…Provides composite protection against firearms and missile weapons. Does not protect against energy weapons. Forms a protective sphere that affects all robots within its area of effect… – in-game description

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In-Game Cost 1,500 AuIcon
Real Value Icn info for user popup $15
Player Level Icn info for user popup 10
Hardpoint Heavy, with certain exceptions (see here)
Level 3 Icn parametr shield hp
Durability 47,000
Regen. 3%/second


The Ancile is a heavy energy shield.


Unlike the Écu, this device projects an energy field around the player, protecting not just the player, but any allies who are within the field. When being shot at by conventional weaponry, an electric blue pattern made up of hexagons (similar to a honeycomb) can be seen in the direction of the shooter. The shield regenerates 3% of its maximum health every second.

After the shield is depleted by enemy fire to 0 health, it needs to regenerate 20% of its capacity in order to reactivate.

The Fujin, Carnage, and Haechi have built-in energy shields that function identically to the Ancile. Out of them all, the Fujin has the fastest recharging rate.

As the energy field is rather large (35 meters), Anciles are vulnerable to spread projectile weapons like Thunder or Punisher, because all bullets hitting the shield will drain it. That is, a Thunder at 500 meter distance would do only minimal damage to a robot, but can take down an Ancile with just a few shots. In addition to that, the Thunder can hit a robot's shield even at 530 meters, because range is being calculated to the robot, which is the center of the shield's bubble.

Also, because of its large size, enemy robots can walk inside the shield and cause direct damage to it without having to destroy the shield in the first place. Always make sure to frequently check if anyone is flanking you, as you are most vulnerable when your back is turned.

Sometimes, pilots will mount it on other robots such as Raijin as it will give it more survivability. It is however, not recommended to place an Ancile with one Thunder, as a single Thunder has a low damage output. The Leo is sometimes called a "Pothead Leo" when equipped with this shield (it is recommended that the light hardpoints be filled with Gusts or Aphids). Many pilots who have an Ancile place them on a Lancelot, sacrificing a heavy hardpoint's damage for far better survivability. This will turn the Lancelot into an "Ancilot", a nickname when a Lancelot has an Ancile on it. The "Ancilot" is considered to be extremely effective due to the combination of an Ancile shield and its built-in physical shields (of the Lancelot).

In reality, the shield can sometimes block more firepower than stated. For example, if the Ancile has 1,000 health remaining, and someone shoots for example, a Kang Dae at it, the shield will absorb the excess damage, and the robot will receive no damage.

The Ancile Cannot Be Mounted On

Mark I Statistics

Purchase Information

Level Health HP/Second Cost
3 47,000 1,410 1,500 AuIcon

Upgrade Information

Level Health HP/Second Cost AgIcon Time
4 52,000 1,560 80,000 2 hours
5 56,000 1,680 400,000 8 hours
6 62,000 1,860 800,000 12 hours
7 68,000 2,040 1,600,000 1 day
8 75,000 2,250 3,000,000 1 day 8 hours
9 81,000 2,430 6,000,000 1 day 16 hours
10 89,000 2,670 10,000,000 1 day 20 hours
11 99,000 2,970 16,000,000 2 days 4 hours
12 109,000 3,270 26,000,000 2 days 12 hours
Cost AgIcon Time
Total 63,880,000 11 days 10 hours

Mark II Statistics


Purchase Information

Level Health HP/Second Cost
1 47,000 1,410 500 AuIcon

Note: Level 12 Mark I is required to upgrade (purchase) to Mark II.

Upgrade Information

Level Health HP/Second Cost AgIcon Time
2 52,000 1,560 20,000 10 minutes
3 56,000 1,680 40,000 1 hour
4 62,000 1,860 80,000 2 hours
5 67,000 2,010 400,000 8 hours
6 74,000 2,220 800,000 12 hours
7 81,000 2,430 1,600,000 1 day
8 89,000 2,670 3,000,000 1 day 8 hours
9 98,000 2,940 6,000,000 1 day 16 hours
10 107,000 3,210 10,000,000 1 days 20 hours
11 118,000 3,540 16,000,000 2 days 4 hours
12 131,000 3,930 26,000,000 2 days 12 hours
Cost AgIcon Time
Total 63,940,000 11 days 11 hours 10 minutes

Update History

Version Changes
4.8.0 Total Upgrade Time: 14 days 2 hours⟶11 days 10 hours
4.7.0 Total Upgrade Time: 17 days 1 hour 48 minutes⟶14 days 2 hours
4.5 Economy Changes:
Total Upgrade Cost: 76,236,000 Ag⟶63,880,000 Ag
Total Upgrade Time: 20 days 10 hours 24 minutes⟶17 days 1 hour 48 minutes
Can no longer be produced via Workshop 2.0
4.3 Durability increased by 15%
4.2 Price changed from 1,500 gold to 10,000 Components (same value)
2.6.2 Bug fix: Energy shields no longer receive double damage
Energy shield regeneration decreased to 3%
Needs 20% instead of 10% in order to reactivate when eliminated
2.5 Regeneration speed increased
1.4.1 Now penetrable from friendly fire, meaning friendly fire can go through without being blocked
0.8.4 Shield was added to the game


What balance change does the Ancile need?

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  • Before the update 3. Carnage shield was regenerating less % per second (about 1% per second), but with lower activation threshold (about 10% of capacity)
  • The Ancile was introduced as part of the update 0.8.4
  • In ancient Rome, the Ancile was a divine shield said to have fallen from the heavens. Eleven replicas were made in order to confuse thieves trying to steal the actual shield.
  • The Ancile is no longer the rarest ‘weapon’ to be seen on the battlefield in the game. This is due to the recent buff to it, the fact that it counters the midrange splash meta well, and that Ancilots (Lancelots with an Ancile) are near unstoppable (because of both the physical shields and the Ancile), except when using the Ember as it bypasses both.
  • Before Update 1.4.1, energy shields, including the Ancile, blocked friendly fire, though it did not drain from the shield. If an ally shot from within the field, the shot went through like normal. As with enemy energy weapons, friendly energy weapon fire was able to pass through the shield.
  • Ancile cannot be equipped on any of Butch's or Bulwark's hardpoints. Otherwise, the robots would be too overpowered.
  • When the shield is depleted. the armored plates of the ancile closes. It is likely this animation is played to show that the shield is inactive.
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