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…The moment the robot is attacked, a one-time defense system activates, temporarily lowing all incoming damage… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 2,500 Gold
Real Value (USD) Icn info for user popup.png $20
Required Pilot Level Icn info for user popup.png 19
Passive Module
Defence Points 25
Ability Duration 20 seconds
Battle Born.png
AffectsSelf icon.png
Temporary icon.png
Affects Self Temporary


The Battle Born is a passive module.


This module grants a robot with stack-able defense points for the moment the equipped robot takes damage in battle, the bonus lasts for 20 seconds after activation. The module will activate immediately after getting hit, in Pixonic's bid to stop the module from wasting its effect 'before you can get into the battle'.

Unfortunately, this means that the robot using Battle Born is very prone to wasting its module effect from rogue Zenit and Noricum fire. As such, it is always advised to stay away from hotspots for artillery or stay in shelter under roofed areas. Another way to counter this is by using an Ancile, or robots with a built-in Ancile or Aegis barrier, such as the Bulwark or Haechi. An Ancile will protect you from these rogue shots and as such, will not trigger your Battle Born module. Alternatively, you can use robots that sport Stealth or physical shields, although the use are much easier to be bypassed then the energy dome.

Damage resistance or Suppression does not counter the activation of Battle Born in any way, so if you're trying to save your Battle Born for needed times it is recommended to go near a Carnage, not a Rayker. Battle Born also cannot be stopped from activating if an enemy goes inside your energy dome.

Prime candidates for mounting Battle Born are robots that are seeking to enhance their high durability even further, such as Invader. This way you will have even more durability when you leap into battle with already-existent damage resistance, the highest durability for a base level robot in the game and suppress the enemy. This way, for the period of the bonuses granted by its ability, you have created an almost-unstoppable killing machine.

To enhance this barely noticeable effect, you can upgrade the module, another barely noticeable effect. Doing so, you can gain in theory 33.3% damage resistance in a single Battle Born module. Three of these makes ridiculously high damage resistance for running into combat with.

All in all, if you don't have much Gold lying around, it is not recommended to have a Battle Born. Combined with taking up a Passive Module slot and its ridiculously high Gold cost of 2500, Battle Born is far from the ideal module for any robot, with its temporary effect. It is advised to mount a Heavy Armor Kit instead of a Battle Born on robots that seek to enhance their durability.

Being a Passive Module, Battle Born cannot be mounted on Titans. Instead, they use their own form of modules, named Titan Modules.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost Defense Points
1 2,500 Gold 25

Upgrade Information

Level Cost Silver Time Defense Points
2 25,000,000 1 day 30
3 25,000,000 1 day 35
4 25,000,000 1 day 40
5 25,000,000 1 day 45
6 25,000,000 1 day 50

Conversion Table

This table will show you how much damage (%) reduction a robot gains based on its overall defense point value.

Note: The numbers shown are the possible values one can benefit from by using Battle Born module(s); from one level one module (25 defense points) to up to three maxed out modules (150 defense points).

Defense Points Damage Reduction [%]
25 20%
30 23%
35 25.9%
40 28.6%
45 31%
50 33.3%
55 35.5%
60 37.5%
65 39.4%
70 41.2%
75 42.9%
80 44.4%
85 45.9%
90 47.4%
95 48.7%
100 50%
105 51.2%
110 52.4%
115 53.5%
120 54.5%
125 55.6%
130 56.5%
135 57.4%
140 58.3%
145 59.2%
150 60%

Update History

Version Changes
5.3.0 Now activates after robot takes damage, instead of activating when the match starts
4.6.0 Module was added to the game


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