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The purpose of this tournament is to allow our users to decide what robot/weapon combination is the best in the game to round off the 2018 year.

There are 32 contestants, and each contestant is a different robot (the top 32 robots in the game). Each robot is mounted with the weapon combination that was voted the highest in each respective robot's page's poll section.

Each robot will be given a seed (1 to 32), with 1 being the highest ranked robot, and 32 the lowest (see image below for the bracket format, and the robot/weapon combinations in the competition).

Each match-up (game) will be voted on what players believe is the better all round (how well it performs in team matches) robot/weapon combination between the two, NOT the robot who would win if they both faced each other in a one on one match (as this could lead to unfair match-ups)

The polls will take place on this page, and a few featured match-ups will appear on the War Robot Wiki's homepage.

Votes Needed

This section notes how many votes a robot setup needs to advance to the next round.

Round of 32: 40 votes

Round of 16: 50 votes

Quarterfinals: 60 votes

Semifinals: 70 votes

Finals: 75 votes (to win)

The Bracket (Final)

2019-01-31 23 41 45-32-seeded-single-fillable (Secured) - PDF-XChange Editor

Finished on 1/31/2019

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