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…Increases both the durability and damage of the robot… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 5,000 Gold
Real Value (USD) Icn info for user popup.png None
Required Pilot Level Icn info for user popup.png
Passive Module
Additional Damage 3%
Extra Durability 4%
Balanced Unit.png
AffectsSelf icon.png
Affects Self Permanent


The Balanced Unit is a mixed-use passive module.


While not quite a "best of both worlds", this module is more of a "jack of all trades" offering a unique mix of both durability and damage abilities. With a single upgrade purchase to Level 2, the Balanced Unit can match the durability of a maxed Armor Kit (+5) and the damage of a maxed Nuclear Reactor (+4) at the same time.

While not as powerful as a Heavy Armor Kit or a Thermonuclear Reactor when fully upgraded, it only uses one module space, allowing for a greater variety of options for passive module loadouts. It helps solve the problem of whether you want to go full-offense or full-defence with Tier 4 robots with their three Passive Module slots, since you can now do a loadout of Balanced Unit, Heavy Armor Kit or Overdrive Unit/Thermonuclear Reactor.

This module can be an enormous benefit on Tier 2 or Tier 3 robots which only support one or two passive module spaces, respectively. This is especially true in the lower leagues. In the higher leagues, the advantage is with the more specialized modules to maximize either damage OR durability. However, as noted above, this module does offer middle ground to those who want both durability and damage. The Balanced Unit could also be used with other passive modules to gain an additional benefit above the standard three module loadout (ie. pair the durability and damage with an Anticontrol and a Cloaking Unit) creating more options for either offensive or defensive play.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost Gold Durability Increase Damage Increase
1 5000 4% 3%

Upgrade Information

Level Cost Silver Time Durability Increase Damage Increase
2 40,000,000 12 hours 5% 4%
3 40,000,000 12 hours 6% 5%
4 40,000,000 12 hours 7% 6%
5 40,000,000 12 hours 8% 7%
6 40,000,000 12 hours 9% 8%

Update History

Version Changes
4.6.0 Module was added to the game


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