Bastion (Scrapped Robot) Raijin's precursor.

All information on this page is about the canceled Bastion bot. The Raijin has since replaced the Bastion.

The Bastion was a possible heavy robot, but has since been replaced by the Raijin. Bastion is now the ability that Raijin possesses (Bastion Mode), and is the same as the later mentioned "Hold Position."

Recently, Pixonic have leaked images and talked about 'a giant quad walker',that, looks like, and is speculated to be Bastion. It is linked to gathering storm.

It is the first robot with four legs instead of two. For this reason, it was believed that the Bastion will have high speed for a heavy robot. The later variant, the Raijin, was revealed to have a slightly lower speed than the Leo and the Griffin. The Bastion has been seen to come with two heavy hardpoints, similar to the later Raijin, in its trailer video.

Some believe that when in this stationary position, it may be possible for a robot to combine the two halves of its defensive shields and use the relatively wide deflection shield as cover.

In the video Pixonic posted when they reached 10,000 likes on Facebook, there is a mech behind the Griffin and Boa which may be the prototype Bastion, however it is bipedal, not quadrupedal and has different weapon setups. This mech however, has been confirmed to be the canceled mech, the Robespierre.

It was speculated due to the trailer ( that Bastion might be capable of possessing 3 medium hardpoints or 2 heavy hardpoints. The 3 medium point variant was later confirmed to be the Fujin and the Bastion design was replaced by the Raijin.

This bot reappeared in update 3.3, seen on a huge banner behind robots when viewing using the 3d view tab.


  • A Bastion is a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall, so as to allow defensive fire in several directions.
  • Robo duck poster indicated presence of two robots, named "Sentinel" and "Bastion". They are most probably Fujin and Raijin



Spotted at 0:35 in the 1.0 update video.

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