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LightningNinja73 LightningNinja73 11 May

Fan Battle 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hi! I'm making this as a blog post, rather than a regular page, because I (LN73)

  1. don't know how to add it in right
  2. don't want to get in trouble

Now, some ground rules I propose:

    1. I suggest this to prevent power creep, ie 6v6 to 12v1000's
  2. Maybe custom pilots (Like my Jaeger pilot?)
    1. if this ends up being a 6v6, then it would stay a 6v6
    2. I have to admit, the 3rd battle in the original Fan Battles was tons of fun, but, especially at the end, it became hectic
  4. don't take these suggestions too seriously
    1. I don't want to offend people, but I don't want this page to end up like USA vs China (that started with 1v1's of Titans, ended with multitrillion bot armies (No, I'm not joking))

Now, for the teams:

Squadron 'Bastion':


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Unfreezable.exe Unfreezable.exe 25 April

Blog for Starship (Off Topic.)

SpaceX Starship Major Structural Failure,

Starlink Group 4-14

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Bok the chicken Bok the chicken 26 March

How I get premium items (2022)

Feel free to comment below, and help contribute to make the wiki a lively and active community~!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Where should I get everything?
    • 2.1 Main Free Sources
    • 2.2 Minor Free Sources
    • 2.3 Paid Sources
  • 3 Get it for free!
    • 3.1 Store
    • 3.2 Workshop
    • 3.3 Black Market

Hello, I am Bok the chicken, and you can call me Beluga_Haechi as well! I am a veteran WR player and wiki contributer, since I have played the game since 2018 and been on the wiki since 2019 (but honestly, there are many, many more players and users who are more a veteran than I am, since the game and wiki began in 2014). For a lot more information on myself, check out my profile page and have a good read :D

I once quit WR partly due to the fact that Pixonic was very harsh on players at a time: I bel…

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Unfreezable.exe Unfreezable.exe 22 March

blog for thought




discord text wall:

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Ocelot26r Ocelot26r 2 March

Op war robot


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Ocelot26r Ocelot26r 27 February

Pre-remastered Graphics

I think that Pixo should add the pre-remastered graphics back. They are OG and I think a lot of Old-time players like me ( i guess im OG I started playing in Jan 2018) would appreciate the older graphics as whenever I watch old videos on YouTube I feel nostalgia.

Reasons why bring the old graphics back:

  • Older devices won't struggle as much and could run the game smoothly in 60 fps
  • Older players would like the return of the pre-remastered graphics for nostalgia etc.
  • I know its a bit to late to rant on about the Remastered Graphics as they came out like a year ago but i think that its a messy, overcomplicated design. You can never see when you are suppressed ( i mean the red glow around the weapons, not the status thingy on the left side of the …
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Ideas for Titan Weapons

  • 1 Boomerang Weapons
    • 1.1 Introduction
    • 1.2 Description
    • 1.3 Weapons
      • 1.3.1 Alpha Variant
      • 1.3.2 Beta Variant
  • 2 Rocket Artillery
    • 2.1 Introduction
    • 2.2 Description
    • 2.3 Weapons
      • 2.3.1 Alpha Variant
      • 2.3.2 Alpha Variant

Boomerang weapons are a type of specialized homing weapons, which is available for titans. There are Alpha and Beta variants.

Boomerang weapons specialize in medium to long range engagement, hitting targets around cover in large open areas. They utilize boomerang shaped plasma, held by a gravitational homing matrix, which blows up upon contact with a surface, releasing the plasma.

Similarly to homing machine guns, they specialize in taking out targets that are hiding behind cover and slow moving targets, they are most effective in large open areas at long dista…

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any robots I should build?

or wepon I should build for a behemoth

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Ocelot26r Ocelot26r 8 February

PC or iPad?

Hey guys just wondering what i should get for my birthday.

I really enjoy playing war robots and minecraft 1.8 pvp. I dont know what to get as iwont be able to link my account on PC, as war robots doesnt support this. If i get an iPad, i save about 400 pounds.

Just wondering what u guys think


1660 or 3050 ryzen 5 16 gigs of RAM

iPad Mini 6

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Erjnficrnh Erjnficrnh 28 January

The no Meta times...

Remember those times when drones weren't added? You didn't get locked down by some guy with Punisher T's and Paralysis? How about when Snaer, Skadi and Hel weren't added? No random campers and no immediate freeze? What about Fafnir or Orochi? No "I spawned in a max Fenrir and died 2 seconds after I spawned because a Fafnir killed me", or "I hit a guy with one bullet of my Punisher, then he went into stealth for the rest of the game". You see, before all of that was added, War Robots was fine. A good game with balanced stuff. But now, no.

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I wish

That there is a way to bring back your old account somehow or atleast get what the old one has

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I remember the time...

When literally one WR match could give you more than 10 gold

now its just 5 or something

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Drfggh77 Drfggh77 13 January

Fafnir Equipement

I would like to know what weapons to put on my Fafnir in addition to two Skadi on the side. I wish the weapons were effective in Domination Mode and FFA.

If you have any ideas, suggest them to me.

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DodoBomber DodoBomber 16 December 2021

Gloating I guess

I proposed and created a Limited Edition page when eldritch ares and imperial hades came out. They were different models from other bots, so I figured they needed a page all to themselves. The page got deleted as unnecessary since those bots would be "Exclusive and probably the only limited editions ever." HA. I LAUGH. I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.

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Hamsterfarts15 Hamsterfarts15 7 December 2021

level 10s

just got my first level 10 bots recently they are my corrupted fafnir and ares

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so I made a hellburner...sorry I did not tell you all(idk if thare are people that care..)

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Unfreezable.exe Unfreezable.exe 29 November 2021

Player of Games OC

"So?" Unfreezable asked.

"Ya'll got invited?"

"You shouldn't be asking that. Look at us, we're not famous, so of course we didn't get invited." Wild answered.

"Check your emails. It's a Three man squad match. There will be twelve groups. I invited ya'll just because....Iskra is weak." Unfreezable shot back.

"Whatever..." F0X answered.

They check their emails, and found the invite in the spam section.

"Fine...at least we get some new gear. *reads the prizes* Hmm...Winner group wins Luchador and Siren each, and Runner up will get a Sharanga and a scorpion..third will get....just a scorpion. And Winner group members have to battle each other to decide who is Champion.." Wild said out loud.

"The prizes are...not bad.." F0X said.

"Duh, its Yan-Di." Unf…

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LightningNinja73 LightningNinja73 25 October 2021

The Trials of a Merc (As Told by LN73)

Short preface here; this is only based on modern War Robots. The following changes have been made:

No drones or Motherships in combat. There are Titans.

Weapons won't act exactly like they do in-game, but are generally more balanced.

Only special Pilot skills, IE only Yang Lee's QR, exist, unless otherwise specified.

No Last Stand. Ever.

Very limited user ideas from my page, only: Kyojin, Bast. Reinforcer, Athena, and the Changes to Aegis and Ancile Shields, the Shieldbreaker Module, Titan crews and Titan active modules.

All bots follow a more realistic 'cinematic physics', that would allow a shot to a leg to eliminate a bot, or ricochet away.

I am trying to not have the 'power creep' that happens in pretty much every other fan story (goes from 6v…

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Asdfghjkhhhhhhhhhhh Asdfghjkhhhhhhhhhhh 17 August 2021

how to become a admin?

How do you become a admin? I am in silver in war robots

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Unfreezable.exe Unfreezable.exe 30 July 2021

How to: Orochi

Hello! And welcome to my copied "How to:" series. It has certainly been awhile. Today, I will show you how to use your Orochi!

Disclaimer, Unfreezable is still stuck in silver league.

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Kevin H 888 Kevin H 888 28 June 2021

My feelings about WR.

Heya. this is KH88. and here, im going to tell some opinions about WR.

No offensive.

  • 1 Opinions to game
    • 1.1 Opinions to p2w
    • 1.2 Opnions to advertising
    • 1.3 Opnions to haters
  • 2 Opinions of WR Wiki
    • 2.1 Opnions to WR wiki
    • 2.2 Opnions to my friends on WR wiki
  • 3 Others
    • 3.1 Opnions of My friend - Adrian Chong and about his haters

Yes, i know that WR is no longer a f2p game, alot of my friends told me that this game how nad it is. my opinion is that everygame has their own rights. they can make their game whatever they want, Pixsonic made WR into to a p2w game is just because they want to learn more money, and everyone have their rights. this is the players choice.

For advertising, i think Pixonic did a great job. why? they invite WR youtubers to their company they m…

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JFSoul JFSoul 24 June 2021

Legendary Pilot Rankings


Updating thelast Legendary Pilot Rankings.

Here is a ranking of regular pilot skills.

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JFSoul JFSoul 24 June 2021

META 7.1 Report (June 2021)


This is a continuation of the top 10 voted META bots for all game modes.

Here are the results:

  1. Shell
  2. Demeter
  3. Hawk
  4. Fenrir
  5. Fafnir
  6. Typhon
  7. Orochi
  8. Ravana
  9. Scorpion
  10. Blitz

Note: the Google forms method seems to be popular--got 3 times the amount of responses than I normally do on average!

Greetings once again, Commanders, and welcome to the newest edition of the META reports. Here was the previous one.

It is broken down into the following chapters:

  • META Synopsis
  • Top 10 META Bots
  • Titan META
  • Weapon META - Priority Weapons by Class for bots and Titans
  • Modules (Titan and Bot) META - Priority Weapons by Class
  • Top 5 Legendary Pilots
  • Top Drones
  • Anti-META - Older bots that perform well in the ME…
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EricX6000 EricX6000 22 June 2021

Ao Jun: The meta that still is

Ao Jun, if you played at least a few months, you must have heard it already. You know why? Cause it is the longest running meta in the whole history of War Robots.

Ao Jun Statistics

In-Game cost: 10,000 components or 14,000 Gold

Real Value: 100 dollars

Exp Level: 16

Class: Medium

Ability: Dragon Breath

Faction: SpaceTech

Base Durability:84,200

Base speed:33 kph

Hardpoints:2x Heavy

Legendary Pilots: Yang Lee and Alika Renner

Tier: IV



The Ao Jun is a medium robot with two heavy hardpoints, but according to the wiki, it is classified as a Heavy robot


Ao Jun’s ability is called Dragon Breath.

When the ability is activated, The Ao Jun flies for six seconds and gains a 111% speed boost, the Ao Jun also has stealth for …

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so I´m making a ao jun

I´m a 2000 out of 10,000 it to have a jun

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so I made a tyr

so yeah it is a level 6

and I did not tell you all

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Interstellar: An Illustrated Novel

In the year 2176, EvoLife sends an exploration spacecraft to Xerxes-IV, an exoplanet that is part of a nearby star system. Astrologists believed that this world once harbored life, but was rendered lifeless by some unknown astrological event. As tensions between corporations grew of whoever can reach this star system first, EvoLife was the first to send a spacecraft to Xerxes-IV. The official reason to send the spacecraft was to look for life, but the corporation's motives had something else in mind.

The spacecraft was launched on the July of that year, and would take an estimated 3 months to reach the target star system. The spacecraft was designated Nomad by its captain, John Merriam. The craft had a maximum capacity of up to 100 personal…

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Totem2550 Totem2550 23 May 2021

And that's how shell was born

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GalacticBunny2028 GalacticBunny2028 18 May 2021

WR Memes

Hello! This page will contain memes that are (TOTALLY) about War Robots. Click View Full Post to view.

Well? Click it?

10 Minutes later...


(Sorry if you clicked it and you're just reading this)

Below is a test to see if you have clicked the button or not.

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Nazulmul Nazulmul 18 May 2021

Free Firmware

  • 1 Samsung Galaxy A50s (SM-A507FN) firmware Download
    • 1.1 Tools to Flash Samsung Galaxy A50s (SM-A507FN) Stock Rom
    • 1.2 How to Flash/Write Firmware:
    • 1.3 Samsung Galaxy A50s (SM-A507FN) firmware download links
  • 2 Visil Page

First of all on this page download Samsung Galaxy A50s (SM-A507FN) flash file / Firmware / stock rom ,

With this Samsung Galaxy A50s (SM-A507FN) flash file / Firmware / stock rom you can fix stuck at samsung or logo and bootloop, fix dead mobile, fix IMEI related issues, any type of software issue, and battery draining, removing google account , frp, and downgrade or upgrade, root, flash stock rom.

Now on this page you can find download links of various versions of firmware / stock rom / flash file for Samsung Galaxy A50s (SM-A507FN) y…

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JFSoul JFSoul 18 May 2021

META 7.0 Report (May 2021)


This is a continuation of the top 10 voted META bots for all game modes. Here are the results:

  1. Shell
  2. Demeter
  3. Hawk
  4. Fenrir
  5. Typhon
  6. Ravana
  7. Scorpion
  8. Orochi
  9. Blitz
  10. Hades

Greetings once again, Commanders, and welcome to the newest edition of the META reports. Here was the previous one.

It is broken down into the following chapters:

  • META Synopsis
  • Top 10 META Bots
  • Titan META
  • Weapon META - Priority Weapons by Class for bots and Titans
  • Modules (Titan and Bot) META - Priority Weapons by Class
  • Top 5 Legendary Pilots
  • Top Drone Chips by Class
  • Anti-META - Older bots that perform well in the META

Special thanks to:

u/Frozenshxrd, u/juenta, u/Will-Morth, u/Shaaadyyy, u/autumnWR, u/arielbelkin, u/_Ma…

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LightningNinja73 LightningNinja73 13 May 2021

Best Incorrect Setups


This is a page where I will, as the title said, saying what I think are the best setups that are "wrong", according to most people.

Jaeger with Redeemers

For anyone who has seen the Fan Battles page, my Jaeger with 2x Redeemers, 2x Fortifiers, and a Last Stand is not new. If you haven't seen that page yet, definitely go check it out. But, that Jaeger is what I'm building right now. I've tried it out on the test server, and it's extremely effective. It is somewhat weak to Scorpions, because they can bypass the shield. But, that's why I added the Last Stand.

Atomizer/Viper Fenrir

This is another bot I'm planning on making. I currently have these weapons on a Lancelot, and it's OK. On the test server, though, I tried the weapons on a Fenrir…

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Kevin H 888 Kevin H 888 9 May 2021


im too thicc. someone help me.

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Rafaelsammy Rafaelsammy 27 April 2021

War Robots Talking memes episode 1

Minecraft death sound*

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Unfreezable.exe Unfreezable.exe 20 April 2021

How To: Leech (In a nutshell)

Just Leech on to ur target when ur under heavy fire. Simple.

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new update again....

the scorpion is done! and it is level 7

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new update again...

sooooo......I made a mistake 9000 of 10000 for a scorpion.....sorry... 2 days tell I get the scorpion

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new update

on my scorpion am at 8000 of 10000

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Zyleek1233fromWR Zyleek1233fromWR 9 April 2021

How to get gud

All u need to do is join my discord... i have a few people in there that will help you. I will also if needed.

Link will be coming out SOON

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Perlueuu Perlueuu 3 April 2021

F2p's Last Stand

I once met a toaster-looking bot

He was totally distraught

From all the P2W's

Who decimated the game

Without an ounce of shame

The F2P's tried

But the tyrants never fell

Creating a chasm in between

The toaster looking bot

Once valiantly fought.

But when Pix tainted the game

It never was the same

One day the F2P's gave one last effort.

Grinding without stop

Once they got together

They put in all their might and effort

They purged the world of tyrants

As the P2W's all fell

Pixonic survived with nothing but rubble

The lesson taught to them

Was to never kill a game

By tainting with P2W

The world was finally restored

Clean and bright again

Old pilots returned

Back to the battle again

Beaming in their seats

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Jz9266 Jz9266 3 April 2021

What is the best healer?

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Cupcakes2214 Cupcakes2214 3 April 2021


Robot ideas: Bird

Class:light robot



Ability: peck of doom

Ability cooldown 1secs

Ability damage: 100000000

Speed:100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 mph

Ability range:entire map

Very op robot

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Kingruken Kingruken 3 April 2021

New bot: Orochi (my thoughts)

After playing the test server for 2 days, I think that the Orochi is a fairly balanced bot.

While it has Stealth, applies DOT, and can move at high speed, it's hard to control it during its ability as it has no breaks, and the DOT effect while lasting for 15 seconds doesn't deal a lot of damage (Cerberus' DOT deals more damage). That's not all, while the ability lasts for 7 seconds the 5 seconds Quantum Radar Module can almost negate it (though the chances of people running it are not very high) and area damage systems (like the Minos' magnetic pushback, Arthur Blastwave, or the Shell Overload) can also damage the bot while in stealth.

Also, a thing that I like about it is that Pixonic made it so that glides on its built-in wheels (which pop out below its fe…

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Perlueuu Perlueuu 2 April 2021

The Titans pt1

The Titans

“The Titan Prophecy”

One day the mighty Titans shall be reborn. One a dragon, one a midget full of speed, one a healer, one a defender, and the youngling”

(The Titans are Ao Ming, Minos, Nodens, Arthur, and Kid)

The Resurrection Of Ao Ming

One night, by fate it seemed to be two bots that were flying named Ao Jun and Ao Gaung on the cold martian landscape crashed into each other. They spiraled to the ground taking damage, they slowly rose up and were ready to fight each other until the locked eyes. They watched each other and it was love at first sight. Ao Jun lowered her avenger and was the first to speak. She said,”Oh, hello! Sorry about the crash. It would be nice if we could fly to our homes together.” Ao Gaung blushed in joy and…

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so... 4000 out of 10000 for a scorpion

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sooooo........I'm building a scorpion and I'm going to put rime on it(gold 3 league)

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LightningNinja73 LightningNinja73 15 March 2021

Robot Ranking

Hi! (Finished, and this is my opinion)

I will be ranking many of the best robots for different things here. I will be using the following ranking system:

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I have a fenrir now and I love playing with it.....if you go to my main page then you get to see my hanger and my name ( and my user IDEAs page link)

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JFSoul JFSoul 9 March 2021

Pilot Skill Rankings


This is a complimentary thread to the Legendary Pilot Rankings(I should've done a different title for the Legendary Pilot Rankings thread).

The purpose of this thread is to discuss the best pilot skills to help players decide which ones are good and which ones should be discarded.

List pulled from here: https://warrobots.fandom.com/wiki/Pilot

It will always be situational, depending on the game mode, playing style, bot, weapon load out, etc. In general I recommend prioritizing these skills for your bots:

  1. Ability Based
  2. Speed
  3. Durability (HP and / or Shields)
  4. Trade Off
  5. Heal
  6. Weapon Damage
  7. Resistance


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JFSoul JFSoul 1 March 2021

So You Made it to Masters League


The purpose of this thread is to help players survive in Masters.

So you made it to Masters. Congratulations!

This is where it gets much more difficult.  Here are some tips to consider.

  1. Be patient.  You're going to lose because the matchmaker will put you up against more Champion League players with higher level hangars. Try not to get too frustrated.  
  2. Improve your hangar.  If you made it this far into War Robots you have developed some skills and you're enjoying the game but you're facing a pay to win "wall" where you either need to play 1-2 hours a day to help with "the grind," or spend money to reduce the resources required to advance.  It's importan…

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