Spectre Survey

    September 15, 2019 by F0XTRAUT

    Hello and welcome to the Spectre Survey!

    Here you will be answering Spectre based questions, these question shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Also, this survey is directed at players that own a Spectre or have at least used a Spectre before (either in skirmish or test server).

    So it is important that if you don't own or have used an Spectre before, that you shouldn't vote. Simply because it could mess up the results and the survey wouldn't be as accurate as it was intended to be.

    If you have an additional feedback on Spectre or anything regarding that matter, then feel free to comment below.

    There are 15 Questions:

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    Falcon Survey

    September 12, 2019 by F0XTRAUT

    Hello and welcome to the Falcon Survey!

    Here you will be answering Falcon based questions, these question shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Also, this survey is directed at players that own a Falcon or have at least used a Falcon before (either in skirmish or test server).

    So it is important that if you don't own or have used an Falcon before, that you shouldn't vote. Simply because it could mess up the results and the survey wouldn't be as accurate as it was intended to be.

    If you have an additional feedback on Falcon or anything regarding that matter, then feel free to comment below.

    There are 25 Questions:

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    Ao Jun Survey

    September 2, 2019 by F0XTRAUT

    Hello and welcome to the Ao Jun Survey!

    Here you will be answering Ao Jun based questions, these question shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Also, this survey is directed at players that own an Ao Jun or have at least used an Ao Jun before (either in skirmish or test server).

    So it is important that if you don't own or have used an Ao Jun before, that you shouldn't vote. Simply because it could mess up the results and the survey wouldn't be as accurate as it was intended to be.

    If you have an additional feedback on Ao Jun or anything regarding that matter, then feel free to comment below.

    There are 13 questions:

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  • KrishNK

    Lucky with Ao Jun

    August 31, 2019 by KrishNK
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  • GD-2 Predator

    War robots balance

    August 31, 2019 by GD-2 Predator
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    Help me  i got ag 6,869,804 and  au 1,252.  im lv 21

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  • Zedkhan

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  • PhantomFlamePhoenix

    I plan to possibly create a WR Choose your own adventure network. However, I would need some help. This is how it will work:

    1. You start on the wiki page. Here the rules will be displayed . You will be confronted with a choice (eg. Go North or go South). Each option will be a link to part of the page/comment/talk page. Here more of the story will progress and you will be offered another choice. Beware! Sometimes choosing wrongly will cause you to have to begin your adventure again! There will be multiple outcomes, but only one way to win. Sometimes the choice will test your WR knowledge. (eg. How long is the Area ability cool down a. 16 secs b. 18 secs. If you win, you get... Bragging rights! (and if the idea is succsessful,  the first to …

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  • Cooldude87

    How to: Ao Jun

    July 30, 2019 by Cooldude87

    This is my second blog :D

    At base level, the Ao Jun has a stunning 84k health pool. This is 29K more than Spectre’s base level health, who was previously considered to be the best ‘glass cannon’ (before Ares entered the battlefield). Meanwhile, Ao Jun goes across the map at 33km/h, 5km/h behind the speed of Spectre, but this is soon to be justified by its ability. On the other hand, Ao Jun also has two heavy slots, enough to inflict pain on enemies, but soon you’ll realize this isn’t too good...

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  • Zedkhan

    to a fire sale]] would be sad that you brought thunder to a lead shower]] Read more >
  • PhantomFlamePhoenix

    What game modes would be fun to have in WR?

    1. Capture the flag: race to the other teams spawn to capture their 'flag'. Carry it back to your base without dying to get a point for the team. If you are killed with the flag (which adds a big icon above your head) the flag is dropped and any player can pick it up. First team to three points wins.

    2. Rally: For the first 5 mins, 1 team must try to get as many robots as they can to a location. However, their weapon damage is halved. If they reach the location without being slain by the other team, their team gets a point, their robot is destroyed, and they are allowed to respawn on one of the three spawns. When the time runs out, or the whole of this team is destroyed, all robots on both teams ar…

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  • Zedkhan
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  • Cooldude87

    Bolt-is it worth it?

    July 26, 2019 by Cooldude87

    This is my first blog! :D

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  • Zedkhan

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  • Zedkhan


    July 25, 2019 by Zedkhan
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    Ares Survey

    July 22, 2019 by F0XTRAUT

    Hello and welcome to the Ares Survey!

    Here you will be answering Ares based questions, these question shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Also, this survey is directed at players that own an Ares or have at least used an Ares before (either in skirmish or test server).

    So it is important that if you don't own or have used an Ares before, that you shouldn't vote. Simply because it could mess up the results and the survey wouldn't be as accurate as it was intended to be.

    If you have an additional feedback on Ares or anything regarding that matter, then feel free to comment below.

    There are 12 questions.

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  • Wiki Commentator

    It’s pointless once you play in diamond league or higher. No one wants to earn silver from key chests, just get rid of it. At the moment I’m stockpiling my keys because of how bad the prizes are, (that superchest still takes forever to be unlocked). You get enough silver from the supply line anyway. It is frustrating that this is even a prize.

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  • Wiki Commentator

    I was just wondering since I have 2 shockwaves and some other comp weapons. I need components for the new mechs and an easy way to get them would be to convert 20,000 components.

    TL;DR: Does selling component weapons give back components?

    Thanks, Cossack MK2

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  • Wiki Commentator

    Hey, I'm back! I was just wondering if my progress would be wiped after going on a hiatus. I'm planning on playing War Robots on my new device and I was wondering if logging in to my Game Center account would wipe all of my previous progress. Should I contact support? I still have a screenshot of my account ID

    TL;DR: Will logging into my Game Center account delete my previous progress, or will it use my old account?

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  • KrishNK

    Suggest me some build

    July 11, 2019 by KrishNK

    Hai All,

    I am at Master League 3 and i have no big improvement for a long time and in some matches i am being crushed. So suggest me some build options and suggest the things i have to upgrade or build in workshop

    Current Hangar:

    LEO(lvl 7)- Exodus(lvl7 upgrading to lvl8 in15hrs), 2 X Pinata(lvl 7), Gust(lvl 7)  

    Passive module - Nuclear reactor lvl 3  

    GRIFFIN(lvl 7) - 2 X Taran(lvl 9), 2 X Magnum(lvl 9)

    Passive module - Nuclear Reactor lvl 1

    NATASHA(lvl 8) - Viper(lvl 10), Calamity(lvl 6), Marquess(lvl 6), Halo(lvl 6)

    Passive Module -Nuclear Reactor lvl 1 

    STRIDER(lvl 8) - Avenger (MK2 lvl 10), Blaze (lvl 8), Halo (lvl 9)

    Passive Module-Armor kit lvl 4 , Armor kit lvl 3



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  • GD-2 Predator

    git gud IdidntSpendMoney and Ragnarok Ghost.

    I won.

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  • GD-2 Predator

    Oh wow hehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehe…

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  • Random0noob

    Narrator: Some time in year 3027 the world has fallen into ruins at the hands of a dark and evil company named Pixonic. Only few biological organisms survive. These brave fighters have stolen some of Pixonic's mechs... To fight back against this growing threat.

    Fujin: C'mon Mercury! We need to get out of here now!

    Mercury: I don't think I can go much longer. My nuclear fuel cell has been critically damaged, and they are right behind us. You must go, there isn't much time left until I explode.

    Fujin: I understand. We will miss you! 

    Mercury: Bye, friend.

    Narrator: At Pixonic's headquarters...

    Tyr: Sir, They have managed to escape. Next orders?

    Pixonic: Damn it, We are losing. What is happening with Ao Jun right now?

    Tyr: He is scouting the area for…

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  • Icefirephoenix

    This blog will show statistics based on the main hangars of the top 100 Android players in the game (Legends League). This makes for a total of 500 robots as the sample size.

    This section will cover all the different robots seen in the top players' hangars, in order from most common to least common. Also included are the top three most popular setups for each robot in this list (along with the percentage of that particular robot using that setup).

    Robot Amount Percentage Top 3 Setups Used
    246 49.2% 1. Corona/Halo: 34.5%
    T2. Storm/Halo: 12.2%
    T2. Scourge/Spark: 12.2%
    106 21.2% 1. Avenger: 35.8%
    2. Redeemer: 20.8%
    3. Ember: 12.3%
    36 7.2% 1. Corona/Halo: 36.1%
    2. Storm/Halo: 33.3%
    3. Storm/Halo/Gust: 11.1%
    33 6.6% 1. Avenger/Ecu: 21.2%
    2. Ember/Ecu: 15.2%…

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  • Piisfun

    ISBN records

    June 23, 2019 by Piisfun
    • 294-0-15760155-3
    • 294-0-16145321-6
    • 294-0-16122501-1
    • 978-1-42314315-4
    • 294-0-15711488-6
    • 978-0-31640886-5
    • 978-1-44244595-6
    • 978-1-42999280-0
    • 978-1-33822149-7
    • 978-1-42999731-7
    • 978-0-39955579-4
    • 978-1-59990731-4
    • 978-1-48149796-1
    • 978-1-25006713-5
    • 978-0-69815038-6
    • 978-1-46686553-2
    • 978-1-10165805-5
    • 978-1-44242184-4
    • 978-0-76365187-9
    • 978-0-54753864-8
    • 978-1-46688568-4
    • 978-1-42995298-9
    • 978-0-76539117-9
    • 978-1-42991456-7
    • 978-0-43986130-4
    • 978-0-14240663-2
    • 978-0-38574356-3
    • 978-0-39925619-6
    • 978-0-54540598-0
    • 978-0-81255070-2
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  • Skywolf99

    Strider Fitting Guide

    June 17, 2019 by Skywolf99

    This blog is for those strider lovers like me out there that are wondering what the best strider builds are.

    Striders with snipers are not useful unless their significantly higher level than the enemies weapon are.

    The strider is a brawler. the top setups are...

    Strider with glory/halo my personal favorite is is versatile and powerful at close range.

    Strider with ember/blaze is amazing for damage and splashing around corners.

    Strider with calamity/spark decent range and is great because of the lock on it has 100% accuracy.

    Strider with avenger/gust great damage at range will serve you will in any situation.

    Strider with redeemer/magnum decent but not as effective as flamethrower.

    Strider with viper shredder great range and decent damage output.


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  • Icefirephoenix

    In this blog, I will rate what I think is the overall effectiveness of each robot (with its best possible setups) in the current meta.

    Here, I will label both an optimal league and a max league, which will show (in my opinion) the highest league each robot can perform at its best, and the highest league that robot is still effective in. The ratings will be based on how well I think they perform, in both their optimal and maximum league. The rating system is based on a score from 1 to 10 (with a 10 being the best score possible). Decimal points are included (for example, 5.2 out of 10).

    Note: In most cases the maximum league rating will be no lower than a 5, unless the robot's optimal league is lower than a 5 (in this case both league scores …

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  • Schutze Overlord

    When I got the update for it, all I thought was, “What is this?”. Then once I it was done I found out what they do. To oversimplify it, they all have different boosts that can sometimes give you the upper hand in a fight, but this update does have some flaws. Some are a tiny bit unbalanced IN MY OPINION atleast, but I hope Pixonic can try to balance some of them.

    And if you have read atleast some of this please tell me your opinion. I’m fine if you agree or disagree.

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  • I didn't spend money in this game
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  • Branimatronic2

    Well, it happened again.

    Matchmaking went all batshit on me again.

    So I'm in Silver II. I play a domination game and MM pairs me with 5 players who, no offense to them, don't know s#!t on playing the game. They were mainly privates and bronzes.

    Again, here we go with the enemy having all lvl 30 players with the best robots in the game.

    Here's how it went:

    We started the game, all 6 enemy players loaded in in seconds and my team took half a century to spawn in.

    20 seconds in, 4 beacons were capped already because the enemy team had unleashed 3 striders (armed with lockdown weapons, sparks and gust mind you). They rushed us and took the last beacon with ease, while obliterating my team of destriers, Cossacks and natashas. My team started to spawn …

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  • I didn't spend money in this game

    first, be sure that ur computer is plugged in,

    second, open all apps on your computer (if not so much, open lots of youtube videos and give them equal screen size) and minimize them

    third, open this cpu stress test:

    fourth, open another cpu stress test: choose extreme test

    fifth, open a video player and let it on part of ur screen

    sixth, open audio player

    seventh, turn on bluetooth

    eighth, project your screen

    nineth, open all system apps (e.g.task manager, camera) and minimize them

    tenth, hug your computer and it will heat you up!!!!

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  • Ironmanxp

    I was so delighted when I read my player stats and it said I had done 2,091,478 in damage in this battle! As most anyone will admit, over 2 million damage is quite an accomplishment and I felt very proud to have achieved that milestone. However, when I checked my player stats it only showed 1.910,090 million in damage. I assumed it would update shortly but after a day sadly it had not. So, I wrote to Pixonic tech support to see what was up. Their reply was...

    "Such a thing may happen if you use the Repair Unit or healing bots."

    "As there is no separate column for the healing in the post-battle statistics, it's added to the damage now. However, heal is not actually damage so it's not considered in your profile stats. So if you use the Repair…

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  • Icefirephoenix
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  • 2057clones



    Alright. So, I know I'm only in Gold league, and I'm not the greatest pilot around. Many others have better advice than I do. But I wanted to do something helpful. So, here I am with a few tips for beginners and pilots up to around Silver league - those who might want some help on builds or such.

    First tip: Use your gold on hangar slots first. Some tips about gold that you've seen in 10391809281230957 other places:

    • Don't speed things up.*
    • Hangar slots are the priority.
    • Don't buy paintjobs.*
    • Buy weapons before robots.
    *Unless you'v…
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  • 2057clones

    and kinda depressed.

    like, i go around seeing everyone get new breakthroughs like, "oh, i got an eldritch ares!" and "oh, i got 2!" and "oh, i did something important on the wiki and got promoted!"

    and it makes me sad. 

    cuz i feel insignificant, just being the one who gets the close beacon and steals the kill from that cossack who hammered away for 3 minutes to bring down a natty.

    now, i know i have to do something big in order to be recognized.

    and to do that, i need an opportunity.

    ok, you're probably looking at this like, "who do you think you are?"

    but tbh, i wrote this cuz i was bored, and wanted something big to happen.



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  • Branimatronic2

    I just revisited the game after not playing it for 3 months. I decided to start it on a new device and start from the beginning again. So I'm on bronze II now, and I just played a match where my team, comprised of private and some silver players, was somehow forced against a team of primarily diamond-expert league players. 

    Of my team, there were three private league players, two bronze (myself as one) and one Silver II player.

    On the enemy team, there were 2 diamond players, 3 expert players, and only one bronze I player. 

    It was a beacon rush game. Our team only got 8 kills overall (5 of which were my own) and only capped 3 beacons that I could see, because the other team had striders rushing to each beacon.

    How in the hell is this possible? …

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  • Random0noob


    May 18, 2019 by Random0noob

    The new update is straight up outrageous! Played for a month and already dissapointed. The trash can is full, and Pix isn't gonna empty it anytime soon. So many things need reworking in this game that it's unplayable for me.  Deleted the game, and didn't regret it at all. Gave the game so many chances, yet it kept letting me down. I do believe this game has the potential to develop, it's just in the hands of the wrong people. I would rather play a game by the the name of Walking War Robots. The only time I might consider returning would be a balance update. Still gonna be kinda active on wiki tho. 

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    Ladies and ROOOOOBOTS, here we are with Lancelot and I are hosting the event from the RG headquarters, and we are gladly announcing that there will be several updates from the user Ragnorak Ghost, and his main goal was to entertain you guys! This is the list of things that will be coming this year:

    1. WR Telltale Story Mode Edition. Very exclusive to being demo, so only one of you may win a one-way ticket to testing the story mode of War Robots. The full release of WRTSME may be from July 23 to October 11. If it isn't, well, it might be delays from school or vacations.

    2. User-made Robot Stories. Upcoming this wiki, Ragnorak Ghost will leave the classic robots behind for a while, to create stories from users who created their own bots! To do…

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  • DodoBomber

    Shocktrain Hate

    May 13, 2019 by DodoBomber

    Shocktrains Deserve to die. Pixonic made shocktrains as a counter to healing bots or bots that are good in teams. The linked shots of the shocktrain discourage teamwork fo most kinds. besides sniper support.

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  • I didn't spend money in this game


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  • 2057clones

    if you are here, you must be seriously bored.

    click this link, it may but probably will not relieve your boredom: Not guaranteed boredom relief link

    if it did not work, play some war robots.

    unless there are p2w players present :P

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    Hello and welcome to my survey!

    The main purpose of this blog is to gather data on various topics, such as weapons and robots. Sometimes, polls may ask your opinion on certain aspects of some issues. (i.e. what would you do if you could change this?) 

    There will be some weapons here that are not in the live server but were in the test server, such as the Igniter. The Igniter is a medium version of Ember. And the Avalanche is a much heavier version of Tulumbas.

    Please answer all polls and give your feedback in the comments down below. 

    If you have further questions, please ask on my message wall. I will be doing more surveys like this one in the future for many reasons.

    So Far, this is the 3rd Survey to be posted in accordance with the 1st & 2nd…

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  • I didn't spend money in this game

    So let's talk about War Robots first. It seems to be a great game before, and i've heard many people saying the game has changed when dash bots came, i don't think so. it's just move 100 meters instantly, and great firepower and some good health. Yes, it's op, but not that big of a game changer. the thing that i think really changed the game is when shocktrain and spectre comes. shocktrain can deal ridiculous amount of damage at 500 meters range bypass energy shield, deal full damage in 1 shot, chain over to your teammates. That is really overpowered. now it has been nerfed on damage. if you don't have thermonuclear reactor and 4 shocktrains on spectre, it deals so little damage that it's not worth months of time and billions of silver. i …

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  • MegaMutant456

    Because of this game’s ever-increasing P2W state, I am starting to get bored of the game. Maybe I will come back sometime in the future. This means I will be more inactive on this wiki. However, I may drop by this wiki once in a while. In the meantime, I have found another game called This game is kind of like War Robots, but a lot simpler. Anyways, have fun on this wiki. Goodbye for now. -MegaMutant456

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  • GD-2 Predator

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  • Icefirephoenix

    This blog will cover the changes (I believe) that should be done (or not), to help make the game more balanced.

    This blog will be updated on occasion, either when new weapons (or shields, etc.) are introduced, or when current weapons are changed in future updates.

    Note: Press the open button next to "Changes" to view the changes that should be made to the respective piece of equipment.

    Below each weapon (if there are any changes to damage output) is a "Damage Table" showing what the buffed or nerfed weapon's statistics would be when factoring in the changes that I deem necessary.

    Text Note: Buffs are in green and nerfs are in red. This also applies to the overall change for the equipment, with the word "Changes" being colored coded this way.

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  • 2057clones

    Why are you here?

    April 27, 2019 by 2057clones

    Hello. Why are you here?

    If you're reading this, you can probably afford a Cossack.

    And you are probably bored.

    When 75k silver and extreme boredom come together, what do you get?

    A Cossack.

    So if you're bored, go buy a Cossack.

    You will probably still be bored.

    But why not?

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    It's been 20 years since I enlisted in the army...and I was Commander-in-Chief of the troops I had. My friends called me 'ld Natty, and I was one of the best frontal-assault robots in the warship of Canada, but things went out of metal. In 2050, October 23, we were engaged to take over the beacon of Pakistan, and I was with Carnage, Haechi, and Fury. I thought of a moment in my life when I saw a old workshop called "The Natties", which is my father's place, and I wished that my family would still be alive to see me fight for my country, and minutes later, we heard crackles. Haechi benched me down and strolled over to see what was happening, and got hit in one of his Orkans. One of the enemies came to kill him, but I suddenly rammed it and …

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  • Defender7881

    Tank Diary: WWIII

    April 24, 2019 by Defender7881

    I kinda got bored, so I decided to create a fictional diary blog. Please enjoy! :)

    It's official, WWIII has been declared. Apparently, there was a chain of events that brought tensions between Russia, Japan, and Germany to the breaking point. Japan and Germany are allies at this point, with Russia fighting alone. Luckly, the US isn't gonna intervene directly, but rather supply with weapons and munitions. But, they will be intervening if the war involvement becomes bigger. There is a few Type 90s working around the Norfolk Naval Base, in which they did heard about the declaration, but they decided to stay. I have a friend over at Japan (Being a STB-1 if you readers don't know) and he isn't gonna be joining the JSDF anytime soon when he calle…

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  • GD-2 Predator
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