• Cooldude87

    How to: Weyland

    June 18, 2020 by Cooldude87

    Hello and welcome to by blog on commanding the Weyland! I have a decent image of the healing spider from Skirmishes and Custom Games, but I'm not a regular commander. So, with that out of the way, let's get right into it!

    At base level, the Weyland already has a monstrous health pool of 126.54K. Comparing this to its main counterpart, the Raijin, we find that the Weyland only lacks just a few hit points to Raijin's 127K! WIP

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  • Gentleman Hiwi

    《Hi all! We quit War Robots.》

    Finally we make this decision is that we will fully quit any War Robots activity and stop any project we made about War Robots.

    It means, no more 3D model update, no more giveaways, no more 4K realistic wallpaper and even WR Story Mode update.

    And as we know, War Robots Fandom Wiki is using our account for display robots 3D model. And this is our ask: Could someone tell the Fandom Wiki moderate that we will stop update the new content? Thanks!

    And the last: We start playing War Robots on 2014 but we end today. Thank you for supporting us so many years!

    ZLM Crafter

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  • Golurk 88

    Update: This experiment has been a success and the page has been overhauled.

    This blog is going to serve as a duplicate to the Cancelled Robots and Weapons page for experimental purposes. I will copy the page onto this blog, then attempt to clean the page's formatting up. If all goes well, I will copy-paste the source text and templates back onto the actual page, replacing the current mess, and the experiment will have been a success.

    New appearance of the Cancelled Robots, Weapons and Game Features page below:

    Ever since the game started, there have been many prototype weapons and robots that were tested by Pixonic, some of which never even made it to the Test Server. This page contains information on the known cancelled robots, weapons and …

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  • GamerRayPlayz


    June 3, 2020 by GamerRayPlayz

    I don't know what blogs are so I guess I'm making one

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  • MegaMutant456
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  • GimoStudio

    War robots

    June 3, 2020 by GimoStudio

    feel free to make some changes but plz don't spam or make insults

    NEW ROBOT: Diversion

    Diversion is a robot that has one medium and one heavy gun slots. Diversion has a special ability which is to take another robot's ability(if they have one) and use it as his own. Diversion is a bot that costs 10000 components. The special pilot for this is called GIMO, which increases his health and speed by 10% when health below half. 

    Another robot: Python Python is  a robot tha that has two mediums for slots, and has a special ability, which is able to turn into a war robot animal. Python has a special move, which is to deploy a pet snake. The robot Python will stop moving, and you will be able to control your snake. The snake has 50 % less health than …

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  • JFSoul

    A former clanmate from 1%, Nakamori, shared some commentary in Discord regarding his experience with using the Ravana and taking on Arthurs. Here are his comments (very slight editing on my part for flow and formatting):

    • I’ve been having a very high success rate killing Authors with Ravana. Tucking up to their shield, moving side to side, healing after the blast, shifting to reload and make em waste ammo or lose acceleration fire. It’s a dance, but proving more successful than I woulda thought.
    • [Have tried Last Stand and] I've been trying it with healing. It’s nice to have opportunity to shoot while healing, then phase again.
    • Cant do it 100% of the time, but I can at least hurt em, maybe break shield, and soften for my next bot or a teammate.…
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  • JFSoul

    Crossposting from

    Here is u/Real_Happy_Fun_Ball analysis of Legend's Report: War Robots May 2020 META (iOS and Android) by u/Blanchdog

    Just to remind everyone what Legend League (LL) really means... players in LL typically have maxed or near maxed gear, have decent skills, and most importantly play a lot of games. Because of the way Pix awards cups at the end of a match, you will almost invariably climb the rankings whether you win or lose if you regularly place in the top two or three on your team. Good gear and decent skills will land you in the top two or three and the larg…

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  • JFSoul

    I found this very interesting, and essentially an extension of this discussion (

    This is lightly edited by me to make it flow here, but I'm sharing V0X chat (mostly Adrian's and Sith Mechs) thoughts on Disguise Unit, Quantum Sensor, and Scorpion:

    [Please note this is NOT Pixonic's view]

    I think it's actually an indirect nerf to Titans. You are trading 27% firepower in the universal slot for QS. Titans fight Titans, not mosquito Ao Juns, which do little damage to a max titan.

    By releasing the Disguise Unit for regular robots it's harder for a Plasma …

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    Discord Server

    May 24, 2020 by F0XTRAUT

    The purpose of this blog is to let people of this wiki to know that there is a discord that is dedicated to this wiki. Below you will find the following criteria that must be met in order to join the wiki discord server, final decision is up to the admins and bureaucrats.

    • The user is a verified member of the War Robots Wiki.
    • The user has familiarized him or her self with the wiki regulations and guidelines.
    • The user is recognized among other wiki members and staff, and has become trusted.
    • The user makes meaningful and important contributions, whether in the form of edits, blogs, etc.
    • The user has not broken any rules since the user has joined.
    • The user has no ulterior motives or malicious intentions.
    • The user has been observed, either by an admin…

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  • JFSoul

    Max Fomichev did a 2 hour Q&A on Facebook on the Leagues System and League Chests. I copy and pasted selected quotes that I found interesting. I tried to summarize the nature of the question / comment for context.

    Max: "Hello Brawlers,

    My name is Max and I'm a producer of the War Robots and I'm live here in comments to this post for the next 2 hours, gathering your feedback, commenting suggestions, and answering the questions regarding the topic.

    And the topic is LEAGUES SYSTEM (and the League chests as well).

    I would really love to narrow the theme of your questions to the particular topic - it's not Matchmaking, "lag", or battle rewards. It's how the Leagues System works, what do you like in i…

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  • Golurk 88

    Note: The following blog is mostly my opinion, but is influenced by other wiki members as well. I will update it at some point along with the addition of links for the relevant sections, but for now, enjoy! Also, you can thank Piisfun and Icefirephoenix for restoring this page after it was deleted because of a misunderstanding.

    Many of us fondly remember the 'good old days' where matches mainly depended on your strategy, team cohesiveness and effectiveness in battle. Lancelots (or Ancilots) were king, but you would always see Rhinos, Galahads, Leos, Griffins, Furies, heck, even the Fujin and Raijin were pretty commonplace.

    The best weapons were Orkans, Tarans, ECC Thunders and for snipers, the Trebuchet with its menacing amber glow. Currenci…

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  • Killroy1080

    While there are a ton of players in war robots throughout numerous platforms, there will always be a player who will try to hack, at times they are successful and are trolling or just beating the heck out of the red team using instant kill or other methods.

    It is relevantly easy to notice a hacker or cheater right away, usually he/she would give him/herself away with unnatural abilities such as instant teleport across the map with some random robot, doing instant damage to everyone in the map or even altering the game itself to the extent where the game isn't even playable, due to how severely hacked the game is. 

    There is also an unnoticeably type of hacking that no player except Pixonic will know about - Money Hacking, This type of hacking…

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  • S220129

    Ever since Invader Came out, I think it has been a sad sack of beans. Even the dash bots, which, mind you, came out EARLIER, could easily overtake the Invader. So I began thinking: Is the Invader viable anymore?

    Truth is, It is. I don't know how, but it is. Even though Blitz with Clive Vicious takes less damage than the poor Invader, the invader has hung onto the thin rope that separates it from the trash pile. So how to use it?

    Now that Invader isn't very meta-worthy, it still has it's strategy. The Invader, is an initiator, but it can be used as a brawler if played correctly. Now that titans exist, the Invader must be very careful in the middle game. Invader is more suited in attack forces, which is rare unless in a squad with others. Inva…

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  • Yo Yo Brudda

    Alright, finally! Videos of my hangar and some gameplay in mid-Masters 1.

    Any suggestions on my hangar or some opinions on things (e.g. pilot skills, modules to use, whether or not to get the battle pass, etc.) are greatly appreciated! Please comment them down below, I'll check periodically.

    If anyone's interested, I might start doing giveaways soon (though that's still in the works). Thinking of doing 2 $15 or one $25 gift card per giveaway, so if anyone could teach me how to make a poll for opinions on which I should do, that would be greatly appreciated. Giveaway date is still TBD, but it's gonna happen someday - get excited!

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  • JFSoul

    Saw this in Reddit and thought it was an excellent guide:

    It's by u/pyrotech442

    How to Spend Your Gold

    Gold is arguably the most important resource to have in the game. It lets you buy premium equipment, speed upgrades, and so much more. But as a new player, it can be tempting to burn through this very limited resource. With all you can do with gold, how do you know what to save it for?

    1.  Fifth slot. I can't stress this enough. Having an extra robot will make a huge difference on the battlefield, meta or not. It will give your hangar more variety and flexibility, as well as preventing you from meching out early in battle. Your team needs you, and you can't hel…

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  • JFSoul

    From the forum article:

    As with Nodens, imo it is important to consider the particular role your Ming will play, and this mainly depends on which weapons you go with - plasma, or those requiring closer ranges to be effective. If you don’t spend $ for Pt, the Vengeance and Retaliators are very worthwhile to upgrade. The following is my own opinion. Although I have a high level plasma Ming and spend $ on Pt, the points below can be applied to the patient builder.

    The first priority in the case of Ming upgrades, is imo, premium modules. Why? Because 1) the Plated Armor stacks on your Aerial damage resistance (called Defense Points, of which each amount provides a % of damage resistance) of the Hull, and your Ground-Based Defense of the Core; an…

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  • JFSoul

    Greetings once again, commander, and welcome to another edition of the Top 10 Bots! As the anniversary event starts up, a new meta landscape has certainly arrived. Oceans rise, empires fall. Our poor Leech is no longer the King.

    With u/SDFMacr0ss 's permission I am going to start these monthly meta reports back up!

    To explain the rankings, here are my criteria for rating each bot.

    • Firepower
    • Speed, health, special ability
    • Power cell consumption
    • Utility
    • Technical prowess (corner shooting, turn speed)

    Let's get to it!

    1. 1 Ravana

    Recommended weapons: Cryo, Storm, Ignitor, Corona

    Recommended modules: 2 HAK/LS

    Recommended active: Phase Shift

    As more and mor…

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  • JFSoul

    I'm resurrecting and combining these threads to discuss how to counter max plasma Ao Mings. For me, personally, they are extremely frustrating when you face them on the battlefield.

    • Lokis as a Counter to Ao Mings?
    • Anti-Plasma Ao Ming Tips
    • Molots and Wasps as Anti-Titan Weapons

    A clanmate asked other clanmates who have max Ao Mings (in our Discord channel) recently how to counter them. Here is a summary of the discussion with some direct quotes and some lightly edited by me to help with the flow which I found insightful. Some of them are obvious, but I still think it's good to mention them. If it's in quotes I cut and pasted it directly. Credit to Ogre from…

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  • S220129


    April 23, 2020 by S220129

    Invader is obviously the robot that requires a HECK TON OF SKILL

    for one part, there are so many counters. You need to be careful. Another thing is that you can actually duel and pick targets wisely, and you must play carefully

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  • JFSoul

    Full update notes:

    For those that can access the site , here's the text :-

    Event: WR Anniversary 2020

    • Two kinds of Special Crates. Complete daily tasks, get tokens, open Special Crates with valuable rewards. You can win platinum, a new titan, new weapons and module and a legendary pilot for Ravana!
    • New legendary pilot: Arnav Poe (Ravana) 
    • Remodeling: Ravana, Scourge, Atomizer
    • Arena and Skirmishes

    New weapons: Quarker and Nucleon

    Available from level 5 in special crates during the event

    Energy machine guns with unlimited ammo – one is a light weapon and another is heavy. High accuracy makes it effective at medium range, but aft…

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  • JFSoul

    25% Overdrive Weekend!

    April 16, 2020 by JFSoul

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  • JFSoul

    Best Way to T-Falcon

    April 16, 2020 by JFSoul

    Saw this in Reddit and cross-posting.

    A community member asked about the best way to use the Traditionalist-Falcon.  u/kazahani1 had this response:

    Hello, resident Tfalcon expert here. I run a Mk2 Tfalcon in low champs with a n Avenger, but I'm currently leveling a Viper to replace it cuz nerfs. It's one of my primary bots, usually the 2nd bot I play after my beacon runner. Here are my top secret tips:

    • You're much more valuable in beacon modes. The best thing about Tfalcon is the ability to attack a beacon position with 1 or 2 bots on it and keep them occupied, even forcing other players to spawn in or leave their positions to come help. This really helps you…
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  • JFSoul

    Thought this was a very interesting article about the state of the gaming industry amid COVID-19 pandemic.

    My summary of the major takeaways:

    • More people are getting into gaming — possibly for the first time — and others are playing more than ever before
    • Some Internet Service Providers have seen gaming jump 75% on networks after people started going into lockdown
    • By late March, between 57% and 71% of people surveyed in the U.S., France, Germany and the U.K. were playing more
    • Many game companies are seeing record levels of activity
    • What many gamers aren’t doing is opening their wallets
    • Hacking / cheating is spiking
    • Companies are facing new challe…
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  • JFSoul

    Operations Comparison

    April 15, 2020 by JFSoul
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  • JFSoul

    For those who are interested in getting a Viper, it's on sale in the market for $10. First time I've seen it since tracking the Bargain Bins.

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  • JFSoul


    April 11, 2020 by JFSoul

    It looks like the Ravana will be part of the next META. I won a Ravana a couple of months ago but just recently upgraded it and put it into my hangar this weekend. My observations:

    • Ravana is great at doing flanking attacks and at ambushes, particularly against unsuspecting targets
    • If forced to brawl, the ability in combination with Phase Shift helps outlast Leech's ability and some weapon bursts--sustained brawling and you're likely going to die
    • Best loadout is Cryo or Storms since they are perfect for burst (then reload while Ravana is using its ability)--I have not tried all combos (i.e. Scourge, Corona, Taran, Wasps, Orkan, Pulsar, Igniters, etc.), but I imagine some would be…
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  • JFSoul

    Legend Pilot Grades

    April 11, 2020 by JFSoul

    Hey guys, I haven't seen any guides for legendary pilots and one of the most commons questions is "Is X pilot worth it?"

    This guide is designed purely to judge the Pilot for the Bot it is designed for. It doesn't matter if the Bot itself is good or bad, we're purely looking at if the Legendary Pilot's initial skill is more worthwhile than any of the generic skills in the list.

    Lets get started:

    Adam O'Leary - Griffin

    Grade: B

    Adam's Edge: Robot's ability recharges faster Max: 20%

    25 Second cooldown to 20 second cooldown is pretty powerful, given that the jump is essentially the only advantage the griffin can leverage. It's worth it, but not a MUST have if you…

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  • JFSoul

    Pilot Skill Ratings

    April 11, 2020 by JFSoul

    Here is my opinion on the Pilot abilities at first glance, this could help some people decide which are the elite abilites, which ones are good, and which ones are an auto re-roll.

    List pulled from here:

    Weapon Damage

    Master Gunsmith: 3/5 - More damage is pretty good on all bots, nothing special though.

    Adamant Gunsmith: 2/5 - See above, but situational with a higher max.

    Raider Gunsmith: 2/5 - See Adamant.

    Bounty Hunter: 1/5 - 5 seconds of 5% boost? no thanks.


    Armor Expert: 3/5 - Free durability is good, give an extra star for tanks (Falcon/Fenrir/Invader.)


    Mechanic: 4/5 - Constant healing isn't a joke…

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  • JFSoul

    Powercell Usage Tips

    April 11, 2020 by JFSoul

    Saw this in the forum and thought it was a good post to cross-share. From other threads I've seen at least one comment that only P2W players have power cells, and that some players frequently run out of them. I generally follow the advice from the OP's thread and currently have almost 120k PCs-I've never bought any (unless you count the ones I recently got from the Operations Pass).

    From the OP's thread:

    "People have come to refer to Power Cells (pcs) as ‘green crack’ due to bad habits of usage that are reported as creating an addiction and dependency that weakens their tactical abilities or skills. If you do not have a personal set of usage rules, and just use t…

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  • JFSoul

    Question was asked of me by the clan to look into max speeds of bots with all possible bonuses, after some calculations here's the list.

    Bonuses include Road Hog, Adamant Road Hog, Speed Booster, Ability (or Pilot in Leech's case) Bonus.

    This isn't a full list of every bot, but the fastest known & used bots:

    1. Hellburner: 141.9 kmh during Overload
    2. Blitz: 130.075 kmh during Break-In
    3. Loki: 128.75 kmh in Recon mode
    4. Ao Jun: 112.5 kmh during Flight
    5. Phantom: 111.9 kmh during Blink
    6. Pursuer: 111.87 kmh during Hunt
    7. Mender: 91.69 kmh during Support
    8. Leech: 83.325 kmh during Repulse w/ Legendary Pilot


    1. Strider: Unknown but probably the fastest bot during it's 5 das…

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  • Cooldude87

    How to: Kumiho

    April 11, 2020 by Cooldude87

    After a long, relaxing break from my blogs, I'm finally back. Here I'll be sharing all my best tips & tricks for the Kumiho, the first component robot in the game. I'd like to say I'm good at using it, but that wouldn't be true, but I know how to use it and that's all that really matters.

    The Kumiho begins at a fairly durable health pool of 83.6K, comparable to the Rogatka's health of 76K and the Haechi's durability of 71K. This is enough to survive an attack from an Orkan Ao Guang, but the problem is you can't retaliate. Why not, you ask? Well, Kumiho's firepower is at a measly two mediums. The only other robot that posseses this firepower in the game is the Rogatka, which usually can't deal significant damage to enemy robots either. Howev…

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  • JFSoul

    From Pixonic:

    Commanders, A couple days ago we introduced a new Silver payout system and have been monitoring our data and following your feedback very closely since then. It became apparent that some of new system’s effects impaired the game experience in certain leagues and went directly against our goals with the new system.

    Here’s a quick list of what we have tuned:

    1. Today we increased Honor rates for players in Master and Champion leagues. Masters should now have the same average Honor income as before the update, Champions — 10% less compared to what it was before the update.
    2. To compensate for Honor fall-off in Champions, we reduced requirements for Daily Tasks and Battle Rewards in this league by 15-20%. Pilots XP conversion rate was imp…

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  • JFSoul

    I've read some interesting discussions on Discord regarding the dominance of the Ao Ming forcing innovative counters in beacon games. I've experienced this numerous times, both in solo play and in squads. Once Red gets 3 beacons, 2-3 max Ao Mings with 600m weapons come out, covering the entire battlefield and making it virtually impossible to win the game.

    One of the counters being tried out is the Loki, with its inherent stealth, forcing the Ao Ming pilots to either ditch their Ao Mings, or go for other targets.

    Thoughts on this tactical game play?

    Might be tough to coordinate when to drop it when you are with randoms, but certainly in squads it can be e…

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  • JFSoul

    This is an update to the original thread.

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss getting the most value out of spending real money within the game. I would prefer to keep thoughts on P2W vs. F2P, and Pixonic / gaming approaches to making money out of the comments.

    In my opinion, a F2P player will find it nearly impossible to keep up with a paying player, especially as it pertains to time. So if you do spend real money, here are some things to consider.

    I decided to start paying real money in computer games and mobile ap games over 10 years ago, since I view them as entertainment. I am extremely thrifty, so I maintain a strict budget and do a pretty…

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  • JFSoul

    Bot Progression Guide

    April 9, 2020 by JFSoul

    My goal here is to have a discussion on robot progression as you start off in the lower leagues and transition to the higher leagues. One of the most frequent posts I see in the subreddit is:

    • How is my hangar?
    • What should I replace?
    • What should I start building now for the future?

    I hope this thread helps in answering those questions.

    This initial list is from my personal and subjective opinion based on my 2 years of experience playing the game. I am certain for every bot I have put under a category there will be over a dozen examples of how it could be used in another way based on pilots, weapons, modules, and player preference. And that's good! I expect a lot of o…

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  • JFSoul

    ​​​ My goal here is to have a discussion on weapon progression as you start off in the lower leagues and transition to the higher leagues. One of the most frequent posts I see in the subreddit is:

    • How is my hangar?
    • What should I replace?
    • What should I start building now for the future?

    I hope this thread helps in answering those questions.

    This initial list is from my personal and subjective opinion based on my 2 years of experience playing the game. I am certain for every weapon I have put under a category there will be over a dozen examples of how it could be used in another way based on pilots, bots, modules, and player pref…

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  • JFSoul

    The shotgun nerf has sparked a lot of discussions. One such discussion in my clan about how to deal with Titans (in particular Ao Mings) and tanks led to trying out new weapons: Wasps and Molots.

    Wasps are great to deal a lot of damage to Titans. Max Wasps will deal 60k corrosion damage in 5 seconds, which is more than what a high level Ao Ming can regenerate with its self-healing ability. Molots have an 800m range and can put out a ton of damage, especially when paired with the long-range Legendary pilot. I’ve seen some Leeches with Molots and Wasps.

    Downside (for me at least), is I like to brawl and would be tempted to get in close. Pu…

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  • JFSoul

    For the majority of us, Titans require careful planning--probably more so than any item in the game right now--since they are a long term investment. If you can afford the platinum you have more options, but if you can't, then you need to pick your Titan wisely and maximize your time and effort into smart upgrades.

    I'd like to have a good discussion on what you think is the best choice between the Ao Ming and the Arthur, and where you should focus your Pt investment.

    Here are my thoughts:

    For most of us, it's my opinion the Arthur is better than the Ao Ming. For those with limited platinum (probably most of us) and wanting to get a Titan…

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  • JFSoul

    Quantum Radar on Titans

    April 9, 2020 by JFSoul

    Saw an interesting discussion on Discord regarding Quantum Radar on Titans and how it will impact the game. Most of the points came from Ogre (a Moderator in the WR Forum), but there were some other comments, including my own here.

    First, here are some comments from Tofsla during the last DevStream about it:

    • The QS can only acquire one target at a time (it will not reveal all stealth targets)
    • Once activated, it has a temporary duration (I'm guessing there might even be a cool down period before it can activate again)

    This is not a huge advantage in my opinion, and is far better than being constantly active and acquiring all stealth targets within a 600m range, es…

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  • JFSoul

    Bargain Bin Market Watch

    April 9, 2020 by JFSoul

    I plan to keep this updated on a monthly basis. Here was the original.

    Weapons / Equipment

    Cost Weapon / Equipment Date
    $2 Anciles (2x) 2/13/20, 3/3/20
    $3 Arbalest (2x) 2/2/20
    $10 Avenger 7/3/19, 1/25/20, 3/2/20, 4/2/20
    $5 Ballista 3/20/20
    $10 Calamity 7/22/19
    $5 Chimera 4/24/19, 2/17/20
    $2 Gust 12/8/19, 3/13/20, 4/3/20
    $3 Hydras (2x) 2/8/20, 3/4/20
    $10 Igniter 2/19/20
    $5 Ion 8/15/19
    $3 Magnums (2x) 3/21/20
    $10 Marquess 2/20/20, 3/18/20
    $3 Orkan 2/12/20, 3/11/20
    $5 Redeemer 4/29/19, 8/2/19, 10/20/19
    $8 Shocktrain 5/17/19
    $10 Shredder 1/31/20
    $10 Spark 7/14/19
    $2 Storm 1/3/20
    $3 Storm 2/25/20, 3/23/20
    $3 Sting 1/30/20, 3/22/20
    $3 Taran 2/23/20, 3/25/20
    $8 Tempest 2/5/20, 3/19/20
    $5 T…

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  • JFSoul

    When it comes to the matchmaker, in my experience the MM typically gives you a "balanced" match, meaning there are likely the same or equivalent hangars on the Red Team as there are on the Blue Team. [Note: I am not talking about the 4+ "death" squads facing all solo players here.]

    With the above in mind, here are some tips:

    1. Learn the Legend League. Take note of the top clans and players, and see if they are on the Red Team or your Team at the beginning of the game. This helps so you know who to target, who to support, and who to avoid.
    2. Watch the in game ticker. If you see a red murdering people with max Last Stand and likely MkII bot / wea…
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  • JFSoul

    2020 Beginners' Guide

    April 9, 2020 by JFSoul

    War Robots 2020 Beginner’s Guide

    This thread aims to cover the basics of the game, with recommendations to new players on how to build a Hangar, select Bots and Weapons, and to provide links to the best resources available to help gain knowledge and make informed decisions, with the overall goal of allowing you to get the most enjoyment and return on investment in the game. 

    Initial Steps: Learn (first 30-60 games / 1-2 weeks)

    • Start with the Destrier (default bot at the beginning).  Get used to the controls and the “feel” of the game. 
    • Unlock a second hangar slot and get the Cossack with a Punisher-T.  The Cossack allows you to level up relatively quickly…
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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    Ladies and Commanders, War Robots Anniversary Event is coming soon! To celebrate for the incoming update, I have made my own Anniversary Soundtrack and loading screen!



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  • MKsmashed

    Discord Server

    April 7, 2020 by MKsmashed

    Hello, all! My name is MKsmashed. And this is my first post in over a year!

    I'm here to tell you that we have set up a Discord server for all wiki-goers. If you have a Discord account,  feel free to join!

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  • Icefirephoenix


    April 7, 2020 by Icefirephoenix

    Due to my interest in this wiki diminishing (I won't go into the reasons, but there are many), I am going to be stepping down from my position as a Bureaucrat, and passing it down to a new trustworthy member of the community. Hopefully this will allow the community to continue to flourish! 

    Please vote here for who you'd like to have as a new Bureaucrat:

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  • Killroy1080

    Unity Game Dev

    April 6, 2020 by Killroy1080

    Hello There,

    My experience developing a game based on War Robot's. It is in very early stages of development. I have added some of the maps to the game dev. but without any materials (colors). and added about 30 scenes called UI pages. As well as some weapon's data. I will add more info as I make more progress. for now Killroy1080 (talk) 02:01, April 6, 2020 (UTC).

    I managed to find Noden and Factory assets and added them to my unity project.

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  • Piisfun


    April 4, 2020 by Piisfun

    The books on this list are all free to read, for everyone, until April 30th.

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  • Piisfun

    User Ideas

    April 3, 2020 by Piisfun

    The upgrades to User Ideas are now mostly complete. There were a few "incidents," but those have now been dealt with.

    It is now safe to edit your ideas. Anyone wanting their name added to the list should ask either F0XTRAUT or Killroy1080.

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  • Yo Yo Brudda

    Quanswers Part 1

    April 2, 2020 by Yo Yo Brudda

    Alright, my first blog, I'm a little excited but a little terrified. Let's see some thoughts on stuff:

    Question: How can you grind fast for battles (for the video skips)?

    I've been thinking about this one. Rather than join & then leave a battle (and get lower rewards on a win and more trophies lost in a loss), my idea is to put one good bot in your Hangar and remove all others (regardless of # of hangar slots). Remove your Titan if you have it, and boom! You can contribute but still be able to play some. It'll also increase your skill for that bot since you'll be trying to survive and play more carefully.

    Tips on Video Skips Here (from Reddit): Useful Pro Tips everything about Ads : walkingwarrobots

    More clarification on the things mentioned the…

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