• Cooldude87

    Hello and welcome to my first 'Titan edition' in my How to series! Here we'll be covering how to pilot the Kid, the Titan which we all start off with. This is my first time writing about a Titan so please don't take it personally if I get anything wrong. Anyways, I don't really like using my Titan, so here goes nothing...

    Kid's base level starts off at a whopping 426K health. This is the highest health recorded ever at base level, including the other Titans, Arthur and Ao Ming. In comparison to its main competitors, Kid has (426-345) 81,000 more base level durability than Arthur (not including its physical shields) and (426-356) 70,000 more health than Ao Ming. With the two other most-durable 'robots' out of the way, we can look at Invader,…

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  • I am a person 3

    The doc is already very versatile and can ecploit reload times, but I think it needs a hp buff.

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  • I am a person 3

    Natasha vs Leo

    April 1, 2020 by I am a person 3

    Natasha vs Leo. The 2 heavyweights of the silver silver bots. Who is better?

    First up is health, and It's obvious who is the best. Whith the 3rd highest health in the game, the Leo is a beast to fight. Natasha has less health than the Leo, but it has more firepower.\

    Attack. Say light slot is 2 units, medium 3 units and heavy 4 units. Natasha has superior firepower, totalling 12 units, while Leo only manages 10 units.

    Combat Role. Natasha can be seen for close ranged combat in Silver to Gold Leagues, same for Leo, although both have huge hitboxes and slow speed. Natasha is a good sniper, and Leo can be used to defend a beacon and a tank as well as mid range and close range battles/support. 

    Conclusion: Both robots are powerful and have their o…

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  • I am a person 3

    This blog is like useless unless you are in silver tier. So anyways, the robots here cost silver, no premium. First up is Leo. With such high health and firepower, its no wonder why he is still used in champiin leagues. However, he is not as versatile as natasha or griffin, although he is still a viable choice in higher leagues. Next is griffin. He is the silver tier jumper and has around the same firepower as Leo. Griffin can jump, thus he is very popular in silver and gold league. Next, natasha, the powerhouse of silver. With 2 heavies and 2 lights, natasha can be used as a sniper or a defender robot in beacon rush. Fatty Natty is thicc, si shotguns work well against her. Finally, Fujin. With the stringest energy shield, Fujin is a monst…

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  • Cooldude87

    How to: Destrier

    March 30, 2020 by Cooldude87

    Welcome to my blog on the second most powerful robot in the game: the Destrier! Right after the one and only Schutze (more of that in another blog). Basically, I'll be showing you how to pilot the game's first robot and maybe even try to trach you to operate it in higher leagues!

    The Destrier, at base level, comes at a decent durability for its ‘league class’, at 44K. While this could obviously be higher, its main rival, the Cossack, boasts a meager 39K. This gives Destrier a fair edge over it, as it can tank out considerably more damage when face-to-face in battle. Meanwhile, the starter robot strides through the map at a decent speed of 42km/h, giving it quite a considerable non-ability top speed, even rivaling those in higher leagues, l…

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  • Killroy1080

    Hello there,

    Recently I've been seeing a LOT of complaints from many players that this game has become all about how much money you can put into it and no longer requires skill to the game.

    After seconds of intense thought I've come into a somewhat interesting conclusion, one that both lets everyone have fun and lets PIXONIC keep their money

          What if you could separate the pay to win players and from the rest?  Imagine if there was a system that sorts players depending on how much money they put into the game, putting people who put little to no money in one server, and the rest in another.       One disadvantage is that people who want to put money in the game won't like this as they will be forced to join other players who have bought …

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  • Piisfun

    This is for Windows only and not entirely safe.

    1. Open command prompt
    2. Run regedit (local admin privileges are required here)
    3. Navigate to the following:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\CursorBlinkRate

    This is the number of milliseconds per blink. Setting this to 100 will cause the cursor to blink rapidly.

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  • I didn't spend money in this game

    I have THE most edit among normal users (no special rights)

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  • Cooldude87

    How to: Blitz

    March 20, 2020 by Cooldude87

    Heya and welcome to my third entry to the 'How to:' series of blogs!

    Anyways, getting to the point today I'll be covering how to command the Blitz. Remember, this is solely my opinion so if you don't agree with anything, please don't take it personally.

    As a long-term and experienced commander of the Blitz, I think I'm pretty good at using it. I'm going to try to put everything I know into this blog but please tell me if you see anything missing.

    At base level, this relatively fragile 'Alien' bot has only 73K health. It's enough to survive a decent amount of time in minor fights, but when you come up against a heavy bot you're probably not going to win. That Behemoth will probably enjoy his jumbo-sized meal of fried metal. However, this is mo…

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  • S220129


    March 11, 2020 by S220129

    discord who likes it me

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  • S220129

    sorry just something random.

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    A short Excerpt

    March 4, 2020 by F0XTRAUT

    The cold hard reality of school

    School is something that we all need, there are people who try to succeeded and those who don't care about the importance of school. School is not only friends and a place to have lunch, it also consist of grades. Grades that actually matter, when finding a place to work and to get passage into university and college. Grades are a way of indicating how smart you are; High grades means your smart while the opposite indicates that your not trying hard enough. To put into perspective, imagine a Cushion that catches and mitigates the pain that you feel when you fall. Now imagine that the thickness of the cushion is dictated by how high your grades are. If you have low grades, your cushion would be the thickne…

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    Level Damage Accumulation (%) Mark
    1 420 130 MK.I
    2 468 137 MK.I
    3 516 143 MK.I
    4 576 146 MK.I
    5 636 149 MK.I
    6 708 152 MK.I
    7 780 156 MK.I
    8 864 159 MK.I
    9 960 162 MK.I
    10 1056 165 MK.I
    11 1164 168 MK.I
    12 1284 172 MK.I
    1 1356 175‬

    2 1308 178‬

    3 1332 181

    4 1380 184

    5 1404 187

    6 1428 190‬

    7 1452 193

    8 1476 196‬

    9 1500 199

    10 1524 202‬

    11 1548 205

    12 1572‬ 208

    1 1704 211

    2 1,836‬ 214

    3 1,980‬ 217

    4 2,124‬ 220

    5 2,280 223

    6 2,436 226

    7 2,604‬ 229

    8 2,772‬ 232

    9 2,952‬ 235

    10 3,132‬ 238

    11 3,324‬ 241

    12 3,516‬ 244

    1 3,720‬ 247

    2 3,924 250

    3 4,140 253

    4 4,356 256

    5 4,584 259

    6 4,812‬ 262

    7 5,052 265

    8 5,292‬ 268

    9 5,544‬ 271

    10 5,796 274

    11 6,060‬ 277

    12 6,324 280

    1 6,600 283

    2 6,876‬ 286

    3 7,164‬ 289

    4 7,452‬ 292

    5 7,752‬ 295

    6 8,052‬ 298

    7 8,364‬ 301

    8 8,676‬ 304

    9 9,000‬ 307

    10 9,324‬ 310

    11 9,660‬…

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  • I didn't spend money in this game

    What is life?

    Why is our soul paired with THIS specific body on Earth at 21 century?

    Why aren't we born other times?

    What is the next time we are going to be alive after dead?

    Why are our minds realizing stuff HERE, on earth, with THIS body?

    If we can live multiple times, why is THIS specific time we live is so significantly memorized than other times?

    If we can only have one life, after death are our minds like before we were born again, hollow and realizing nothing for rest of the time?

    How long will universe exist? Where do we go after death?

    Can we still keep our mind after universe ended?

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  • SpectralHadesA4

    Many people say that the Galahad is underpowered.

    So, today we are going to see if that is correct and to compare it with his competitor, the Lancelot.


    2.Shield Durabiliy



    5.Possible Setups, Pilot Skills and Modules



    At level one the Lancelot has 23000 more durability than the Galahad.

    With a durability of 75370 at level one, the Galahad can be described as a brawler.

    But the Shield of the Galahad adds a lot more durability

    2.Shield Durability

    The Lancelot has a shield on the right, and shield on the left and a front shield.

    The total durability of all these shields is at level one  188000.

    The front shield has a durability of 76000 at level one, the two side shields each have 61900.

    Well the most import…

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    New Wallpapers

    February 4, 2020 by F0XTRAUT
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  • I didn't spend money in this game



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  • Icefirephoenix

    Robot Current Ranking Previous Ranking Trend Reason
    1 1
    Many people anticipated the Leech would give the Ares a run for its money, and boy did it ever. The current number one on this list comes with only one true flaw, low durability. This problem is greatly mitigated with its Repulse ability, which allows this 4 medium weapon monster to charge after foes with 90% damage resistance, leaving nothing but a pile of scrap metal in its wake. To makes matters worse, the enemies being charged at can't shoot at the Leech without adding salt to their own wounds.
    2 2
    One of the longest running meta robots in the history of the game, the Ao Jun still sits onto its number 2 spot, and barring a nerf isn't going anywhere. In fact it has gotten more pop…

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  • Ericon Finalez

    The Bulgasari was the first truly ‘Meta’ thing that I laid my hands on. When it was first introduced, it was love at first sight: This big, blue behemoth of a machine with its massive shield (even though it was really small) was just the thing that I wanted to solidify my Hangar.

    Today, we take a look at our once big boy of the meta, and see if he can still hold up…

    First, HP, and the Bulgasari is no slouch in this field. With a MASSIVE 190000 HP, this thing can take some punishment, and then some! Then we get to its POWERFUL physical shield, which is what made this bad boy terrifying when it first came out. How does SECOND STRONGEST SHIELD IN THE GAME SOUND!? You can also use Lock-on Weapons and rotate the bot slightlt to protect yourself w…

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  • Omicron01

    So, I decided I would try to make a list on how I would balance out WR to make it more enjoyable. Obviously not going to happen, but one can dream, ye?

    • ===Bots===
      • Schutze, Boa, Golem returned to shop
      • Return weight classifications to robots and tune stats approptiately 
    • This would mean Ao Jun, Fenrir, Tyr, Behemoth, Bulwark, and the like would be Heavy. Blitz, Spectre, Leech, would be Medium, etc. 
        • Heavy Bots
          • Tower rotation slowed by 25%
        • Medium Bots
          • Tower rotation slowed by 15%
        • Light Bots
          • Tower rotation increased by 5%
    • ===Buff Supply drops===
      • Increase silver given (50% more)
      • Add Powercells to drops (5,000 in Champion)
      • Add small amount of gold (1 in recruit, maybe up to 25 in Champion)
      • Drops can stack up to 4
    • ===Economy===
      • Silver gained is based on damage do…

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  • Omicron01

    1. I am a 16 year old male

    2. I like pasta 

    3. Am from the US

    4. Spent far too much in this game than I wanted to ($50 USD!!!!!!)

    5. Machine and meme enthusiast. Stefan Karl will forever be Number 1.

    6. I have minimal experience with coding. I know Python, HTML, and Java.

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  • DodoBomber

    Some Facts Or Something

    December 6, 2019 by DodoBomber
    • I've been playing this game since 2015, right after it changed from WWR to WR
    • My favorite bot is strider, and I play (Blasphemously) A treb-arbalest setup and use it for long range.
    • I am actually female and since hardly anyone notices these posts this will remain fairly uncommon knowledge.
    • I am slightly inactive on war robots now.
    • I played a match with 1 F0XTRAUT.
    • IDSMITG is my favorite active wiki user.
    • Golurk88 Was the only reason I stayed on this wiki after the Ao Jun/Qin/Guang update.

    • I'm usually on the wiki from around 8 to around 3 since I have absolutely no social life. In the event that there are no quailified admins or mods hanging around then ask me IDSMITG or Ragnarok Ghost any imminent questions.
    • My discord is Vitamin C and my tag is n…

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  • I didn't spend money in this game

    Let's gooooooooo!

    the first non-admin user to reach 6000 edits! i beat ya GD

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  • Icefirephoenix

    This blog will show statistics based on the main hangars of the top 100 Android players in the game (Legends League). This makes for a total of 500 robots as the sample size.

    This section will cover all the different robots seen in the top players' hangars, in order from most common to least common. Also included are the top three most popular setups for each robot in this list (along with the percentage of that particular robot using that setup).

    Robot Amount Percentage Top 3 Setups Used
    207 41.4% 1. 4x Corona: 48.3%
    2. 4x Storm: 19.8%
    3. 2x Corona/2x Storm: 12.2%
    94 18.8% 1. 2x Avenger: 44.7%
    2. 2x Redeemer: 29.8%
    T3. 2x Viper: 5.3%
    T3. 2x Glory: 5.3%
    88 17.6% 1. 1x Corona/2x Halo: 52.3%
    2. 1x Storm/2x Halo: 20.5%
    3. 1x Igniter/2x Halo: 11.4%
    38 7.6…

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  • Omicron01

    The Reason Why WR "Sucks"

    November 5, 2019 by Omicron01

    All mobile games these days rely on some form of microtransaction or other in order to generate profit. So why is there such a terrible stigma on War Robots, when it does the same thing?

    The answer is that this game does not respect your investment. You could shell out a few hundred dollars for a mex hangar but it will be obsolete by the next update. One of the best examples of high profiting games that respect investments is Clash of Clans. If you spend a few hundred there, you're basically set for the rest of your life. 

    Anyways, rant aside, I still find ways to enjoy this game. It's still the best mech shooter I've seen on the app store, besides BoT.

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  • Icefirephoenix

    In this blog, I have rated (what I think is) the overall effectiveness of each robot (with its best possible setups) in the current meta.

    Here, I will label both an optimal league and a max league, which will show (in my opinion) the highest league each robot can perform at its best, and the highest league that robot is still effective in. The ratings will be based on how well I think they perform, in both their optimal and maximum league. The rating system is based on a score from 1 to 10 (with a 10 being the best score possible). Decimal points are included (for example, 5.2 out of 10).

    Note: In most cases the maximum league rating will be no lower than a 5, unless the robot's optimal league is lower than a 5 (in this case both league scor…

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  • Omicron01

    Within this link you will find the four different tiers of costand upgrades.

    WR Upgrade/Cost Tier CHart

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  • Ericon Finalez

    The Weyland was one of the first two Repair Robots introduced back in the day, and I will admit, it was not well received. Even I was ridiculing it for some time, for being ugly, for not repairing enough, for overall being stupid. BUT, with the introduction of Pilots, the Weyland has morphed into a true BEAST. But a rare one at that. Let us take a look at our derpy friend and admire his strength by breaking down the Weyland.

    First, HP. The Weyland is a tank, through and through. 250000 HP at Lv 12 (MK. 1) is nothing to sneeze at. Compared to the Raijin, which has the same HP, this guy is quite tough.

    Secondly, Speed. At max level, the Weyland has a top speed of 45 km/hr. This is decent for a robot of this size, and it beats the Raijin, which…

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  • Cooldude87

    How to: Raijin

    October 9, 2019 by Cooldude87

    At base level, this walking fortress has 127K health to tank out punishment. Not a lot, you say? Well, you know those invincible Invaders only have 154K health when they start out, with only 27K health difference at base level. Also, compared to Invader, Raijin is ridiculously cheap, which is actually a very useful advantage in lower leagues. Raijin can also survive in higher leagues, although it won't be as efficient as it was in, say, silver. Compared to its main counterpart, the Weyland, however, you'll realize that the new robots are quickly catching up, as even being a support robot, the Weyland only misses 460 HP compared to the Raijin. Raijin can also travel across the map at 31km/h. Not the fastest, but compared to other heavy robo…

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  • Skywolf99


    October 9, 2019 by Skywolf99

    Component conversion real cost

    1 day

    140/80.          17.5 million AG

    200/60.          ≈ 33.3 million AG

    200/80.          25 million AG

    290/60.          ≈48.3 million AG

    3 day

    460/230.   20 Million AG

    600/230.   26 million AG

    660/170.    ≈38.8 million AG

    690/230.    30 million AG

    950/170.     ≈55.9 million AG

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    This Blog is mainly about the top 50 player's hangers in IOS. I will cover what robots they use in their hanger and the overall count of robots. I will also cover how many robots are in total in the top 50 and what is more common. 

    Robots Total Count Popularity Common Weapon Setups
    Leech 120 18.32%
    • Corona
    • Pulsar 
    • Storm
    • Hussar

    Ares 105 16.03%
    • Corona + Halo
    • Pulsar + Shredder
    • Pulsar + Marquess
    • Scourge + Spark

    Phantom 79 12.06%
    • Corona + Halo
    • Corona + Shredder
    • Storm + Halo

    Ao Jun 71 10.67%
    • Avenger
    • Redeemer
    • Ember
    • Glory

    Cossack 45 6.76%
    • Molot T

    Fenrir 34 5.11%
    • Corona + Avenger
    • Corona + Glory
    • Corona + Ember
    • Corona + Redeemer

    Loki 25 3.75%
    • Halo
    • Shredder
    • Halo + Gust
    • Blaze

    Falcon 20 3.00%
    • Various

    Invader 16 2.40%
    • Halo + Corona
    • Gust + Halo + Corona
    • Scourge + Spark
    • Blaze + Igniter


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  • Ericon Finalez

    Ah, the Leech. The new meta Robot introduced during the Yan-Di Showdown Event. Just what is it that makes this robot the most powerful of them all? What makes this King of the Robots? Let’s break this bad boy down, and take a good look.

    First, HP. The Leech has a decent amount of HP for its speed, but still has less than the Ares, which is a pretty good comparison for this Robot. The Leech has 125000 base HP at Lv. 12 (Mk. 1), compared to the fragile Ares, which has 123000 at the same level. This is rather balanced, as this means that the Leech can be one-clipped by most anything meta.

    Secondly, Speed. The Leech is very fast, with a max Speed of 55 km/hr, compared to the Ares, which has 60 km/hr. This means that the Leech is up there as one …

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  • Skywolf99

    The death of Ares

    September 30, 2019 by Skywolf99

     It was freezing as they climbed out of their machines and made camp by the valley. They were on a special assignment to assassinate the King of their enemies, Ares. he was relentless and he would stop at nothing until he had all the earth under his control.

     The three pilots talked about what the earth might be like if they succeeded, they all agreed it would be for the better. This war had gone on too long, but the federation had come up with something incredible to turn the tide of the war, stealth. At first it was mainly used aggressively, until the enemy found a way to counter it, anti-stealth. They were forced to use it defensively and every day the federation was losing more and more ground, the enemy was closing in. The federation, …

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  • I didn't spend money in this game

    The second non-admin user to reach 5000 edits!!!


    IDSMITG 5000 Anniversary here!

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  • Skywolf99


    September 22, 2019 by Skywolf99

    IS it against the free to play way to spend 30$ of apple gift cards that you recieved for your birthday

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    Spectre Survey

    September 15, 2019 by F0XTRAUT

    Hello and welcome to the Spectre Survey!

    Here you will be answering Spectre based questions, these question shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Also, this survey is directed at players that own a Spectre or have at least used a Spectre before (either in skirmish or test server).

    So it is important that if you don't own or have used an Spectre before, that you shouldn't vote. Simply because it could mess up the results and the survey wouldn't be as accurate as it was intended to be.

    If you have an additional feedback on Spectre or anything regarding that matter, then feel free to comment below.

    There are 15 Questions:

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    Falcon Survey

    September 12, 2019 by F0XTRAUT

    Hello and welcome to the Falcon Survey!

    Here you will be answering Falcon based questions, these question shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Also, this survey is directed at players that own a Falcon or have at least used a Falcon before (either in skirmish or test server).

    So it is important that if you don't own or have used an Falcon before, that you shouldn't vote. Simply because it could mess up the results and the survey wouldn't be as accurate as it was intended to be.

    If you have an additional feedback on Falcon or anything regarding that matter, then feel free to comment below.

    There are 25 Questions:

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    Ao Jun Survey

    September 2, 2019 by F0XTRAUT

    Hello and welcome to the Ao Jun Survey!

    Here you will be answering Ao Jun based questions, these question shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Also, this survey is directed at players that own an Ao Jun or have at least used an Ao Jun before (either in skirmish or test server).

    So it is important that if you don't own or have used an Ao Jun before, that you shouldn't vote. Simply because it could mess up the results and the survey wouldn't be as accurate as it was intended to be.

    If you have an additional feedback on Ao Jun or anything regarding that matter, then feel free to comment below.

    There are 13 questions:

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  • KrishNK

    Lucky with Ao Jun

    August 31, 2019 by KrishNK
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  • GD-2 Predator

    War robots balance

    August 31, 2019 by GD-2 Predator
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    Help me  i got ag 6,869,804 and  au 1,252.  im lv 21

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  • Zedkhan

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  • PhantomFlamePhoenix

    I plan to possibly create a WR Choose your own adventure network. However, I would need some help. This is how it will work:

    1. You start on the wiki page. Here the rules will be displayed . You will be confronted with a choice (eg. Go North or go South). Each option will be a link to part of the page/comment/talk page. Here more of the story will progress and you will be offered another choice. Beware! Sometimes choosing wrongly will cause you to have to begin your adventure again! There will be multiple outcomes, but only one way to win. Sometimes the choice will test your WR knowledge. (eg. How long is the Area ability cool down a. 16 secs b. 18 secs. If you win, you get... Bragging rights! (and if the idea is succsessful,  the first to …

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  • Cooldude87

    How to: Ao Jun

    July 30, 2019 by Cooldude87

    This is my second blog :D

    At base level, the Ao Jun has a stunning 84k health pool. This is 29K more than Spectre’s base level health, who was previously considered to be the best ‘glass cannon’ (before Ares entered the battlefield). Meanwhile, Ao Jun goes across the map at 33km/h, 5km/h behind the speed of Spectre, but this is soon to be justified by its ability. On the other hand, Ao Jun also has two heavy slots, enough to inflict pain on enemies, but soon you’ll realize this isn’t too good...

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  • Zedkhan

    to a fire sale]] would be sad that you brought thunder to a lead shower]] Read more >
  • PhantomFlamePhoenix

    What game modes would be fun to have in WR?

    1. Capture the flag: race to the other teams spawn to capture their 'flag'. Carry it back to your base without dying to get a point for the team. If you are killed with the flag (which adds a big icon above your head) the flag is dropped and any player can pick it up. First team to three points wins.

    2. Rally: For the first 5 mins, 1 team must try to get as many robots as they can to a location. However, their weapon damage is halved. If they reach the location without being slain by the other team, their team gets a point, their robot is destroyed, and they are allowed to respawn on one of the three spawns. When the time runs out, or the whole of this team is destroyed, all robots on both teams ar…

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  • Zedkhan
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  • Cooldude87

    Bolt-is it worth it?

    July 26, 2019 by Cooldude87

    This is my first blog! :D

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  • Zedkhan

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  • Zedkhan


    July 25, 2019 by Zedkhan
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