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Do you need more protection? Then you've come to the right place! Our Armadillo can easily help you survive the next machine gun fire or a missile blast to your turret. It doesn't matter what style of play you choose. He likes capturing beacons and destroying enemies just as much.
— in-game description

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Purchase Information
Purchase Cost N/A
Current Availability Store
Drone Info
Ability Safeguard
Tier IV
Built-In Weapon False
Built-In Weapon Damage Type Energy
Arms Controller Effect Attack Defense Repair Shield
AC-type chip.png A-type chip.png B-type chip.png C-type chip.png D-type chip.png F-type chip.png
0 1 0 1 1 1


Safeguard. When killing enemy, or capturing beacon, the robot gets 15 extra Defense Points for as long as the bot is alive. The points stack, and will eventually become a lot tougher.

Microchip Summary

Microchip Summary
AC-type chip.png AC  A-type chip.png A  B-type chip.png B 
C-type chip.png C  D-type chip.png D  F-type chip.png F 
Press Down Arrow Button to View the Components of each Slot. Hover over individual Components to view each.


  • Armadillo is a mammal capable of folding into a ball shape. It has tough shell, and it is kind of Skyros.
  • The Armadillo has such Microchip slots, that it plays defensively.