…Basic armor plating, increases robot durability… – in-game description




The Armor Kit is a passive module.


This module grants a stackable % bonus to a robot's durability.  Armour Kit's ability to give a robot extra durability at a reasonably cheap price is quite advantageous in lower leagues. It can easily give any robot the edge against a lower-levelled one that hasn't yet unlocked its passive module slot, and when paired with other active modules like Repair Unit or Advanced Repair Unit you can heal up higher than you would without them.

Not only can you stack modules, you can also upgrade them (suprisingly little people consider this) to give your enhanced effects. For example, level 4 fully upgraded Armor Kit is only 3% down from the boost that a Heavy Armor Kit at base level grants a robot, and it is also considerably cheaper.

Armor Kit becomes obselute in higher leagues where robots bear advanced modules like Thermonuclear Reactor and Anticontrol, so it is reccommended to scrape together enough gold to replace them all with their better versions, the Heavy Armor Kit. As Armor Kit is a passive module, you cannot equip them on a Titan like Kid, because Titans can only use their own specific class of modules, Titan Modules.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost (Ag) Durability
1 50,000 2%

Upgrade Information

Level Cost (Ag) Time Durability
2 3,000,000 12 hours 3%
3 3,000,000 12 hours 4%
4 3,000,000 12 hours 5%

Update History

Version Changes
4.6 Module was added to the game


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