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The Black Market is a feature that allow you to open chests with unused Black Market keys. The keys either be purchased with real currency or in battle. The amount of keys earned per battle is based on how well you played (ranging from 1 to 5 keys).

Black Market keys cannot be "gifted" to a friend or clanmate.

There are three types of standard chests; Bronze, Silver, and Gold, costing respectively 10, 100, or 1,000 keys to open. With Bronze giving the least valuable rewards, and Gold giving out the best of the three.

A special Superchest is automatically opened after opening a certain amount of standard chests (the better the chest opened, the quicker you progress towards the Superchest), giving superior rewards. You can keep track of how close you are to opening the Superchest by keeping an eye on the progress bar on the top of the screen.


Prizes can range from silver and gold, to robots and weapons. The more expensive the chest the better the rewards.

Bronze Chest

Cost to open: 10 Black Market keys

Standard rewards:

Ag10k Ag15k Ag25k
Au5 Au7 Au10
Other: Top Reward:
RKeys10 RKeys20 RKeys100

NOTE: These where correct as of update 5.7

  • Possible loot percentage table:
AgIcon 72.17%
AuIcon 18.00%
RedKey icon 9.83%

Silver Chest

Cost to open: 100 Black Market keys

Standard rewards:

BmAg100k BmAg200k
BmAu30 BmAu70 BmAu100
BmGepard BmJesse BmGareth BmStalker
BmGekko BmAphid
Top Rewards:
BmRogatka BmGalahad BmRhino BmButch
BmMagnum BmTrident BmOrkan BmTaran
BmArbalest BmAncile BmHydra BmZeus
BmGust BmTrebuchet BmStorm

NOTE: These where correct as of update 5.7

  • Possible loot percentage table:
AgIcon 47.93%
AuIcon 40.60%
BmRobots 8.21%
BmWeapons 3.11%
RedKey icon 0.15%

Gold Chest

Cost to open: 1,000 Black Market keys

Currency: Top Rewards:
BmAu1000 BmPcells5k BmAg10m BmAu5k
Top Rewards:
BmHussar BmDragoon BmEmber BmPulsar
BmRime BmVortex BmIgniter BmViper
BmSinisterPulsar BmMarquess BmGlory BmCalamity
BmAvalanche BmHalo BmGlacier BmBlaze

NOTE: These where correct as of update 5.7

  • Possible loot percentage table:
AuIcon 33.27%
BmWeapons 26.44%
AgIcon 24.95%
Oie transparent 15.34%



BmAres BmHades BmEldritchAres BmImperialHades
BmDeathwingAoJun BmAncientTyr BmNemesis BmTyr
BmLoki BmFenrir BmAoJun BmBehemoth
BmPhantom BmLeech BmFrozenLeech BmRavana


Every month (approximately 28-30 days) the Black Market resets. Any unused keys in your inventory automatically convert into a loot prioritizing most valuable chests. For any number of keys fewer than 10 keys 1 Bronze chest will be opened. For example, for 1991 keys the following chests will be opened:

  • 1 Golden chest (1,000 keys),
  • 9 Silver chests (9 x 100 keys)
  • 10 Bronze chests (9 x 10 + 1 key [rounds up])
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