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…Automatically removes negative effects and provides temporary protection against them… – in-game description




The Anticontrol is a passive module.


This module grants a robot immunity from being locked down (immobilized) or suppressed for 5 seconds after activation, it then enters a cooldown of 50 seconds (at level 1, with one equipped on a robot).

The module passively activates during any instance in which the equipped robot would be either locked down or suppressed by an enemy robot, and then subsequently gains 5 seconds of immunity from both potential de-buffs.

The cooldown time is reduced the higher the level of the module, and if the robot is equipped with more than one Anticontrol module, the cooldown number gets even further reduced.

Anticontrol is best played on beacon capper robots like the Kumiho and Strider, or on robots that rely heavily on hitting and running (saboteurs) like Phantom and especially Hellburner.

Anticontrol’s unique effect can be enhanced by upgrading (a feature most commanders forget), doing so will increase your duration of immunity and reduce the cooldown. In fact, three Level 4 Anticontrol modules will grant the host permanent immunity to negative effects, giving it a noticeable edge against enemy robots in duels.

Anticontrol, as a passive module, cannot be mounted on Titans.

Update History

Version Changes
5.1.0 Module was added to the game


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