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Beacon Rush is a game mode that was added in the 3.0 update. It is the second game mode of War Robots; the first is Domination. This game mode tends to be more fast-paced than domination, as allied robots have the option to spawn closer to the action, eliminating the long walks to get into the fight. This also makes slower knife fighters like the Raijin or Natasha more viable, because the long travelling distance to the heat of the action can reduce your effectiveness.


A match in this game mode starts off with both teams at their bases. As your team captures beacons, your flexibility in choosing a spawn location allows you to make the most of any hangar. In total, there are 6 possible spawn locations for each team (assuming every beacon is captured by your team). These 6 locations are the 5 beacons and your original spawn point. It is generally more difficult to capture beacons in this game because an enemy can spawn there at any time. This means you need to be more careful in approaching an enemy beacon (especially when using a light bot).

Basic strategies

The victory conditions in this game mode are the same as Domination, but you have the chance to spawn on your team's captured beacons. This battle option makes it much harder to start spawn camping the other team, as they can spawn on their base or any beacons they have captured. However, if you manage to get to enemy spawn beacon and capture all other beacons, it makes spawn camping a lot easier, because your robots can spawn almost at the enemy base. A cheeky strategy would be to sit just outside of the capture zone of an enemy beacon (preferably using a Fury or Raijin with Thunders) and wait for an enemy bot to spawn. This strategy is very cheeky as your enemies seeing you near their beacon would be inclined to spawn there and deter you, not knowing that you are waiting there. This, however, lets you run the risk of losing the match due to beacons because you aren't contributing to the capture of the beacon, and you will risk dying if multiple enemies spawn at that beacon.

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