that later). It's good at mid-ranging, long-ranging, and Artying.

    These are some valid setups for the Natasha:

    Close-range (not highly recommended) - 2 Avengers and 2 Punishers, 2 Thunders and 2 Gusts

    Mid-range - 2 Zeuses and 2 Gekkos, 2 Tempests and 2 Molots, 2 Kang Daes and 2 Gekkos

    Long-range - 2 Fluxes and 2 Gekkos, 2 Nashorns and 2 Noricums, 2 Trebuchets and 2 Arbalests, 2 Trebuchets and 2 Gekkos

    Arty - 2 Zenits and 2 Noricums

    This …

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  • Golurk 88

    War Robots Wiki:AuthenticatedBlogs

    War Robots has gone through several surprising twists and turns in the history of the game, and the three new Greek robots do not disappoint. Ares, Hades and Nemesis are mere days away from being unleashed into the game, bringing about new possibilities on in-game strategy. In this blog we will be analysing each individual robot, from their play styles to how to counter them. Enjoy!

    Note: All statistics are at level 8 MK1.

    Leading this new phalanx of robots is the Ares. Fast, powerful and with an ability that used to be the stuff of dreams, the Ares is the ultimate knife-fighter.

    Durability: Possessing a mere 97,428 health, the Ares may not initially seem as the most durable robot around...until you see its a…

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  • SpoonyBard284

    A heart-warming story

    November 21, 2018 by SpoonyBard284

    Once upon a time, there was a happy little rdb fujin camping on the bridge in dead city. One day, a goon falcon came and shredded it to pieces.

    the end

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  • MKsmashed

    A Great Idea

    November 19, 2018 by MKsmashed

    So I was looking at the background of the wiki. It's kind of outdated. I think it needs to be replaced. So I had an idea for a picture to replace it. I couldn't draw it, though maybe Core could. Let me tell you about its features:

    • A team of 4 heros rushing forward. The heroes are thus: a cat in a trenchcoat shooting a punisher, a Boa with the classic design with arms and legs that is shooting a Taran, and a pie with arms and legs that has the Pi insignia on it. Flying above them is a Phoenix with an aura of frost around it.
    • The night sky has the outline of a dove.
    • Wounded, next to the heroes, is a lion and Princess Leia.
    • On the ground, there is a shirt saying "I'm with stupid" on it. There is also a coffee mug on the ground that says "I Hate L…
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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    I may be the most popular bot of the world, but I sure need to work on my play style. There's this time that I ran over a Stalker, and I looked back like a complete idiot. Good thing that Pat has my back, cuz if he didn't, I did already be dead metal. Sometimes, the war rages on and on and on and so, and we are losing bots. Every time those BLEEEP bots came over to crash the party, very few of us remained, while others laid to scrap. And that's not the only bad time it happened to me, cuz there's this young, beautiful girl from the other side whose name is....Gareth? Whoever she is, she flirts on me everyday and always spared me. Creepy, isn't it?! I still need to know that in the battlefield, it isn't a game anymore. I mean, look at it, d…

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    It was a terrible, long war. Millions of people died throughout bombs, guns, and robots. Some of them are my best friends. Leo was my best tank guy, because he can shoot heavy hits on those Axis of Evil. But, he died after 20 years of battling, killed by German Griffin. My other pal, Gepard, is the fastest bot in my fleet, as he can fire and run with all those guns running over him. We were brothers in arms, having each others back. *Chuckles* I remembered that day, when a Japanese Raijin was trying to kill me, but Gepard and Leo outgunned him, leaving that piece of scrap struggling to run. Gep allowed me to kill it. So I did it, and I was happy, until he died. When he countered a German Lancelot, that thing pushed over a bridge to a river…

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  • MKsmashed

    Bot Tips: Schutze

    November 19, 2018 by MKsmashed

    Welcome to Bot Tips! This edition is on the Schutze, the most overpowered bot around! Majestic in its might, nothing can stop it!


    If you're a new player reading this, please ignore the above words. The Schutze is actually the weakest bot in the game, so don't go out and get one (though you couldn't anyway, as it's currently unavailable for purchase). There is a runnning joke on the wiki that the Schutze is overpowered. Ignore people who say this. If you are someone who wants to get the most out of their Schutze though, this guide may help.

    The Schutze is a light robot. It has high speed, but low health and low firepower with one Heavy hardpoint. Because it's easily destroyed, it is best used as a Mid-Ranger or Long-Ranger. The Schutze las…

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  • Piisfun

    Blog idea/title by: Piisfun
    Written by: Icefirephoenix

    Machine guns and autocannons are among the first weapons that a new player can acquire, the light and medium versions that is, costing 20,000 and 30,000 silver respectively, as well as being standard weapon load-outs on some newly purchased robots. The heavy counterparts however are a bit more pricey, but can still be created using silver via the Workshop.

    This blog will cover the following weapons:

    Machine Guns:

    These two weapon types both share a few things in common; they both deal kinetic damage, they are fully automatic, and they both can enter an accelerated firing state.

    Kinetic damage allows the projectiles to deal 2x damage to built-in or mounted (Ecu) physical shields.

    An accelerate…

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  • Claudius14

    Beginniners shortcuts.

    November 17, 2018 by Claudius14

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  • MKsmashed

    Bot Tips: Griffin

    November 16, 2018 by MKsmashed

    Welcome to the second edition of Bot Tips! This guide will go over strategy tips for the Griffin, the most popular bot in the game. Though I will admit that it isn't one of my favorites, I can't deny that there are some good qualities to the Griffin.

    The Griffin is a heavy bot with 90k of health. It isn't much health for a heavy bot, so you must be careful when using it. It has the Jump ability and high firepower, which it probably why it is so popular (Heavy Bot + Jump + High Boom Boom = FUN). It has one light and two mediums, which provides a lot of different options. Though the Griffin could fulfill any position on the battlefield, it's really only suited to a few. These things really only should last until mid-Diamond, but some people a…

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  • SpoonyBard284

    post in the comments

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  • Golurk 88

    Wiki Guide: Damage Control

    November 15, 2018 by Golurk 88

    War Robots Wiki:AuthenticatedBlogs

    As many of you probably know, I’ve done rather a lot of blogs on different aspects of the game. However, I’ve recently noticed another ‘gap’ in my blog themes...the wiki. Now, this blog will have more or less nothing to do with the game. Instead, it’s intended to help Admins, Mods as well as general users on how to react and what to do when things get out of control. I hope that you find this useful.

    Oh dear. The one thing we all saw coming. Well, as it turns out, the ‘no politics’ rule on the wiki is well justified. Only satirical politics and comedy should really take place, in order to avoid insults and worse starting to fly left, right and centre. However, once in a while, things can get messy:

    • If you di…

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  • Omicron01

    Blitz Knows Where You Live

    November 15, 2018 by Omicron01
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    Just a random thought, what if WR was Lego?

    Now i have played with Lego for a very long time, build and making Tanks, Robots, Airplanes and Turrets as well as multiple large guns that fire marbles at Mach 0.00000001 Speeds. So I wonder, what if War Robots was all lego?

    Then we could techically "Build" our own robots using simple lego pieces and some BB's. So that being said, I could build a Spectre/Fury fusion right? Also what would be the reality of the game, would it make a difference or would it just make it more boxy?

    Tell me in the comments below, what would happen if everything was made of lego?

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  • MKsmashed

    Bot Tips : Leo

    November 14, 2018 by MKsmashed

    Welcome to the first edition of Bot Tips, a strategy guide for each bot! This first edition will be on the Leo, one of the strongest silver bots around! I hope this guide helps you to become a better Leo player, or to convince you to use one.

    The Leo is a high health bot, and it is best used for knife fighting. Its high health allows it to remain strong in sustained skirmishes. It's also very versatile, so it can fulfill any position in battle (though again, it's best used for close-range brawls). It can remain useful up until mid-expert, and may be the best silver bot. 

    The Leo's versatility means that there are loads of valid options for setups. Here are some to fulfill each position:

    • All Thunders may be replaced with Avengers to make the …

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  • Piisfun

    When calculating DPS, we start by dividing weapons into a number of categories:

    • Constant weapons
    • Normal or "Simple" weapons
    • Accelerated weapons
    • Reload-While-Firing weapons (RWF)
    • Burst weapons
    • Charge weapons

    These categories take into account the widely varied firing and reloading mechanics in War Robots.

    Note that these calculation do not take into the account Damage-Over-Time effects of Sting, Wasp, or Viper. In reality, these effects are difficult at best to add to the calculation.

    Likewise, the Close-combat increase in the damage of Spark and Scourge are not included, but can be easily found by multiplying the DPS by the range modifier percentages found on these weapons pages.

    And finally, these numbers, somewhat optimistically, assume that every…

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  • MKsmashed

    Sooo....silver bots. Leo, Griffin, Golem, Vityaz,etc. The list goes on. They seem to be becoming useless. This feeling of helplessness has increased since the release of Blitz, Rayker, and Invader, not to mention the Hades and Ares. Their time may be drawing to an end. But if so, they're going out fightin'.

    Dash and Descend bots currently rule the meta, as everyone knows. The Champion league is made up of these bots. It may seem that silver bots are going to die out. However, I can safely assure you that this will never truly happen. Pixonic needs people to kep joining so that they can make more money So they start off players with easier objectives that can be accomplished using silver bots. This is the main reason silver bots will never go…

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  • GD-2 Predator

    The Panther II was a German Medium tank from WWII. Only one Panther II prototype has been built. It’s main Armament was the Panther’s 7.5 cm kwk 42 L/70 or a 8.8 cm kwk 43 L/71, the latter being used by the Tiger II. The Panther II was a upgrade of the First Panther and had a increased armour thickness compared to it’s predecessor. The Panther II was going to share components with the Tiger II such as the transmission, all-steel 80 centrimetre diameter road-wheels and running gear to simplify production.

    Turret: The Panther II was going to mount the newly developed “Schmalturm” which featured a narrower turret front that maximized protection while reducing the weight, this made the turret both cheaper and easier to produce than the standard…

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    When I went to Youtube, there was a new video about the next update due to a new test server, by Manni-Gaming. It is shown that Hades is renewed and painted in a good shape, but lost its healing ability for now. Then, it showed a new Workshop 2.0, or 3.0. When Manni explained the features, I got so excited for the reduced silver and time production, especially the component tradings. How do you guys feel about it? Also, Mr.Bang Bang, I give you the Inquistor.

    Inquistor: Known to be one of the most overpowered robots in the game, due to its longer stealth mode and its firepower. It has a Heavy hardpoint and two Medium hardpoints, making Inquistor a formidable opponent similar to Lancelot, except it has no built-in shield.

    Terrain: It has a si…

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  • Golurk 88

    In hindsight, I should’ve really made this blog a while ago. However, better late than never. In this blog I will be covering exactly how to use tactics to counter overpowered robots and gear. I hope you find this useful and informative, and if you have any ideas and suggestions, please comment! Enjoy!

    Note: Not all of the robots and weapons featured in this blog are overpowered in my opinion, even though they might be in the overpowered section. This is because everything here is considered to be overpowered by the wiki.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This blog is called ‘Part 1’ as it includes all robots considered overpowered prior to Update 4.4. All robots and weapons that are released since then and are considered to be overpowered will be included …

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  • Piisfun

    Falcon: Two styles

    November 1, 2018 by Piisfun
    • Favors loadouts such as triple exodus, triple Avenger, or Ember Exodus
    • Agressive style
    • tips
      1. Isolate
      2. Tank
      3. Unleash

    • Favors loadouts such as Avenger Thermite, triple Dragoon, or Dragoon Chimera.
    • Damage boost only when not targeted
    • Takes a dedicated effort by the enemy to shut down.
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  • Omicron01

    New Robot Statistics

    October 31, 2018 by Omicron01

    Now, I know this is subject to change (because Pixonic) but here is the stats and upgade times of robots/weapons as of now. 

    here it is

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    I toke some time to test it out and I have listed the Values in the table below, it should help you visualize how Generous Pix can be, considering that they are introducing robots and weapons that are just plain OP. Although the amount of Gold given may vary with Pix, values could be higher or lower, this should give you a rough idea on how this works.

    This is particularly useful if your on vacation and you stopped playing War Robots for awhile.

    Multiplier Amount Times
    1 560 Au 1 Month
    2 1,120 Au 2 Months
    3 1,680 Au 3 Months
    4 2,240 Au 4 Months
    5 2,800 Au 5 Months
    6 3,360 Au 6 Months
    7 3,920 Au 7 Months
    8 4,480 Au 8 Months
    9 5,040 Au 9 Months
    10 5,600 Au 10 Months
    11 6,160 Au 11 Months
    12 6,720 Au 12 Months
    13 7,280 Au 13 Months
    14 7,820 Au 14 Months
    15 8,…

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    Ares and Hades

    October 29, 2018 by Ragnorak Ghost

    Ladies and Robots, I believe you may have heard about two new robots coming up in the game called Ares and Hades. According to test servers, it is seen that these robots have special abilities that uses a shield that absorbs all damages at once and convert them into against the shooters, that's what I believe. But that type of ability is really offensive on my Rhino. He hates when robots converts his damages into himself. But that type of threat means nothing to my Fujin and Hellburner. Here are a couple of things to do when Ares and Hades shows up in the game. 

    1. When you see any signs of these robots activating their shields, run away or don't attack them. Doing so might make their ability useless to you, as the absorbing shield converts…

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  • GD-2 Predator

    Corrosion weapons.exe

    October 26, 2018 by GD-2 Predator

    Viper Hardpoint: Heavy

    Wasp Hardpoint: Medium

    Sting Hardpoint: Light

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  • SpinoVoid

    Reached level 30 finally!

    October 20, 2018 by SpinoVoid

    Hi guys, I finally reached level 30!

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  • Golurk 88

    After some rest, I’ve finally decided to add another blog to fill in a gap in my blog categories. Sure, there were plenty on weapons, bots and strategy, but I realised that there were very few general guides, hence why I’m creating another blog for the ‘Tips for WR’ series. This blog, like the one before it, will be a general guide with hopefully useful advice to help pilots survive in the game. Enjoy!

    Note: Updated on 27/10/18 following suggestions and more tips from other users in comments section.

    Q: What should I spend my gold on?

    A: Slots. These are arguably the most important purchases in the game...don’t even think about speeding up upgrade times.

    Q: How should I upgrade my hangar?

    A: Try to upgrade your robots and weapons consistently, …

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  • Lion10903

    Abilities Reformat

    October 17, 2018 by Lion10903

    Abilities refer to the special functions available to some robots. Abilities are manually activated and have a cool-down period after each use before they can be used again. Abilities have separate, distinct icon buttons in the control layout. The Carnage's built-in Ancile shield is not considered an ability as it is always active and not controllable by the player, the same being true for the Haechi's energy shield, Lancelot's front-mounted shields, and the Bulgasari's side-mounted shield, as these are built-in and cannot be removed.

    Movement abilities are classified as abilities which are specifically focused towards providing robots an increase in mobility.

    Featured on:

    There are three separate versions of this ability, which is dependent …

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    Ladies and Robots, I am here to present you to WWR Biggest Questions, the site where many questions are asked by me! I was wondering on many things and I want big supporters to help me on it! However, there are some rules:

    1. Don't try to cheat. My eye knows everything on you if you try to sneak to find info.

    2. Be respectful, but try to at least be harmlessly funny.

    3. First to answer the question gets points! The higher you guys get, the bigger the prize you get.


    1) What is the most irritating weapon ever? *Tricky question*

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  • GD-2 Predator
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  • Mrbottomdogman100


    October 12, 2018 by Mrbottomdogman100


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  • Highly distorted image of something

    Hardpoint: Heavy
    Type: Splash
    Damage: 5567 lv1 mk1
    Reload: 12 secs
    Clip size: 1
    Requires Lock-on: False
    Range: 1100m
    Description: A powerful cannon that fires explosive shells.
    Price: 640000 Silver
    Smart Reload: False
    Effective Range: 800m
    Level/league: Gold III, Level 18

    Hardpoint: Heavy

    Type: Energy/Shotgun

    Damage: 9,000 - LvL 6 Mk 1

    Fire Rate: 1 Shell every 2 seconds

    Range: 400

    Clip size: 5

    Reload: 3 seconds per shell (reloads while firing)

    Requires lock-on: True

    Effective range: 50 - 200

    Additional description: Barene is a Vanguard Class energy shotgun designed to disorientate enemies while dealing a viable amount of damage.

    It uses Hydro - Plasma ammunition and has a reflecting barrel at the end. Once shot, the target will be pushed back, pulled, push back, pulled, an…

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    When new robots kept coming in Walking War Robots, it seems that they are a little bit too overpowered, but there are avoidable ways to not interact their abilities.

    1. Hellburner: This is a robot with a Overload ability, so the best way to avoid this guys is RUN. If you can't outrun Hell, then try jump. If you can't either outrun it OR jump out of it, then do this: FIGHT TO DEATH. Hellburner has a powerful ability, yes, but it lacks durability. Try fighting it with a physical, Ancile, or Aegis shield and destroy it with all cost.

    2. Haechi: This robot is beginning to be common in this month, and it sure has a tactical ability that can dash and return for destruction. Once you meet it, identify its weapons. If it's splash system, then you ca…

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  • Golurk 88

    Most new robots and weapons released by Pixonic take the game by storm, and the Blitz, Rayker and Invader were no exception. Each one of them boasted an ability which gave their pilots the power to reduce the weapon damage of their opponents, a first for the game and opened up the possibility of not only a new meta, but also different play styles. In this blog we will be looking at the basics of each robot, what their strengths are, and how to counter them should you ever meet one in battle.

    Note: All stats are at Level 12 MK1


    Health: At 325k health, the Invader’s durability surpasses even the Raijin’s. However, due to its ability and firepower, it can be said that it really needs it.

    Ability: Incursion is similar to Helldive, although…

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  • Chimaera360

    Many of you Are Wondering what happened to the Shutze when it got Removed, And I also Wondered Too. Most Old War Robots Players Still have The Shutze, Now Currently Seen as a Rare Collectable Robot. Sadly The Schutze Still Hasn’t Came Back Since Recently. But I got to admit The Giant Schutze In Skirmish Game Mode Called Arachnophobia was Awesome. But it still Doesn’t Mean The Schutze will come back in the Shop. We may Never Know When The Schutze Will Come Back Or Never.

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